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Inspirational Poem 1000 Roads

by Silvia Hartmann

Inspirational Poem 1000 Roads

Inspirational poem, rhyming poem - it came about quite spontaneously whilst writing the 1,000th post to the VIP forum today, April 15th, 2010.

Hence ...

A thousand roads I've travelled ...

A Thousand Roads

Inspirational poem 1000 roads traveller illustration


A thousand roads I've travelled here,
a thousand songs I've sung
a thousand incarnations,
be damned, be loved, be hung,
and in the end, the morning
is all that's ever owned
and always it's the morning
whose passing is bemoaned.

The time is fresh, and sparkling blue,
the time is here and now,
a time to feel, a time to smile,
we'll make it thru, somehow
And always, always by my side
there is that other world
where dragons dance, and angels swirl,
their wonderwings unfurled.

So let us celebrate the day,
the morning and the night,
the wind, the rain, the storms, the seas,
and all things dark and bright,
there's much for me to see and learn,
there's much for me to do,
there's much to want, to seek, to yearn,
in gold and morning blue.

A thousand roads I've travelled here,
and many more to go,
who knows what lies at journey's end,
and does it pay to know?
They say the journey is the way,
and they might well be right,
the journey is our precious day,
our morning, noon, and night.

So never mourn the here and now,
and never mourn at all,
just look around, and look ahead,
walk proud, and strong, and tall,
Let magic reign, let magic sway,
let magic flow sublime,
and celebrate each wondrous day:

This is MY life, MY time.



Silvia Hartmann

April 2010

  by Silvia Hartmann
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