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Night Voice

by Silvia Hartmann

Night Voice

In 2007, an aspect of mine wrote a special HypnoDreams album - one that was not for other people, or for sale, but only for me. Based on the "voices in the night," it was absolutely designed to be a gift for a future self who might need to hear these words, to calm her and inspire her, help her through the night. And it has, on many, many occasions and remains one of my favourite "poem collections" to date ... Full texts of all the "poems" and the song on this poetry album.

Night Voice

By StarFields

Table of Contents

Night Voice Text & Music © StarFields 2007. All Rights Reserved In All Media.

Prologue: Words ...

Words are sounds and words are wings
they touch you, show you many things
and you can hear just what you need
to make your love and life complete
and you are here right now with me
and there is nowhere I would rather be.

for now, this is your time,
for now, I freely give you mine:

So take my time, my love, my word,
and all those things you've never heard
and never felt are yours to own:

You own it all, expand, embrace ...
and know it's all for you
it always was,
and it is true.

The Journey

Hush, my child,
be silent,
be still.
The time has come
the journey has begun
your time awaits you
blue, and golden, green
and I will show you treasures
you have never seen
and yet you yearned
in dreams, in days that seemed
to last forever, always
did you hope, and always
did you wait
but now, the time has come
the journey has begun ...

Golden Horse Lullaby (The Father's Song)

Ride upon my golden horse
let me take you in my arms
my sword and shield
will keep you safe,
protect you from all harm.

I wrap you gently in my love
and cloaks of finest velvet
I'll keep you warm
and take you far away
to lands that you have never seen.

We fly across
the darkened hills
across the moonlit silver sea
my breath your tides
your smile my song
you are so beautiful to me.

And with the dawn of gold
the wonderlands of green unfold
beneath a sky of royal blue
there lies the kingdom
made for me and you.

And in this blessed and grateful land
we'll walk and dance and love
and we will know the hand of god
we'll be what we were meant to be

So let me take you in my arms
so let me be your shining knight
so let me hold and take you there
and make what once went wrong go right.

Ride upon my golden horse
let me take you in my arms
my sword and shield will keep you safe
protect you from all harm.

Time Touches

There was a time
and it was then,
as it is here and now,
when angels swirled
above the mountain tops,
when shores were loved
by oceans, blue and wide they were,
so full of riches, full of life,
the land was green and green,
and rivers lay like bands of silver,
sunblessed, sun kissed,
stretching out towards
the far horizons.

There was a time
when deserts bloomed
and seeds asleep were wakened
by rains of mercy,
rains of life,
moist kisses, startling touch
and cool yet vibrant
tingling and aware,

I call you back to life
they said,
and life, it answered,
it became,
unfolded, flourished
and revealed itself,
a rose to meet the rain.

Your lands are precious
beyond price, and fair;
your time was then,
and it is now,
and it is one,
as silver winters
came from autumn reds
and summer golds
grew from the green of spring;
all things are here,
all is revered,
your times,
your lands,
your life,
your hands,
your mind,
beloved now you are
and always loved,
and always held,
and forever.

Adam & Eva (featuring Riversmooth)


Lass uns zusammen
den Strom erforschen.

Hand in Hand
werden wir
im Urwald stehen
und das Rauschen
des Flusses wird
uns die Richtung
zeigen, durch
das dichte Grün hindurch,

dann sehen wir
das Ufer, und das Wasser
strömt an uns vorbei,
an mir, an dir,
an uns zusammen ...

Wir sind die Zukunft,
sind die Seele,
sind der Wind.

Wir flüstern
die der Fluss
zum Meere trägt,
wie eine Flaschenpost
nach langer Reise
auf der hohen See

am weißen Sand
von türkisen Wellen sanft
angewaschen wird

und kleine Kinder,
lachend, braungebrannt
sie laufen mit
dem Liebesbrief
am Strand entlang.

Der alte Schamane
hält die Nachricht in
den Händen, erhebt
die Augen, schaut durch
Raum und Zeit hindurch
gibt uns seinen Segen
erbittet unsere Liebe,

blitzend fein
wie Licht auf Wasser
leicht und wunderschön.


And now,
the night has come;
see at the far horizon
still the bands of royal purple
loving touches of farewell
upon the sea.

And we shall walk
along the shore;
no longer now
the fiery heat of days
that went to sleep;
the breeze is fresh
delightful, playing
in your hair,
and you are wide aware,
awake and so alive,
your breath is deep
just like the ocean waves,
night ocean water,
dark and so mysterious,
inviting and delighting
us, and so we walk
along the silver sandy
shore towards the
first stars of the night
they have revealed themselves
to guide our way,
to let us sense and see
the freedom and the depth,
the width and breadth of all
there is, and all of this
belongs to us,
belongs to you,
belongs to me,
infinite romance,
love reigns now supreme,
embraces and expands
they are the same.

Now take my hand and see:
there is a shimmer on the sea,
it is the moon, and she will
rise in splendour, soon,
she will cast fortunes
with a satin smile and change
the ocean to a silver land
that reaches out forever,
that lasts for us forever.

The rhythm is the sea;
the melody is so magnificent,
it is our joy
at being here,
at being wide aware,
and so alive
it takes my breath

Fire Night

Do you remember
sitting by the fire,
gazing deep into
the flames
and we were there,
and we were safe,
you felt my presence
and you said
that I burned far
more brightly
than the fire?

Do you remember
hearing how
the wind and rain
beat on the window pane,
outside, the night
was dark, and it was howling;
but we were warm,
and safe inside,
surrounded by a glow,
surrounded by the light,
and it was you, and me?

Do you remember
how the worlds began
to fade away,
and one by all,
became transparent,
and translucent,
and time itself
unfolded and receded,
past and future
were no more,
and only now

And it was then,
that magic entered,
swept into our room
on stormy wonder wings
of gold and green,
of red and turquoise,
gold, azure and emerald;
and how it cast the spell,
and broke the spell
and we were free
to dance in joy.

The Knight

I see beyond
the masks of day,

I see beyond
the veils of sadness
that you wear
the shrouds you made
from blood and tears,
I see beyond
the veils.

I smile and see
beyond the armour
that you wear,
for sure, it is
most splendid
as befits a knight
who fought so many battles,
won and lost so many wars,
your shield it carries still
an image of your heart,
an image of your soul
upon your helmet's brow
inlaid and beautiful
a lifetime's anger
and revenge have honed
your shining sword;
and though I do
acknowledge you,
my fellow samurai,
I smile and see

Don't be afraid,

Don't run and hide
in forests wild or
mountains high;
on lonely islands
where the sky is
stormy, dark
and lightning strikes
which such ferocity.

Come forward,
step into the light.

You are discovered,
you are bare
before me.

Does this frighten you?

Or can you stand and face me
hold inside yourself
the knowledge of your strength,
your roaring lion heart,
your shining soul?

Rise, now;
you are the knight.


Let us fly away together
on the wings of space and time
ultraviolet existence
no restrictions,
not a single limitation
can remain

Let us weave together
and leave our bodies there,
all snug and sleeping sweetly,
where they can remain
until the time has come
when we regain
our shape of home
and once again
take up our tasks
and labours
of the day.

But now, all that is
fast receding;
and as we phase into
the ultraviolet dimensions,
we become as dragons would,
sleek, shiny and reflective,
with wondrous wings
that churn up time
and power us through
worlds upon the worlds
through levels
and through layers
rich nourishment
awaits us here
as we begin to dance
and paint our path
and our existence
right into realities
our call is heard
across the manifold dimensions
and when we dance,
we feel a hundred thousand beings
watching us and longing, praying,
that the day might come
when they could be
as we are now.

Blue suns
and diamond scattered stars;
lush purple moons;
and glorious comets,
trailing wakes of silver;
unfolding fountains made
of purest light
and curtains of enchantment,
these are our worlds,
and here we fly.

Find Your Way

I am here.

I am awaiting you.

Let me hold you,
let me enfold you,
let me take you
home, and safe.

To reach me
you must look ahead;
to find me,
you must step
into the future;
don't look down,
and don't look back.

Gather your courage,
gather your strength.

The journey can be long
but if you keep your eyes
upon the future,
wide horizons,
sunrises and sunsets
rolling out for you
like the most royal carpet,
you will find me.

And the when the night is dark,
and when the night is long,
and when the night is hard,
look up, and look ahead;
and you will see a star
and you will know the star;
and you will know
just where you are;
and you will find
your way.

Night Voice Text & Music © StarFields/Silvia Hartmann 2007

All Rights Reserved In All Media.

  by Silvia Hartmann
"Project Sanctuary is your own personal Stargate to all the Universe has to offer! I knew it was there, but Project Sanctuary helped me find it, find myself."  Jeremy Cush

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