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Metaphysical Poem Sacred Lights by Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

Metaphysical Poem Sacred Lights by Silvia Hartmann

Metaphysical Poem

Sacred Lights

by Silvia Hartmann


There was a time
when night was silent,
and it was dark
all around.

There was a time
when it was night
now and always,
never changing,
nothing could be done,
and nothing could emerge -
there was a time
of darkness.

I will not tell you
that the ones who
were inside that time
were waiting, or unhappy;
or that they were afraid,
lost souls in the abyss
for this would not be
strictly true .

They simply were
and lived their lives
in night and it was
as it was; they never
questioned and they never
sought a change or

Until one day a one
looked at another
and they knew their brother,
knew their sister,
recognised themselves
and were no longer
all alone.

And as they did,
the smallest star of all
came into being,
the smallest, finest star
of gentle light
but in the darkness
it was an event
that changed
the universe

The smallest star
drew every eye
and every creature,
being, every wave
and every song
was drawn to it
and every eye,
and every creature,
every wave and every song
who saw the smallest star
increased its light
until it shone so
brightly that -

the day of days had dawned
and every creature, every
being, every one and every
song became aware of one
as they were now
reflecting of its light,
they saw each other
and with every recognition,
every love,
there came to be
another tiny star,
another sacred light
was placed into the night -

and darkness sprang into
a life of diamond beauty,
began to resonate and hum
and now the night became
the nights we know today
if we look up and what we see
is never darkness
but instead, the grace and awe
as life itself reveals
and draws your eyes,
your very being
to the stars above
who once were only love
and wait for you
to add
your sacred light.


© Silvia Hartmann 2003

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  by Silvia Hartmann
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