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by Silvia Hartmann


A short introduction to metasong by Silvia 05 and Silvia 23. 

June 23rd, 2005

Hello everyone,

this is a brief note to introduce a new word which I have been missing for a while and which is finally here.

The Project Sanctuary users will be familiar with the concept of the PS "THING".

That is a form of channeling which tends to happen automatically after one has done PS for a while, where some form of gate opens, and information is streaming in fast - multidimensional information, immensely rich in data, sounds, pictures, visions, events, movements.

These "autogenic full body movies" are at the bottom of everything I do, from the poems and spells all the way to the "technical how to's", which are an end result of the original streamed data.

I've decided to call these "things" simply metasongs.

Metasongs are messages from the energy mind, pure energetic data, immensely information rich, and if we give this a bit of attention, we learn to decode them and consciously do something with them - build a bridge, make a sculpture, solve a puzzle, create a new healing technique for the emotions, and so forth.

That's an important word as it underlies ALL creative & problem solving endeavour, regardless of what the person at the top level does with that.

In my opinion, this is currently dependent on whatever Guiding Stars they've had in their life, as to whether they "end up" as a painter, or a poet, or a musician, or an architect, or a mathematician, or a priest, or a healer, etc. etc. etc.

I'm glad I don't have to call these data streams "things" anymore :-) and to have this new word of the metasong is going to come in very handy to consciously conceptualise the transition of data from the energy mind into actual objects, processes, techniques and stories that DO STUFF very practically right here, for us.

Happy Sunday all,

Silvia 2005


Hello from Silvia 23! 

On Twitter, s.o. asked, "Poetry or Prose?" 

I answered with "METASONG!"

So what is metasong?

It's a form of language that arises naturally when the writer enters a particular state, a high energy trance state, and the language they use to describe what is happening CHANGES into something that is neither prose, nor poetry. 

It's metasong. 

The language has a different structure, and a very noticeable rhythm into which the words must fit, but in a different way to the formats of poetry. 

The "formats" of metasong are state dependent, and experience specific. 

They are the results of being in certain energy states and form a different kind of communication. 

In practice:

  1. Ask your dear Energy Mind to "give you something" (that will serve a specific purpose). 
  2. Wait for the data stream to start up. 
  3. Report what you experience as best you can. 

When you look back on what you have written, what rhythms there are and what words were used, you are looking at an example of neither poetry nor prose, but metasong instead. 

I hope that helps to explain it. 

Best wishes, Silvia 23 Smile


  by Silvia Hartmann
"A visit to Project Sanctuary is simple to do and leaves you marvelling at the wonders to be discovered in your own mind." Margarita Foley

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