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Improve Self  Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Intelligence? How?!

by Silvia Hartmann

Improve Self Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Intelligence? How?!

Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary:

Improve Self Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Intelligence With Project Sanctuary? How?!


PS Improves Self Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Intelligence, Quantum Thinking, Spirituality, Creativity, Autogenic, Healing, AND it is FUNSilvia Hartmann writes: In 1993, I developed a process that I called Project Sanctuary. I said that it improves Self Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Intelligence, Quantum Thinking, Spirituality, Creativity, Autogenic, Healing, AND that it is FUN.

I appreciate that it sounds like hype, impossible, too much but it's true, it's proven, and it's absolutely REAL. I think it is about time more people got to the benefits of this which is still NEW, STARTLING and - OTHER THAN.


New! | Self Hypnosis | Psychic Abilities | Emotional Intelligence | Quantum Thinking | Spirituality | Creativity | Autogenic | Healing | How Can PS Be FUN?!



10 years of Project Sanctuary. Still the same problem - how to explain what it is to people who can't know what it is because it is NEW. It isn't the same as anything else you can get on metaphor or hypnosis, on mind enhancement, creativity improvement or genius thinking, because it is based on a range of pre-suppositions which are OTHER THAN what is currently in use.

The core idea is the NEED to get the conscious mind and the unconscious mind (subconscious, energy mind) to WORK TOGETHER.

This is given lip service to in general personal development - "Trusting, trusting you unconscious mind ..." but nobody really does because they simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT.

They don't even seem to want to understand the energy mind - just control it, force it, switch it on and off like some neon sign but if you don't understand it, you can NEVER work with it, never mind in harmony.

Project Sanctuary isn't just about getting all of our immense intelligence to work TOGETHER - it is about getting it to work together AT THE SAME TIME.

Lucid existence, in other words. Not "unconscious" meditation where the thinking mind is switched off; not uncontrolled hallucinations, not mere "thought games" that don't do a thing but instead - LUCID TOTALITY COMPUTATION.

The merging of love and logic into one system that is more than the sum of its parts.

That is Project Sanctuary.

Amazingly, it is EASY because, guess what?


The split between conscious and unconscious is UNNATURAL and needs to be bridged and repaired.

Even with first TEENSY of beginnings, as soon as you do that, you experience a QUANTUM LEAP in understanding, thinking power and all those things like emotional intelligence, creativity, trance-ability, ESP and so much more, because ALL OF THAT needs our split selves to WORK TOGETHER - AND AT THE SAME TIME.

A million problems - one simple cure.


People who can think better. The way they were designed to think in the first place!

So here are the most commonly asked questions about Project Sanctuary and ...

New! | Self Hypnosis | Psychic Abilities | Emotional Intelligence | Quantum Thinking | Spirituality | Creativity | Autogenic | Healing | How Can PS Be FUN?!

How does PS improve self hypnosis?

Self hypnosis is just someone being able to enter trance states at will and then do something inside those trance states. As the hypnotist and the hypnotee are one and the same, you can't go unconscious - no hypnotist left to give the instructions!

In Project Sanctuary, we do something very simple but IMMENSELY powerful - we get to a balanced state where both the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind is present. That is the same sort of state as you get in lucid dreaming, only instead of it happening randomly and uncontrollably, as we come in from conscious awareness, we get to choose completely WHEN that happens, and WHAT we are going to do when we are there.

Even after short practise (or playing with) the most basic installations, we develop a much better sense of our own levels of "trance", how we experience them, and how we hold them at different levels to do exactly what we want to do.

For professional hypnotherapists, PS is a truly amazing tool to co-create really transformational lucid experiences with and for the client - AND have the client remember just how amazing that was, and be grateful for it. The lucid "sanctuary state" of Project Sanctuary trance is in and of itself a most powerful and rewarding experience that gives people whole new ideas of what they can really DO with their minds.

I would like to add that rather than working with standard scripts and an unconscious client, the lucid co-creation of Project Sanctuary SOLUTIONS are much more custom made and as a direct result, so much more powerful.


How does PS improve psychic abilities?

First of all, it puts you in total control of what you're doing, so it reduces fear. That is essential because fear really is "the mind killer".

As you are coming at it from the conscious mind, you get to decide where you are going, what you are doing, and when to stop.

Now that build confidence in one's abilities, and of course you learn how not to do it - so you get BETTER at a whole lot of things.

What you get better at are all the things, very practical things you need for any kind of psychic manifestation.

These include:

  • To be able to sort out what is REAL intuition and what is just a passing thought;
  • To be able to decide which level of depth of trance you are using (too little, no lucidity, too much, you just fall asleep!)
  • To try out a huge variety of techniques from a basic platform of safety without getting lost or confused. This saves MASSIVE amounts of time.
  • To have very many more resources and options than people normally have - spontaneous OBEs for example are notoriously uncontrolled and can be very frightening.
  • To be able to CORRECTLY DECODE the information you have retrieved, in remote viewing for example, but also in OBE, dreams and generally, the "other" realms.

There is of course much more to it, but the three baseline aspects of

Improving conscious/unconscious communication;

Not being confused by the information, or experience fear during the explorations; and

Being able to practice all and any aspect many times whilst having fun and in total safety

... are the keys to improving anyone's abilities TREMENDOUSLY.


How does PS enhance intelligence and "quantum thinking"?

The human mind is a fantastic computer - but it is running a very outdated operating system. You could say that Project Sanctuary, with its complete ecologies that react immediately when we make interventions represents a different operating system and that would be a fair comparison.

Consciously, we get overwhelmed with masses and masses of seemingly unrelated facts pouring in from the environment and then we get scared and confused. You could say that if it gets bad enough, we simply blue screen and then all is lost.

But the unconscious mind can totally handle this information flow - if we use the operating system of "real life movies" or metaphors, as it's known.

The more we use this new system, the easier it gets and the more we find that we are no longer scared by complexity, but instead learn to look for PATTERNS within it and find them quite easily. As soon as that happens, real life "complexities" become easier to understand and we start to think very differently.

This is what they mean by "creative problem solving" - rather than, "If thy eye offends thee, cut it out!" which is just stupid simplistic tit for tat thinking so common to the old "linear operating system" that simply doesn't take ecology, what happens next, and how this act affects the greater scheme of things into consideration, you think of a MUCH BETTER SOLUTION. One that is win/win/win in the context of the entire problem.

Quantum, organic thinking is done in conjunction with the unconscious mind, and that is the key and reason for Project Sanctuary.


How does PS enhance "emotional intelligence"? What is emotional intelligence, anyway?

Well, some time ago someone noticed that IQ tests don't really predict GENIUS at all. People can score immensely high on IQ tests and still bumble about like the archetypal autistic idiot savant, being entirely unable to lead any kind of life that would denote high intelligence (outside of their lab).

So they made a bigger definition of intelligence which includes how well someone can handle ... PEOPLE. Relationships are enormously complicated and can't be defined by computer code or maths, and that's where the term of "emotional intelligence" comes from, namely someone who can conduct relationships well and understands themselves and other people.

And here we are with the "quantum logic, ORGANIC thinking" once again.

A clock is a linear logic system. A buttercup is fabulously more complicated then that, and a field of them inside an ecology with predators and bees and such even more so. You need that same processing system for all these things that you also need for living, growing, changing, developing human beings and their doings - and that would be the aspect known as "emotional intelligence".

The truth is that autistics are terrified of complexity and chaos, and those who "have no emotional intelligence" have autistic streaks. All humans do, but some are just more at sea with the n-complexity of organic systems (and especially people) than others.

Improving someone's ability to understand the LOGIC of organic systems, and to learn how to use the parts of ourselves which are not just capable of decoding the logic of these systems, BUT WHERE DESIGNED TO DO EXACTLY THAT, is the gift of all gifts to these people.

Project Sanctuary functions in direct response to the individual, because it comes FROM THEM.

So, if an individual really does need "kindergarten" type lessons to get them started, get them unstuck, that's what they will be doing to begin with.

It isn't important WHERE someone starts, just that they DO START AT ALL.

As soon as these stuck, rigid old thinking structures are being used again and they get some help along the way, IMPROVEMENT MUST OCCUR because people are truly veritable learning machines. They want to learn, and Project Sanctuary makes it easy and motivational to learn the basic lessons of ecology again - with the help of our own energy minds.


How does PS help with spirituality and my relationship with God?

In PS, you get to meet your own constructs of spirits, saints, and even God if you want to do that.

You get to do that lucidly and you get to COMMUNICATE with these constructs at first.

As soon as you do this, you will get a very strong experience and sense of what is just old entrainment and old wives tails, and what is REAL.

That's the real power behind Project Sanctuary, because there's a big difference between REAL events outside of us, and those we just hallucinate inside of us.

You can hold your own "conversations with God", ask questions of prophets and do so very safely.

Those people who have done this, because they were very motivated, began to UNSTICK their old relationships with these things and these relationships began to DEVELOP into whole new dimensions, different insights emerging, totally different ideas as to what they were taught at school or at the temple.

Simply put, with Project Sanctuary you can get really and really, "up close and personal" with the spiritual realms, and you can take that process exactly as far as is right for you.


How does PS help with artistic abilities, creativity, creative writing and arts?

Well, that is really simple.

ALL art is essentially unconsciously generated. It has to be, or else it is flat, dead, meaningless and those who see, read or hear it do NOT experience that "mystical tingle" that really comes with something that wasn't mass fabricated in some dead mechanical factory by soulless robots, but something that is MORE THAN THAT.

Something you could say that has a soul.

From the very first moment you engage in a Project Sanctuary "unfoldment", even at the simplest level, you start to write your own story, make your own movie, paint your own pictures, hear your own soundtracks - only YOU DID NOT CONSCIOUSLY MAKE THEM!

Project Sanctuary works by our conscious selves asking a question, and the unconscious mind GIVING US AN ANSWER IN SOUNDS AND VISIONS.

This is a literally, absolutely and completely ENDLESS STREAM OF CREATIVITY.

It is personal, it is always amazing, riveting and it is delivered to you directly.

This is much, much more than just the odd "creative idea" here and there.

It is ongoing, it is creativity on tap, if you will.

These things are delivered to you but for the asking. Then it is up to you to write down honestly what you saw and felt, what you learned, and what happened, and that would give you the written forms of creativity. You can paint a single image if you want to do that, you can write down the score for that film you just engaged in, or you can make a statue that would encompass the core of the experiences you have had.

And let us not forget the other side of the coin.

Project Sanctuary also gets you to be in CONTROL of that process - you start it when you want to and you can also FINISH IT when you want to.

So you don't have the negative side effects of the artists who got a "rift" through which creative streams alright, but they can't shut it off and end up going insane.

This allows Project Sanctuary users to take on themes, ideas and happenings that were far too dangerous or scary to the "out of control" artists in perfect safety.

It might sound a lot or very astonishing, but it is only USING OUR MINDS THE WAY THE CREATIVE ORDER DESIGNED THEM, just for a change.


How does PS help with healing abilities, healing processes and healing in general?

Basically, anything AT ALL that improves communication within ourselves, gets us to understand ourselves better and makes us more flexible and AWARE of how we work as complex systems is going to be healing in and of itself.

Of course.

There are so many ways in which PS can be used for healing, it is difficult to put this all together in a short paragraph or two.

It can be used for relaxation and energy nutrition - for example, rather than having to wait until retirement before the experience of lying on a sandy beach in comfort and without any worries whatsoever can be had, PS players get to do this IMMEDIATELY, INSTANTLY AND AS OFTEN AS THEY LIKE.

They also be in this way much more RESPONSIVE to their own needs and systems.

The environments of Project Sanctuary are really codes for ENERGY STATES that exist in a person. Sometimes, it is beneficial to experience a beach, but other times, a snowed in log cabin might be just what the doctor ordered. Other times, a Japanese garden in the rain; an Arabian night, a sweet spring in a forest clearing, or a high fresh mountain morning with pine.

To have such immense flexibility in calling up the exact PSYCHO ENERGETIC REMEDY that is required to balance our weary minds, bodies and spirits is a gift of tremendous proportions. For professionals, to be able to PRESCRIBE such remedies, delivered correctly and faithfully by our energy minds who know about such things, is of course also immensely valuable.

There is much, much more that can be done in the healing department with Project Sanctuary. From future planning, past clearing, conflict resolution to self discovery, resources discovery and internal re-alignment in the mental health department, to being able to really decode the workings of the human energy system on all its levels, there is literally NO END to what anyone can do with this.

The healing processes are guided by ourselves and they occur IN RESPONSE to what we are putting our attention upon, so it is always relevant and always fascinating to the individual involved.


How does Project Sanctuary work as an advanced "Tesla Machine"? What is this "autogenic practice" thing and how does it work?

Project Sanctuary practice and play results in that a person can "meditate" better. What that means is that they get to find it easy to enter a mental state (the sanctuary state) in which they are lucid and can "direct the play".

Project Sanctuary works with environments, called "habitats", which become the platform from which all else starts.

Unlike normal day dreaming, the Project Sanctuary habitats are STABLE because they are co-created by the energy mind and actually thus become an ENERGETIC REALITY. Being real and stable, they don't disappear when we take our conscious attention off them, but remain; and being organic in nature (as a forest is, or a landscape rather than a ticking clock), they KEEP ON EVOLVING all by themselves.

That's the key to a Tesla machine, and that is also the key to Autogenics - namely that because the habitat has been made real on the energy levels, we respond to what is going on there even IN BODY AS THOUGH IT WAS REAL.

Because it is!

So with a Project Sanctuary habitat, you have always in essence "an organic Tessla Machine" and so you can get to try out all manner of things.

You could, for example, if you had a choice between two lovers, set up two habitats, and let the relationships run just like a computer programme. Make time go faster, come back and see the results of ten years - what has happened, and how has it affected all concerned?

That is an extremely complex example, but because the energy mind is at work which has no problems with literally infinite complexity, and WE DON'T HAVE TO DO IT AT ALL, it is easy. We just go back and look what's happened.

With a bit of practice, we can use this to "test run" all kinds of things - the homes we live in, if that advertising strategy will ever work, what it will be like if we do X instead of Y and much more besides. Advanced PS players have designed all kinds of things in a Sanctuary habitat, fine tuned it and perfected it and then brought it out into public and it worked - just like Nicola Tesla's wonderful machines.

It is something we can do if we want to, and with Project Sanctuary, it becomes easy to learn.


With all of that, HOW can Project Sanctuary POSSIBLY be "fun" as you always say it is??

Ah! Well that's the magic, isn't it! If I had tried to design a techniques set that would do all those things as listed above, CONSCIOUSLY, it would have turned out to be a dour and dreary twenty year course of musty study.

But the energy mind isn't like that.

It doesn't like suffering.

It likes flow, and excitement, and joy, and immediate response to environments.

It likes to PLAY and EXPERIENCE things.

The energy mind isn't a slave, or an idiot or some superwise higher thing, but instead, it is a DANCE PARTNER for the conscious mind.

Here's the deal.

You know what you like, and what really turns you on.

Let's say, it's sex. Why not? Sex turns ME on!

So you take away this system called Project Sanctuary which is supposed to make you smarter, teach you quantum thinking, lucid trance, PSI, ESP, OBE, autogenics, spirituality and so on and so forth, and you use it ...

... to make yourself a fantastic habitat, luscious, sensuous, vibrating with excitement and power, and there, you have the most extraordinary sexual partners and parties at your fingertips and other tips, at that, and you go to bed each night and revel there.

You are highly motivated, you have constant smile on your face and your body is enjoying it tremendously. You sleep better and feel better all around.

And it so happens that ...

... Magically, MYSTERIOUSLY, your quantum thinking is improving. Your lucid dreams are getting more frequent. Previously immensely "taxing" mental challenges don't appear so frightening anymore.

HOW did that happen???

Because the wonderful, wonderful thing about Project Sanctuary is that no matter WHAT you use it for, the results and benefits are the side effect!

It is the PLAYING that IS the teaching, the learning, the getting smarter. All that happens as a bye the bye - whilst YOU play.

And you don't have to use PS for sex. If you are totally fascinated by OBEs, then do those. You will learn the same basic lessons as the sex guys. Or perhaps you want to write a blockbuster movie and use PS to generate the habitats, scenarios, the story board and the experiences. Fine. You will learn the same basic lessons as the OBE people. Or you want to make a Tesla Machine for a very specific purpose. Yup, learning the SAME lessons again. So will a therapist who starts to play the Sanctuary game with their clients. So will a child on a long car journey, whose parent asked, "Do you want to make a world? Shall we make a story just for you? Tell me about an object you really like."

The more you PLAY and the more FUN you can ALLOW YOURSELF to have with this, the more you will learn.

And that is a Project Sanctuary lesson that, if practised there in safety and really understood and integrated on all levels, will really change your life.

Silvia Hartmann



  by Silvia Hartmann
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