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Metaphor Poem: The Oldest Castle

Metaphor Poem: The Oldest Castle

The other day, this poem, The Oldest Castle, sprang to mind when I was trying to explain to someone why you mustn't give up too soon when you are dealing with memories and trying to remember a genesis event. After much searching, today I finally found it - dated 5.6.1994.

Here's The Oldest Castle ... a story poem, and a metaphor poem for so many things ...

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The Oldest Castle


High on a hill, there was an old castle

and they came with their shovels and their spades

to learn about the castle,

to learn about themselves.


They had a feeling

(and it was well supported

by some scraps of ancient manuscript)

that something quite significant

and quite exciting

lay below.


So they dug and lo!

Below the castle,

they found an older castle

and they dug and lo!

below the older castle

there they found

an older castle still,

and so they dug, and lo!

Below the castle was

an older castle still.


So funds ran out,

or was it that their patience faltered?


Or did a more exciting prospect

beckon far away?


They packed their shovels and their spades,

carefully recorded all their findings in a book,

made off into sunset,

find another castle, find another hill.


Below the older castle

were a thousand castles

waiting to be found,

and it was the oldest castle of them all

that held the secret golden chest,

that held the secret golden key,

that they're still digging for




SFX 5.6. 1994


The Oldest Castle Illustration for Oldest Castle Poem by SFX


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