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Hypnosis Script Parts Integration by Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

Free NLP Hypnosis Script Parts Integration by Silvia Hartmann

Hypnosis Script


Parts Integration

HypnoDreams and Energy Hypnosis is a long way away from your general hypnosis scripts or guided meditations. As a fellow student of the processes of hypnosis, I thought you might enjoy an older NLP style hypnosis script for parts integration I wrote way back in 1996.

There are glimpses here and there of what I would now call classic HypnoDream - very strange sets of metaphors that make hardly any sense at all at the conscious level and yet when you hear them, you experience a strange resonance and they feel right, somehow.

When I first found I had the hang of creating hypnotic language patterns unconsciously, I went through a phase where I would record an induction just off the top of my head as a kind of hobby. At the time, the degree to which people were fractured within themselves, at war within themselves, was a major focus of my attention, and so, one night in the spring of 96, I sat down with a mike and let my unconscious mind say what it will.

This is an unedited transcript of such a session.

I thought to edit it but then re-considered as I looked it over.

It is a complete unit, created at a very specific time and today, I would not be able to repeat this; I simply could not as I have moved on, changed my mind, am different today. This induction still contains some very nlp-ish elements such as the "parts" model which I no longer view in this way and I wouldn't language quite like this any more.

However, as an instruction piece, the language patterns are subtle and neat enough, the internal representations sometimes surprising and it is a powerful session as it stands. So I let it stand.



NLP Hypnosis Script:

Internal Integration (Parts Integration)


Hello and ...

You will now allow yourself
to relax deeply, completely
and profoundly.

to the music,
to the sound of my voice
as I will speak now
to you
and all you are
and all you are
can hear me

I know
that every one of you
has an important part to play
in the whole
and I know
that each one of you
is serving an important function
that has kept you safe,
has kept you well
and has got you to this point
in time and space
where you are
to begin to listen
and to learn those things
that you need to understand more clearly
and more deeply so that you can go ahead
and make your life richer, more meaningful,
more pro-foundly joyous, more exciting,
and more wonderful.

This is no longer about clinging on
to what little happiness we have,
this is no longer about trying to make it through the days.

This is about rising forward now,
all parts
all parts of you
serve a function
of getting a closer connection to God,
being more loved,
being more whole
they remember a time when you were indeed whole and in connection.

At the moment of your conception when you were created
the male
and the female energies of the universe
joined together to create a special new
a you that would have
all the resources they would have needed
to have paradise on earth around them.

Parts of you
have always known this
and all the parts desire to go back to such a state,
a state
of full integration, of full connectedness
of full effectiveness.

is the time

for all these parts to begin to consider.

Some of these parts have been doing these things
for a long long time.

They have run a single strategy
to protect,
to safeguard and to serve.

I am sure that all these parts
if asked
if they want to do this
so much more profoundly from now on,
if they would like to leave behind
the frustration of fighting
against other parts,
if they would like to really, really
now allow their potential of fulfilling
their job fully and completely
to come forward now,
these parts would agree.

Its been so hard
for so long

to live a full and integrated life.

Its been so much fighting
and so much struggle.

But what we need now is more harmony,
more harmony,
more harmony
and the parts who have decided
what they want also,
to be able to fulfil their tasks
of protection and fulfilment
and of care
and of love
so much better.

So hear this now,
all parts hear this now.

What is it
that you are actively doing
at this point
to bring about
what you are desiring so much?

If currently all you are involved in
is blocking, deflecting, hiding,
or any activity
that could be construed as such,
consider now
how you could actively work
towards when there was
no longer any need
to defend or deflect,
when the problems
that you have run away from
for so long
have now become
so small
you can
just step across them
so they hardly even hold a challenge.

For what you need to do
is now
to support that
ongoing project
that is you as a whole.

In order
to do this best
I would now call upon
all the parts that were formed
at a very young age
to begin to allow themselves
to grow up.

Every part that is very young
and feels powerless
and frightened and small,
can let go of this
and it can know that it can grow now
all it needs to know
that it can now extend beyond
the self imposed barriers
and allow yourself
to integrate
across the whole of your neurology.

There are
so many resources,
so many resources
so much power
and so much ability
that you can have
and own by right.

Allow yourself
to reach out and begin to make
the connection that you need to make
in order to become

And to all the parts that think
that they are dark,
that their purposes are
away from the light,
know now
know now
you are
of the light,
that the decisions
you have made
way, way back then
about who
and what you are
were made in fear
and in

They were made
in response to unkind people around you
or sometimes lack of experience
and often from a place of loneliness
where there was no help
and no support for you.

In these places of loneliness
it is hardly any wonder
that you looked around
and thought of yourself
as less than loved,
as less than perfect,
as less than one
with god.

In these places of loneliness,
thrown upon your own devices
and creating your reality
from a viewpoint
that was so unhappy,
you might have made some realisations

that were nothing but decisions.

All the parts
whatever they think they are
and whatever they think
that they have done
are loved.

They are
by God

and they are
by me.

Let now all the parts that truly understand this
begin to gather the feeling of love
and begin to send it now
from you to you,
to the parts that need this healing
that need this understanding
that indeed they are loved
and that they too are invited
to reach out now

And have them know
that there is nothing
they could have done,
or could have thought they were,
that will not be entirely forgiven
and entirely healed
by just one single
of light.

Just one single
ray of light.

So as you gently move
from inside your isolation
and you begin
to extend the first little tentacles,
ever so gently,
from one part to the other,
reconnecting across your neurology,
beginning to hold hands across your own mind,
beginning to share insights, wisdom and new experience
and beginning to see this
in the new light,
the parts are becoming
more than the sum
of their individual selves.

Each part will find in the other parts
they have lacked,
they should have had,
that they never made
or shared,

and as they find these treasures
and these missing pieces
amongst themselves and throughout themselves,
a whole new picture of reality
is beginning to emerge,
a reality as fluent as water,
as strong as glass
and as clear as crystal,
yours to shape into
whatever shape or from
your heart desires
guided by the light,
supported by the light,
gently held within the mesh of all there is,
never alone,
never unwanted,
never unloved

and this then is the task
I set for
all of you.

To find new ways for your old outcomes.

to find the reasons behind the behaviours
and to address the needs directly,
to allow yourself to address the needs directly,
to let drop the veils of that which clouded your perception
what it is that you are looking for,
whether this may be love or comfort
or freedom from fear or the total safety that
the light will offer.

You can have it all,
each and all now consider your highest objective
that you were trying to reach through
the behaviours you were running ...

keep reaching

keep touching

keep expanding

keep learning

support yourselves

help yourselves

be each others strength

immerse yourself in the universal aim

lay down your struggles

what you want you can achieve

in new and different ways

there are so many ways for you

so much experience and so much knowledge
so much craft and so much talent
you are the universe.

Now hear this.

This process will continue
through the days that follow and
in the nights when you dream
every single
energy effort expended
turned from destructive from healing
turned from struggle to finding new ways of overcoming these blockages ?

find part-ners amongst your self.

and each part I shall charge
with finding some ways
of helping another part,
helping another part to understand,
to sooth and heal,
without aggression and without negativity,
with gentle care
and help
and with support,
each one of you can do
that and you are willing
to do that now.

That what you always wanted
is within your reach
it is within your reach
power above power,
strength above strength,
love beyond love.

begin now,
begin now,
begin now,
reaching, stretching,
touching and unfolding

leaving the old patterns
leaving the old patterns
leaving the old patterns


Open yourself to higher guidance.

This will help you leave
the old patterns behind
and the energy
that will be released
as you begin to
will help you

and you will find
it is easy to walk up the walls
of the new palace,
to run across the landscape of your mind,
to plant new tracks and new trails
where there were none previously,
and new connections where none existed
and new possibilities where there was
nothing but darkness.

Not all of these trails will be good or well
but they all will offer new experience
for you to keep a path towards the light.

Accept higher guidance.

Allow yourself to be supported fully and completely by the universe.

There may be parts who might express a worry
that the new you might not be acceptable
by the people in your life.

It is true that there may be those
who will run from love, who shrink from love,
but those who are meant to be touched
and grow with their gratitude
and their love for you
will make you understand that this is the right way
it is the only way,
love is the only answer,
not negativity not suffering,
love is the only answer.

And all of you will know that
and they will remember,
remember now,

Up to this point you were only using
five percent of your brain.
Don't worry that you might not
be able to fulfil your daily activities
fully and easily more so than ever before

These connections and integrations
take place on a higher level,
on a deeper level and they will make your daily tasks more joyful
and easier because they are designed to support you,
support you fully and completely,
to help you, to love you,
to create an environment in which it is
easy for you to grow.

It is so simple, it is so true

Like a great ocean wave you rise up now
to reach and touch,
to strengthen and support all of you,
all of each other,
a great uprising flood that washes through you
that heals the pain
that heals the suffering
and the misery and the negativity.

All will be well.

You are loved.

You are of love.

You are loved.

It is now.

All and each, remember what is your task.

Remember to look for the reason behind your behaviour.
Remember to ask for help from all you are
to go ahead and become one interactive community

Now you may gently choose to drift
off into a refreshing and relaxing sleep,
letting the integration proceed naturally and deeply,
and you may choose to awake
so that you can bring your inner work into the outer world,
ready to begin.
Know that the work you have begun today
will stay with you and that deeper, deeper
and ever spiralling you will come closer to god.

Take the light
hold the light
and bring the light.

Take the light
hold the light
and bring the light.

Take the light
hold the light
and bring the light.

©1996 Silvia Hartmann

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