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Improve Your Genius Factor

Psychological reversals block the free flow of information and stop "flashes of insight" from happening regularly and successfully.

Here is how to overcome blocks to genius, find and improve your genius factor, and fear of being a genius with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques.


How To Improve Your  Genius Factor & Remove Blocks To Genius With EFT* Emotional Freedom Techniques

* What is EFT?

Psychological Reversals - Your Genius Factor - Why Am I Not A Genius? - Afraid To Be A Genius? - Practice Your Own Genius - In Conclusion

The most profound blocks to genius are known as psychological reversals - when we say "No!" to genius.

This is not done consciously; these system reversals to genius are automatic and they happen because of a disturbance, blockage or injury in the energy system.

To understand the profound blocking effect of psychological reversals, try this practical exercise for yourself, right now:

1. Lift up any object and hold it, arm outstretched. Say out aloud, "No, no, this is too heavy! I can't do this! I am weak! This is too hard!" and time how long you can hold it up.

2. Lift up exactly the same object and hold it in exactly the same way. Say out aloud, "Yes! Yes this is easy! I am strong! I am strong and yes I can hold this up easily!" and time how long you can hold it up.

That's the difference in performance of THE SAME ARM, and THE SAME PERSON, but the first was from the reversed "No!" state, and the second from the forward flowing, "Yes!" state.


  • Until and unless we have said "YES!" to our own genius, we will suffer from reversals and blockages that will STOP us from being a genius, just as thinking that you're weak will stop you from being strong.


Your Genius Factor

On a scale of 0 - 100, 0 being absolutely untrue and 100 being 100% true, how much of a genius do you think you are?

Pick a number. That number is your "genius factor" AT THIS MOMENT.

* If two or more numbers come to mind, there are probably TIMES when you function more than a genius as at other times; you can work with these separately.

Now, apply EFT to that number to bring your genius factor up higher.

Use the opening statement of, "I want to it be 100% that I am a genius," and tap a round of EFT.

Ask the question again - how much do you believe it now? The number will have started to increase.

Tap on it every day for a month or so and you will take out a lot of reversals to being a genius.


Why Am I Not A Genius?

While you are working on bringing up your genius factor, you will naturally come across thoughts and memories of "reasons why you're not a genius".

These can be memories of times ...

  • when you acted particularly stupidly,
  • or when you failed to learn or understand something (this causes the belief of, "I'm stupid!"),
  • and often they include other people making you feel stupid,
  • or telling you that you are stupid, such as parents, teachers at school, siblings, bosses and so forth.

Treat these memories with EFT, using an opening statement that accurately describes the event that caused the blockage, injury or reversal to your genius unfolding as it should.

For example, "Even though my father said I was a hopeless idiot, I want to restore my genius today."

Write down these memories as they come up in a notebook and treat one after the other.

You will begin to confidence in your own natural genius beginning to rise and your genius factor go up with every memory you treat successfully.


Afraid To Be A Genius?

A lot of stupid things have been written and said about people who are geniuses - that they will go mad, that they will lose the ability to deal with "the real world", that they will lose their friends and family.

All of that is complete bullshit. You can go mad and NOT be a genius, that has nothing to do with it.

* If you need to, you can read more about Genius & Insanity here.

Yet those fears spook around in our neurologies and they cause blocks to genius and stop people from developing their genius further.

Allow yourself to really think and FEEL about what it might mean for you to be a genius.

Are you afraid you will go insane? That you will lose your job or your loved ones? What the price might be you have to pay for it?

Make a list of your real, personal fears about genius and the reality of being a genius manifesting in your life and treat EVERY FEAR with EFT, one after the other.

Use opening statements like, "I am afraid that I'm going to lose my mind if I become a genius, and I want to get over that fear today!"


Practice Your Own Genius

Genius is about FLOW - a fine, fast flow of ideas and thoughts that happens when you are feeling cool, calm and collected, when you are stress free.

To get this FLOW of ideas going, you need to practice, open the channels through which your genius ideas stream into your consciousness.

Take a problem you have (or borrow someone else's) and instead of finding ONE solution, find TEN.

If you find that the flow stops, use EFT to generate more ideas, to get that flow going.

Practice every day on a problem and get AT LEAST ten workable, practical solutions streaming into your mind.

You will find that after a few days, your genius starts to wake up, come online, and it gets easier and easier.

If at any point you encounter blankness or a blockage, or even a negative belief such as, "There ARE no more solutions to this problem ..." apply EFT to get that forward momentum, that FLOW OF GENIUS to start up again.

* If you are really serious about bringing your natural genius online, you should try The Genius Symbols which work not with ten solutions, but 23 instead! Applying EFT to blocks to experiencing genius visions, sorting and using the information resulting has caused the students on the Genius Symbol course to perform so much better, they were amazed and delighted. Using EFT to unblock yourself can have the same effect on you!


In Conclusion

Taking out blocks to genius is the first order of the day for anyone who really wants to become a modern genius, someone who thinks wonderfully, has wonderfully creative and PRACTICAL ideas, and retains all their other faculties in perfection as well.

With the blocks to genius out of the way, you can then start to see what's really there - and if you need to do anything else to hone or practice your genius, you can take it from there.

Silvia Hartmann, May 2009

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