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HypnoDreams Script The Bubble Pattern - Emotional Release by Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

HypnoDreams Script The Bubble Pattern - Emotional Release by Silvia Hartmann

HypnoDreams Script The Bubble Pattern - Emotional Release by Silvia Hartmann

Hypnosis Script, EmoTrance Compatible

by Silvia Hartmann


The Bubble Pattern

Releasing Problems (you no longer need).

Have you ever thought you had a problem, and then it turned out there was no problem at all?

Sometimes this happens when we don’t know the big picture, other times we misinterpret information from a false viewpoint. Sometimes we used to have a problem and it was solved successfully, but we never really got around to acknowledging that it was, and at other times, something happened or time moved along and although the problem wasn’t really solved, it just went away or was no longer important any more.

We all have quite enough problems already which take our attention away from more important issues, such as a forward movement in the direction of feeling more, or feeling more deeply; of expansion, growth and learning and all those things that we want and that would be a great deal easier to come by if we had more energy at our disposal, if we were simply a little smoother within.

So this is a pattern to clear out the problems you no longer need, old clutter now unwanted and irrelevant; to tell yourself on all levels to release these now so we can get to work on what’s important and what’s current to our current state of affairs.

This works best if you’re lying flat on your back or reclining in a comfortable position with your feet up, your arms folded behind your head perhaps, but if you’re not, you can just imagine you are lying down somewhere really, really comfortable; somewhere soft, where the temperature is just right and there’s nothing restricting your breathing, or your movement, or your thinking in any dimension at all.

Just wriggle and stretch a little in pleasure and with a happy sigh, let yourself go and relax right into yourself, stretching out and filling your entire body with your presence and attention so you tingle everywhere and flow through all the biggest and the smallest channels of yourself, everywhere at once and in motion all the way in that sense, touching and knowing in that way which quite continues as we direct another part of your attention to be experiencing all of this for now, we’re going to give a new instruction from this place of unity and it is to now release just every problem that has had it’s time of day, that is no longer now required, old problems we can re-release into the universe at large where they are welcome and returning home just as they should.

As you are beginning to think and sort in this new way, you can begin to feel some strange sensations in your body, as the old problems are beginning to work themselves loose and are starting their bubbling journey up towards the surface of your skin, slowly forming through and out, slowly beginning to make their way up and through to the atmosphere of your aura, and as they go in their own time, and their connection thins as the last components, anchors slowly smoothly pull away, they rise and shape themselves into balloons that more and more return to roundness as they pass through the outer layers of your energy system and, free at last, ascend and ascend, rise higher and higher, become smaller and smaller as you feel them watch them go on their way to freedom.

From all within and all over your body, these bubble beings rise and some are tiny, some are big yet all now purposefully move within the rightful channels to the surface, relieving the pressure, releasing the space, freeing your systems in the act of freeing themselves – feel them, watch them!

Sometimes, a host of little tiny ones will follow in the wake of a larger one, and they are silver stars that rise much faster and they are beautiful and so you watch them go, feel them go, rising from within your head, your throat and from your stomach, from your limbs and from your organs, from your fingers and your toes, wherever they have been, whichever channels they would travel, they are free to go and in return your lightness and your comfort simply increases with every single one that is released.

Watch them rise from you and feel the relief for every one that is released at last and you may wonder, if you will, just why it took so long for us to be right here and do this but you know, the time is right for you to know just what you need to keep for now and what can be released and given back to source where it belongs and where it yearns to be, of course.

Take all the time to let this wonderful sensation and this wonderful release continue in it’s own way.

Take your time and simply observe as the old is leaving joyfully and leaving you refreshed and cleansed, with nothing but a sense of deep relief and deepest relaxation as the process begins to slow as the deepest, oldest and slowest remnants are arriving at the surface, journey’s end and journey’s start for these just as it was for all the others and there are still one, or two and they may rise at any time and simply drift like now released balloons on a still day, irresistibly drawn on high, up high and out until we can no longer know just where they went but stay right here with a deep sense of gratitude for this release, right now, right here and you can come again and set a new release with new parameters or you may just leave a remembrance of this state, this process and allow it to continue all the time, all day or night, whenever it’s required, to keep the things that are important close to you and those which are no longer, free to go and you in turn, just free to be and do what’s here, and now, and of the future.

© Silvia Hartmann 2002

The Key To Your Creativity - Project Sanctuary

  by Silvia Hartmann
"You have probably heard the classical question, "What book would you bring along if you were to spend the rest of your life on a desert island?". Well, after having read Project Sanctuary, your answer will be an easy one."  Helena Sweden

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