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Lost Things In Sanctuary

by Silvia Hartmann

Lost Things In Sanctuary

"Lost things in Sanctuary" - This came up today, a person is moving house (from a family home into sheltered accomodation 1 room) and was just so distraught that they couldn't take many things with them. Including one rather large pot plant they had looked after for over 30 years.

Transferring such things into one's main Sanctuary is the answer. There is no poverty in the energy world, there is no loss and there are no restrictions on space or on what we should or should not surround ourselves with.

The first transfer, the pot plant, took a little while but when it was done, it was out of the pot, and growing in its perfect soil just beyond the back door of her Sanctuary home.

The next item that needed to be transferred was a large vase, an inheritance from a beloved grandmother. It found its perfect place in time and space by the side of a fireplace in the Sanctuary's living room.

The process sped up, and in the end, about 7, 8 items into it, there was a cascade where all the most beloved, most necessary items had transferred without the person having to do it "themselves."

Needless to say, the person was so relieved, so delighted, and I was so glad they had their favourite things, wherever they would go.

Transferring loved things and beings into Sanctuary so they can "live on" and continue to bring us support, joy, connection and rememberance is quite wonderful, and I recommend to practice that.

It's a wonderful thing, really.

Lost Things in Sanctuary illustration by Silvia Hartmann 1993

  by Silvia Hartmann   
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