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The Mind And Soul Of The Animals: A PS Story

by Kerstin Warkentin

The Mind And Soul Of The Animals: A PS Story

Dear Energy Mind, I ask you to give me a story about the mind and the soul of the animals.

Something that tells not only me about this way of life, with whom we share our planet, but for other people of interest as well. It is a contribution of my DNA to the understanding of the animal kingdom.

Read The Mind & Soul Of The Animals by Kerstin Warkentin ...

The Mind & Soul Of The Animals

by Kerstin Warkentin

The contract: Dear Energy Mind, I ask you to give me a story about the mind and the soul of the animals.

Something that tells not only me about this way of life, with whom we share our planet, but for other people of interest as well. It is a contribution of my DNA to the understanding of the animal kingdom.

I close my eyes and I see myself together with my two dogs on a beach, infinitely long and narrow. The narrow sandy beach separates the water from the jungle. Nobody is here, only me and my dogs, Kira and Nelli.

We walk along the beach, sometimes quickly, sometimes quiet.

We let us fall into the sand after running through the water. The feet are gently relaxing in blue water waves, which are pleasantly cool. I also have with me a bottle of drinking water for us.

At this very moment we are lying under a palm tree which has grown diagonally over the beach and touches the water with the crown tree almost . There is a wonderful place to have a rest in the shade of the palm. It is late afternoon, time for a short nap. The sun has handed over in her strength and it is pleasantly warm now. The sky is coloured like radiant turquoise, which is reflected in the sea. It is a place of peace hereby. The slight wind breeze donates a refreshing coolness, the noise of splashing waves, gently collide with the beach and the music from the jungle, the animal voices and the rustle of the leaves of the trees and bushes moving off the wind, let me slide over into the sleep.

I dream.

A big wave moves us into the sea, but I do not feel any fear even my doggies  It is simple and easy and quite natural, as it happens.

We dive under water deeper and further on through the sea. It happens to me as if we are drawn gentle but determined to a place and a time, where something started. I have no idea what will happen but nevertheless having the certain feeling I will learn something for my understanding of life that will change abruptly, into understanding of what is.The weather under water is the same as I have left. Even the sun shines pleasantly and it is warm and lets me see very clearly in the water.

I breathe in and breathe out by the nose. Am I a fish? It seems that my doggies enjoy this journey too. Nelli on my right side, Kira on my left, the same like we go on walks. We turn ourselves round and round and always further and always more deeply we are pulled down in this depth below but the strength of the brightness does not lose.

We are not alone any longer. Fish follow us and a whale glides through the water passing by, almost motionlessly. I am astonished about these very gigantic size. A mountain suddenly appears in front of us. I was so busy watching the whale and the fish and having wandering my thoughts that I do not noticed what`s right in front of me. It is a relatively small mountain, approx. about 20 meters high.

Yes, I look closely and recognize the seabed. We are down at the bottom. The mountain is overgrown with moss and ferns and grasses and 2 trees. Big weeping willows. I cannot escape from this powerful pulling to prevent a collision, I close my eyes, taking my doggies under the arms, full of fear being dashed into pieces and surrender to my fate.                                 

But nothing happens!!

I blink.

The two trees move apart in front of me making space for an opening which leads into the mountain. The undertow lets me gliding through the opening, both eyes widely open for what comes my way now. We are drawn into the mountain. I wish there would be somebody else exept my doggies, I am scared of what will be, I rather would like to speak with someone. The trees behind me close again, it`s sticky dark, can`t see my hand before my eyes. No water anymore. All is gone into nowhere. I breathe air and dangle in this dark room.

My eyes slowly become accustomed to the darkness. I perceive tiny colorful blinking lights around me. They become brighter and brighter, and I recognize that these lights are elves. They remind me of Tinker Bell from Peter Pan. Yes, that`s how they look like actually. Hundreds and hundreds buzz around me and they give gurgling sounds by themselves.

Happy, carefree laughter. I understand nothing of this language, but my doggies do. They give barking answers to the elves. And yet they give me a sense of safety to be here and not alone, anymore. All of them are here to assist me, wherever I go! Some fly in front of me now  behind me and next to me. They want me to lead to a special place but I can not move. Elves touch me with their glittering wand and ...

I can fly. Fly like an eagle and my doggies as well. These magical wands are made out of golden mica and glittering stones. Yes, and it is a natural state of being for all of us. We fly through the shimmering darkness of the mountains.

I feel the magic within this mountain. It is a magical journey through space and time and it seems so real to me. We fly on and on surrounded by all those blinking elves, continuously giggling chortling and laughing. And out of their magical wands, which are surrounded by a halo each, they spray tiny fine golden bright stardust. My fears are completely gone and I got the certainty somehow, that I am on the way to a very special goal. Even though I don`t know how, and where and when, but that`s at the moment to me really unconcerned. Just enjoying the calmness and ease of now and looking fascinatedly at the elves, who are spraying this fine golden dust.

Everything gets more bright around me. Everything around me is wrapped in this dust completely.

In some distance I explore a very bright light that outshines everything. My attention is directed towards it, like a magnet is attracted by, we are flying to this light. The elves are dancing exitedly around and around and with each other, up and down, on the right and on the left, asking me to fly along with them, dancing, laughing and giggling. It is so much fun dancing with my doggies and the elves, together with this easiness. The more closer we come to the light I recognize something like an entrance, a gate, the kind of a huge door. 2 tall stones form the frame to the entrance to a desert landscape. In front of the entrance we stop and with astonishment I identify the two stones never ever seen this before but I know these stones are pure diamonds  

Such a clear radiant beauty coupled with inner sparkle and light, consisting of thousands of facets radiating outwards, which can only be diamonds. And the elves whisper to me, I understand her language strangely enough now.

"This is the entrance to the animal kingdom. Here is the place, we should take you to, you will understand, whatever you understand at this place."

What shall I do here? Who am I, being here? How do I get away again here? I feel completely. overtaxed, overwhelmed and helpless. Kira and Nelli seem to understand so far.They hear animal voices understand them it and are pleased to fly by the gate. But I hesitate.

Where for heavens sake are animals out there in this desert landscape? My elves want me to go through this door. But I am afraid. But what exactly is my fear? Am I afraid in front of the unknown? Of the unusual? of the enigmatic? I enter the territory of the animals, which previously no one has entered before. I'm the only one which can and may do this step. The sonorous music laughter of the elves confirms this. I feel like an extraterrestrial. I cautiously go forward, carefully prepared for everything comes on. Everything new and yet well-known.

Is it a forbidden country or am I welcome?

I step onto a world which is not my own.

I am glad having my doggies with me, which come from this native country of the animals, bringing me with them as a guest. That makes it more easily for me now to go through the gate into to the world of the animals.  I go through, having solid floor under my feet now and I am flown away by this picture that offers me, being now inside. Instead of the expected desert landscape I am in the midst of an infinite variety of plants, colours, noises, smells and animals. The climatic zones change, the landscapes change, the weather change. it's like a big stage that rotates past me. I hardly can bear this supply of abundance and the speed of changes.

I am in Paradise.

So it had to have been and still is now. Everything here develops and expands and unfolds and grows and evolves. Each in its own way and species. I look around amazed and intoxicated and with eyes wide open and absorb all these new impressions into me. My ears, my eyes, my nose must get used to this nearly overwhelming creativity and wealth of nature at first. Above all the abundance something exists that ensures, that everything is in the right order, the temperature, the weather, the time. Living and dying is included as well. This spirit, which is above everything and keep watching, I do not see, only hear, speaks to me:  "Welcome you. I have expected you, Kerstin and your dogs. We all have expected you. There is much to learn for yourself. Don`T worry. Everything is allright, everything is well. That soothes me. An angel appears out of the blue. He is lightblue light and says.

"I am Michael and I am there for you, protecting you and showing you how to connect with the soul of animals to understand and to help, to unit in thoughts animals and mankind. That will be seen in the world. Ask me everything, always ask me for help, share your joy with me, as well. You are the ambassador of the animal kingdom. I speak in the name of the animals. This is the gift to you from the animals. Understanding the language of the animal kingdom and making a contribution to the world which therefore understands their existence, the life and the place of animals that need to be. We give you the language and hope for a together. People have so many problems and we as animals can help them to solve, just being there if needed, listening and watching, pleasing them, living this joy of life. They will havedelight in us, include our strengths in themselves, whilst touching us or just watching us. We accept them as they are without judgement, particularly the domestic animals. Yes, animals do this and they have fun with this. They do it, because its their nature. People have stopped to understand our language because they have stopped to love us. They have stopped understanding and loving each other and forgotten themselves on this way.

There is no compensation, no balance any more, in taking and giving. People only take and forget to give, to give us our place we need for our life? They forget to give enough space themselves as well. We give them attention, joy of life and tasks, responsibilities and movability. They consider this as demands, expectations, burden and stress. We reflect only her own soul in this solitude. The same aspects which you find in yourself, animals have them, as well. All of the abilities of the animal kingdom are existing in every human. People want to be so powerful, as a lion, or as fast as a panther, or as enormous as an elephant or as dangerous as a crocodile, or as splendid as a peacock or so cute like a guinea pig.

All these abilities people have in themselves too. The aspects of the attacks, the greed for power, the aggression, the avidity of killing, the greed for having it all, the addiction of having it all, the greed for fun at any price. The world will die as it is with realizing and living these aspects. We would like to ask the people to remember her heart. Taking animals into their heart. It`s our wish for every man in the world to experience how simply it can be, being together, living together, sharing together and it is really as simple  We wish that they could get wings to see from a higher point of view what is.

And it`s our wish as well that you write our stories and pass it on to mankind for a better understanding and an understanding of the balance of this world   Look at the animals with the eyes of the animals inside and you will understand everything.

Thank you thank you thank you I wake up, a little blue feather has landed on my cheek.

The memory of this dream message.

And the promise.



The Mind & Soul Of The Animals - ©  Kerstin Warkentin 2009. All Rights Reserved.


  by Kerstin Warkentin
"What do we do when we get stuck? When we have no answers? When there is nowhere else to turn? We do Project Sanctuary. Of course. What else?" Silvia Hartmann

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