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Lucid Dreams & Lucid Dreaming Made Easy With PS

Lucid Dreams & Lucid Dreaming Made Easy With PS I once knew a man who was obsessed with lucid dreaming. I can understand why he was obsessed with that. Lucid dreaming is one of THE COOLEST experiences I know. It's incredible. In a lucid dream, you have all the magic and mystery, reach and impossibility of the dream worlds at your command - AND you are fully aware and present and in the most profound state of clarity, awareness, logic and control. It is absolutely the "best of both worlds" and a fantastic experience.

But lucid dreaming is difficult to "master".

The reason it's so difficult to master is that the energy mind (previously known as the unconscious mind) WILL NOT be mastered by the mere conscious mind with all its many limitations, and so even trying to "master" anything like that will lead to a lot of pointless struggle with very minimal results.

It's like The Fool in the Tarot deck.

Lucid Dreaming - Step Out Into The Void ...

Consciously, one needs to learn to step into the void, to LET GO and go with the programme, with the flow; to LEARN SOMETHING NEW about these incredible realms where we are newbies and often very uncomfortable strangers, indeed.

Knowing that this was so, I decided to go at the "lucid dreaming problem" the other way around.

Rather than try and staying conscious whilst asleep, to call up the energy mind whilst we're awake.

"Ah," said the lucid dream obsessive, "But that's not true lucid dreaming. That's JUST fantasizing ..."

Well, my friend, you might very well think that.

But the fact is that it is much easier to practice one's fantasizing to a level of perfect clarity and the MERGING of conscious and unconscious awareness into a SINGLE LUCIDLY AWARE TOTALITY SYSTEM whilst one is WIDE AWAKE, than it is to try and stay awake whilst you're fast asleep and dreaming.

The former is easily available, can be practised any time and any where, can be done as often as is necessary to learn to deal with the vagaries of re-unification and is great fun.

The latter is difficult, lengthy and the outcomes are extremely dubious.

So let's start dreaming whilst we are wide awake, why don't we?

The Starting Points To Lucid Dreaming Awareness Is Imagination & Fantasy

Very few people take the time to get good at fantasizing.

To get REALLY good at it.

For example, the majority of people, trained or untrained alike, will easily be able to fantasize about a dream house they would like own one day.

But very, VERY few ever go beyond "just looking".

This isn't at all difficult, it's just something that very few people seem to know about or even think to try.

So, there's your dream house.

You're standing in front of the entrance door.

Take a deep breath through flared nostrils - can you smell something?

Reach out and touch the door - can you SENSE something?

Put your hand on the opener and open the door - can you HEAR something?

Put your attention on your feet on the ground - can you FEEL yourself standing there?

If this is the first time you have done this outside of a ritual meditation or hypnotic induction, it may be that rather than a full on reality body experience you'll only get a vague sense of the sounds and the smells, the feelings and the sensations.

But even with just a vague sense, that should tell you that you can do that - that you can take a simple "fantasy" and make it become much, much realler in every way, and basically just for the asking, and with a bit of practice.

I've had about 43 years of experience of thus transporting myself AT WILL into any situation, any surrounding, any interaction; and it is this "full in-body experience" in fantasy that makes the difference between "just an imagining" and something that is absolutely real and has an IMPACT on you, on your thoughts, actions, health and your life in general.

It is also this level of engagement that allows your energy mind (unconscious mind) to CO-CREATE these experienced realities WITH YOU.

That's when another threshold is breached and when this threshold breach occurs, we are in lucid dream territory - and without even being asleep.

You could say that you would then get flashes of what I might call "lucid LIVING" - when you have that level of awareness, clarity and connection NOT whilst you're asleep, but IN ACTUALITY and as you are going about your daily business in the real world.

That is the outcome, the target, the aim - to re-unify the human totality across the levels and the layers and have our abilities to create and receive, to know and understand, to be a part of life and loving life come BACK INTO OUR EVERY DAY WORLDS.

The Lucid Dream Of True Reality

So, and to sum up, there are two good reasons to start "lucid dreaming practice" whilst you are wide awake.

Firstly, it is MUCH, MUCH easier than to try the other way around - it is far more NATURAL for human beings and most likely, the way we are SUPPOSED to be doing that in the first place, simply by structure of design.

Secondly, it is in keeping with the overall outcome desire of lucid dreaming - namely to experience the states of full re-unification of conscious and unconscious mind, of body, soul and the ENTIRE human totality in REAL LIFE and ALL THE TIME.

We are designed to work that way by the Creative Order.

We don't need to switch off our conscious minds, we just need to use them to direct themselves towards that re-unification; and that is simply achieved by working with fantasy as the spring board into the lucid dreaming realms.

Silvia Hartmann

Author, Project Sanctuary

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