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Meeting Grandmother Birch

Meeting Grandmother Birch

Nanna writes: I am walking on a path that weaves its way deeper into a large pine forest. The path is scarcely visible. I am mostly walking on wonderful, soft, spongy, green moss. It is heaven under my bare feet.

Through the trees to my right the ground slopes downwards, I catch glimpses of glittering light on a lake ...

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Through the trees to my right the ground slopes downwards, I catch glimpses of glittering light on a lake ...

It is early morning and the birds are singing. Sun falls in broad stripes among the tree trunks.

I keep walking and walking in the enormous forest. In the early afternoon I reach a little clearing. Just inside the clearing is a pile of boulders. Grandmother Birch stands at one end of the clearing. Grandmother Birch is old and wise. She speaks quietly and slowly. I cannot understand her, but I like to listen anyway. I sit down on the boulders warmed by the sun, legs drawn up, arms resting on my knees, and listen to Grandmother Birch's whisperings. At the other end of the clearing is a group of jittery young birches that giggle and dance in the breeze.

There are absolutely no people anywhere near this place.

It is far, far away from "civilization". I am deep, deep, deep in an enormous forest.

I am embraced by the forest.

It is a combination of safety and excitement. All manner of delightful discoveries can be made in this forest. I feel eager to go exploring.

It makes me feel alive.

Contributed by Nanna

(This experience is based on the free Project Sanctuary Virtual Introduction Evening)


Meeting Grandmother Birch - A Project Sanctuary Story by Nanna

What experiences might YOU have in a magic forest ...?





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