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Lost - The Final Conclusion Is ...

Lost - The Final Conclusion Is ...

Lost Spoiler warning! Don't read it if you are still waiting to get your Lost answers.

Ok, so I've just watched the final episode of Lost - The Finale and it turns out that Lost is ...

... one massive Project Sanctuary habitat, and in fact, a Soul Pilot story for Jack's soul.

As you can imagine, this delighted me not inconsiderably.

The final scene has the active souls who helped Jack make it there from his "lost soul state" to getting ready to go into the light - nice!

Even the meeting in the church, which featured a very large stained glass window, depicting all the major world religions, was so very Soul Pilot in every way.

Granted, experienced Project Sanctuary players can do a Soul Piloting faster than 160odd episodes of an hour long, but to save a lost soul takes as long as it takes, and it's always worth doing, in the end.

There was the old "StarTrek" part of me that was obviously disappointed that the light at the center of the island wasn't a space ship, after all; but I'm satisfied to have it be a soul trying to go home, the most powerful force of light we people have, indeed, so that's all good.

Now wouldn't it be nice if someone in Hollywood was to take the next step and make an entire series, or at least a pilot movie of The Soul Pilots good and proper?

The potential for blow-your-mind, incredibly moving stories with The Soul Pilots is fantastic, as would be the potential for truly strange and alien environments and habitats, which one does encounter when Soul Piloting by nature. Lots of opportunity for fabulous special effects, in three D and otherwise, too.

But back to the Lost Finale.

For a long time, I've said that the only thing that can explain all of that is simply that it is a Project Sanctuary habitat, where everything is made of energy and therefore infinitely malleable; where the laws of nature are set by the player; where time and space are entirely available for playing, morphing and shaping any which way you want.

Lost is not a flawless Project Sanctuary creation, as the creators are not really PS players and are doing things by accident mostly rather than with volition; but in the end, the whole thing was moved forward by energy mind generated material and that's what counts.

That's also what made Lost attractive (apart from the players, people and "friends") and consciously unpredictable.

As I say, I am very, very heartened that a "decade defining show" is so very Project Sanctuary.

Gives me hope that more people will go in that direction and truly delight us with ORIGINAL, exciting and also in the end, educational programs that evolve us in the watching of them, and don't waste our precious time on Earth.

Sfx May 2010

Lost - Jack's Death Image

Click the image for a larger picture of Jack's Death view - Download Lost Wallpaper full size here.





"Project Sanctuary is a map of your own inner manifesting realm; a guide for your unique garden, buildings, architecture; and a language and travel guide all rolled into one." Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels

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