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Love Poem For My Wife: To My Lady

Love Poem For My Wife: To My Lady

A gentleman wrote: "I would love to write a love poem for my wife - it is our anniversary - but I'm no good with words ... Can you recommend a poem for a husband who can't write a love poem?"

So I wrote one specially for all those gentlemen out there who don't have the words, with material assistance from Lord Lucian, and on their behalf. Enjoy!

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To My Lady


My lady,
words are not my finest hours,
they often leave me standing
dumb and filled to overflowing
with my passion
and my love for you.

Yet if you were
to look into my eyes,
there you would see
your beauty shining back at you,
my goddess revealed.

And if you were
to touch my heart
there you would feel
a heart that beats your name,
a heart that's true,
a heart that beats for you
and only you.

My lady, words are not
my best creations,
so I would beg you,
watch and listen,
see the signs that I would give you,
know that you are loved,
and that your happiness,
your smile, is all I ask;
your gift to me,
my true reward.


love poem rose

Silvia Hartmann March 2011


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