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Hypnodreams Vol 3: Freedom

Hypnodreams Vol 3: Freedom

Full text and production notes of Silvia Hartmann's "Freedom" from 2004 

The Wind Of Change | Freedom | Creativity  | Timelines | Our Dimensions  | Forward To The New

HypnoDreams III - Freedom

The Wind Of Change | Freedom | Creativity  | Timelines | Our Dimensions  | Forward To The New



The Wind Of Change


Ananga’s Notes On The Wind Of Change

I had a wonderful time recording the music for this track and have had some great personal experiences with it since. One day I was walking down the lane where I live with the Wind of Change playing on my headphones, when all of a sudden the wind really blew up, there were leaves swirling everywhere and the weather and the sounds went together perfectly, it was great and I found myself breathing it all in and walking through it with a big smile on my face.

Actually the Wind of Change always makes me smile, there’s a line in it that says: “Smile and close your eyes, and let your head fall back…” and I always do!

Now for my experience with recording the music.

I decided to follow Silvia’s words as closely as I could in quite a literal sense for this track. Usually, I’m less literal and will mark certain phrases with sounds and live instrumentation as I feel inclined, but the Wind of Change felt very much like the making of a painting from Silvia’s words and my music together.

The first thing I did for this track was find a recording of a real storm, one with some real howling winds and movement, which would build and then fade as Silvia began to speak, to mark the passing and changing of weather, seasons, life.

I picked up my flute and set a track to record and decided to record whatever I came up with, live and on the spot, with no prior thought of key or melody. I was quite surprised when I realised I was playing the flute melody from Heart healing, if you had asked me to play that it would have taken me a moment to recall it and remember the notes – but there it was just happening, so I went with it.

When I listened back I very much liked the idea of the heart healing flute coming out of a storm, for me it tied the last HypnoDreams album to this, it hinted of healing within storms and encouraged the feeling that we could pick up where we left off and move forward to the new :-)

I used a wide range of live instruments and percussion for this track, along with some sweeping synthesised sounds from the Atmosphere Dream Synth module, a favourite of mine.


Silvia’s Notes On The Wind Of Change

Our emotions, our experiences, our lives are like the weather.

We get dramatic thunder storms, beautiful calm sunsets; bright blue summer skies and freezing mists; drenching downpours and sultry hot nights.

It is in the change itself that life manifests itself; you know what happens to places where it never rains, or always rains – neither is a good thing. Change is what makes it all work, what is required to give the balance and the even flow of life.

The Wind of Change is a celebration of change, of things to come and an invitation to step into that everlasting flow of change from one thing to another, from one moment to the next, and find nourishment and sustenance in all and any unfoldment of life.



The Text: 01 – Wind of Change


The Wind Of Change

is coming.


Long before

the first light flutterings

the lightest touch

the first and smallest movement

is perceived,

there is a sense of listening -


it is coming.




You are not imagining this.


You are not mistaken.


You know, of course you do

in parts that know such things

that no matter where,

no matter when,

or just how far away

it may have been,

it has begun

and it is coming.


Smile and close your eyes,

led your head fall back

and draw the sharp clear air

into your nostrils now


You can really think

that you can smell it -

glacier clear and bright

for it has travelled over

snowy mountain tops

where nothing moved for centuries

or so it seemed -

the wind of change

it took the spirit and enfolded it,

it took the messages

the mountain rocks

and ice threw high aloft

and carries them within


and then the scent of forests,

pine and blue skies overhead,

the sunlight so direct and honest,

nothing there between a one

and the creator, nothing

to preclude a view so far and sweeping

over elder forests and the silver rivers,

and each one gives blessing

and gives greetings

to the wind of change.


And so it travels over oceans

tastes the blue and green

and gold of secret sandy coves,

the feather wing brush touches

of the palm trees swaying,

dancing tropic rhythms

and all this is coming now,

there is no need for you or me

to move at all,

just listen,

extend your senses far and wide

and make us ready to receive

the wind of change,

for it will come and bring with it

the scents and tastes

of foreign markets, foreign fruit,

rich with spices and desires,

night blue desert skies

and songs that were already ancient when

the ancient ones did sit and listen,

and they watched

the whirling stars above.


What treasures!

Oh what riches will be ours

when we can rise

and meet the wind of change

wide open and accepting,

dressed in clothes of billowing white –

like fisher's nets,

like webs we spread ourselves

we spread our wings

to let the wind of change pass through us,

tell us of the splendours

it has brought and share its riches,

share its wealth with us who

waited for this moment to arrive –

we knew that it would come

and never truly did abandon

our sense that we were right to think

that it would come in our direction.


And of course,

of course we knew that it would come ...


... and here it comes ...


The wind of change

and all its eons worth of riches

and of unimaginable feelings,

of sensations silk upon your living skin,

the softest angel wing

across your cheek and neck,

the light of all the stars

is softly streaming to your eyes

and wisdom white is entering your web of life,

as whispering now turns to rushing

and delight is rising, lifting you

and you are riding on a wave of life and love,

a wild reality of beauty

as you never thought you could conceive –


A wave of here and now,

so wide it sweeps across the universe

and carries you as well as all there is

and all you need to do is

be here and remain here

for enlivenment and life itself is here,

enough for all and shared by all,

the wind of change is here

and now

and always

and eternal.

© Silvia Hartmann 2003


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Ananga’s Notes On Freedom

What can I say! Freedom I just love, and I use it often, sometimes when I’m flagging and a bit tired, sometimes when I get up and am ready to set a positive and lively frame for my day. And sometimes just for the sheer joy of dancing round my kitchen to Pia’s incredible vocals and my mad drumming.

Recording the music for Freedom was pure fun and pleasure, it took a few days to get it right and that meant I got to hear Silvia’s vocal magic probably a hundred times, how did I feel at the end of that – just listen to the last few minutes of this track and you’ll have a pretty accurate idea!

Silvia had some very neat ideas for this track such as having me whisper “freedom” in English and German and swirl and pan it around the track as if the words are being carried on the wind.

When Pia came to the studio to record the vocals we had a fantastic time, she was asked to really go for it and “cry freedom” and she did! After one particularly heartfelt and enlivened take we both burst out laughing, later when I went to make the final mix of this track I found Pia’s laughter had been recorded as she was still right by the microphone – so I left it there :-)

For Freedom I used live hand drums such as the Turkish doumbek drum, traditionally used in belly dancing, Indian bamboo and western classical flutes, live bass guitar, electric guitar phrases played in an ethnic chromatic style, and various other percussive instruments.


Silvia’s Notes On Freedom

A long time ago, I was thinking of writing a trance dance CD for people to exercise with.

But when I looked more closely at people’s energy bodies, I saw with great sadness that they weren’t ready to dance yet.

Dancing is something you do when you’re healthy, when you’re joyous, then it comes naturally.

As long as you’re still burdened with all sorts, in pain from all sorts, and tired and depressed, dancing cannot be anything else than yet another chore, something you “should be doing”, like losing weight or getting fit, only you don’t have the energy and you don’t have the heart for it.

What good can THAT do?

No good at all.

So, first of all, let’s take off those shoes!

In Freedom, we go and get a bath for the energy system, a very special release and relief from old entrainments and reversals that hold us back, and we regain the freedom of our movements.

When we’re ready, THEN we have a beach party, and we can celebrate our newfound freedom with joy and our friends who have found their joy of freedom too.




The Text: 3/02 – Freedom


Now, first of all,

we're going to take off our shoes.


Not only these, but indeed,

all the shoes you have ever worn,

across your life and all your lives -

let's take them all off.


And not just that

but even all and every

memory is now relieved


from deep inside your feet themselves,

every blister, every sore and every injury

which still retains its shadow

loosens bubbles up

and is released


as we begin to walk now forward

on a softly sanded beach

where land and sea

and you and me all meet -

where bubbling sprightly little waves

wash to the shore

here it is we learn to walk once more.


Afresh as new

and every light and tingling contact,

welcome laughs the lively water

and your feet flex forward eagerly

from every greeting to the next,

the buoyant fine refreshing water

helping now to clear away

all those weary remnants

which once did reside inside your skin

your very flesh and bone,

and then beyond and there as well

the matrix clears with wonder

and there's a hunger building


as you can sense and feel and know

your feet refreshed rejuvenated

that the rest of you

would love this too,

has hungered for such clearing,

lifting, for such resolution and has waited -

oh so long!

for the burdens to be taken,

for finally to be released ...


Let's move into the summer surf,

a little deeper

on the sweetly sandy floor beneath

that does extend for many miles

and as your ankles

and your calves are now embraced,

it is as though

an armour first is washed away

and then you really feel the loving touch

of the soft vibrant sparkling water,

oh, how alive it is!


Alive it is and

ah, it wants to come and play with you!

and in return you move on forward, swiftly deeper,

yearning now for this release

and inviting it to come to you

and lovingly embrace your knees and thighs

and from inside your legs

there is that pressure too now - YES!


I want to clear away the hurts and pains

and all those shards

that never did belong to me!


I want to come to life again this day

and I will do so eagerly and readily

join in this freeing

of the shackles and the memories of old,

step out into the new alive,

refreshed and in perfection -

and in a loving deep embrace

to which you dissolve completely,

you move forward faster,

eager now to let your buttocks

and your genitals be freed and

oh, it feels so good,

such a relief, such a release,

complete acceptance and entire freedom

as the oldest, deepest hurts

begin to soften

and to flow away,

to bubble up from deep inside

your deepest structure and beyond beyond,

there are no words to thank creation for this blessing,

for this benediction

and at last you understand

as you release the last restraints -


dive into the water,

dive inside with hunger and volition

for all of you deserves to now be healed

of all your lifetimes hurts and chafing pains

from the constrictions

from the grating yokes

and from the chains of slavery and servitude,

the manacles of hatred and of domination -


wash then away!


And the bright and sparkling water laughs

and kisses your skin,

flows loving touches all across you,

all about you, strokes your hair,

each part of you

in perfect jubilation and in joy -


you dive and soar

you spiral fly and reach out wide

you breathe and love


and give


until you simply float so still -








So much compassion

and such joy

that on this day,

you did reclaim your self

and took it on your self

to free your body,

free it now at last -


and only now,

we dance.




© Silvia Hartmann 2003





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Ananga’s Notes On Creativity

What does that word mean? :-)

This track was produced by Silvia, she had very clear directives for what was required here and had me do things musically that I had never done before – nor would have dreamed of doing for that matter. It is now one of my all time favourite HypnoDreams and at each listening I’m glad that I broke into new territory for it was certainly required.


Silvia’s Notes On Creativity

Over the years, I have had much experience of creativity and with creative people.

You could say that creativity is a bit of a speciality of mine, and definitely the very wellspring of all my work, and the delight of my life.

I believe that creativity is an act of freedom, an expression of freedom and existence when we have arrived at a place where we know we have a right to be here.

It is then that we get to look around, open those “other eyes” and see for ourselves just how wonderful creation is.

When we do that as a part of that creative order, we can’t help but sing and dance in celebration. Words and images and movements and songs MUST pour from us that honour the creative order, it can’t be any other way.

And that to me has always been TRUE creativity. Not coming up with something that wasn’t there before, but telling the story of one single individual’s experiences with the creative order in one’s own words, in one’s own voice, in one’s own way.

That is the extraordinary newness and radical contribution that only one individual can ever make, and that is GUARANTEED to be new, fresh, bright and immensely “creative”.

And all that is such heavy duty stuff, it sounds and feels so heavy, and the creative order isn’t like that at all. It is beautiful, delightful and so light, singing and dancing in every way, it is full of joy and laughter. For this reason I appended “Sweet Lights” to this induction on creativity, to swoop us up and out about into the realms where thoughts become songs, or paintings, or perhaps even new existences that resonate their creator.



The Text: 3/03 – Creativity (incl. Sweet Lights)


Creativity -

What does that word mean?


Cre-a-ti-vi-ty ...


The activity of creating - creating what?


Creating something out of nothing,

taking a cloud in the sky

and shaping it until

it has the face of a man

who is yet to be born

and has never been before?


Taking a handful of star dust

and making it into

a small ash tray

of a pleasing and unusual shape


or perhaps it is

even better than that –


you float gently into

the midst of nowhere,

where the stars

are very sparse indeed

and all is black and oh!

so restful quiet.


And there, in nowhere,

you who are nothing

for how else you could exist,

with your nothing hands

you take the nothing

and you make the nothing

into something that arises

from within where no-one knew

quite how to be,

to do or even then,

to ask what else,

how far,

how different indeed -

well that’s the question,

don’t you think?


And after all of that,

and if you now were to hear

a whisper and it told you

carefully in measured tones

of blue sobriety

that first before you start

and wonder how you would

create at all,

it might be wise

to give some notion

as to what it is

you wish to have become

and waver rainbow gentle

until it well descends

in harmony

all through the levels

and in doing so

becomes a little realer

with each passing thought,

each passing heartbeat

of a living heart.


And still, the question must remain.


If you were the creator,

what would you create?


Angles white and midnight blue

would gently stand

and rainbow hue enfolded,

they might tell you

of the distant shores

of times beyond times

of places beyond places

of minds beyond minds

of regions and domains

above, beyond, below

of all there is,



What would you create

that isn’t here?


How can you create a something

knowing not what is already

waiting gently,

waiting for your

exploration and delight

and your dismay for

not all you have been told

is quite as you might find

if you were now to go and seek

a time to travel there,

and here

and further

than you ever have before.


Understand something.


You are asking the impossible.


It is true that as the dusk falls

and light is dimming lightly,

outlines softening and all is

slowing, stilling, falling silent

and just before the night

reveals to you how vast

the universe

that it is already there,

that is already



When the universe was created,

it was not a seed.


All of it was created instantly.

The then, the now, the what’s to come

all of it, all at once.


Creation has happened.

The end of time has happened too

and all that lies between.


Everything is already there

and here comes the confusion

that is holding many still in

bitter struggle and in desperation.


You cannot create anything new.

There is nothing new.

You cannot be anything new

for even if you should create a new,

this new was there right from

this time,

this new was there right from the dawn

to end of time, already there

prescribed, already

perfectly aligned




So leave your futile attempts

and instead of trying to compete

with the creator

wake up and begin

to navigate the universe itself


It has indeed, all the questions

to all your answers - you do not

have to spend your life in futile

pursuit as to try and make them

up yourself.



(Sweet Lights)


Wandering amongst the stars,

I saw a small dis-illusion

whirling slowly and in shadow night


Sweet light sobriety

encompassed me with fervour

and it spoke and said,

really you should take care of that.


I took it gently by the astral moments

and I sighed it into soft acceptance

of my touch and it was glad

that I was there.


It melted to me and I stroked it

loving nesting here to me,

do come, my little one,

I have the time and space for you


You need not fear the wells

of nevermore for they in truth

are nothing more than ever widening

loving touches in a

place where nothing seems to be

as bright as single suns

and blue flared stars,

there to the right

we see another momentary wonder

starfall streaking bright

and hold on tight!


We slide the ever down yet there’s no end

and it is not until we have descended

for a thousand years that we

begin to understand

how marvellous it was

to finally be freed from all that’s horizontal

and that made the limit of the right and wrong

of tale or song

and ordered to the endless

what seemed to be so fearful

and yet starblessed

if only we had known

what up and down would be,

the lesson graves and gravity

mistakenly imbued and dragged along

instead of sweet remembrance

and the now of clarity -


and angels at my back,

in my hair.

© Silvia Hartmann 2004



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04 – Timelines


Ananga’s Notes On Timelines

Timelines by Silvia Hartmann 2003Timelines really did just fall into place, I found exactly the sounds I wanted for it and had a spontaneous idea at the end to record a few phrases on my keyboard for the closing bars which Silvia and I both really liked.

However, there was one strangeness that occurred with timelines and that was that one of the crystalline sounds that I used got messed with during the encoding of the test track I sent to Silvia as an mp3. I was not aware of this until the next day – the studio master sounded fine to me so I made the mp3 and sent it and thought no more of it. The next morning I decided to listen to it as I was getting set up for the day’s recording and was horrified to hear that there was something going on that sounded like a Darlek being dragged across a rough surface going on that was definitely not there in the studio mix! I called Silvia immediately and will never forget the relief in her voice, nor how we laughed afterwards – she thought I’d lost the plot and that HypnoDreams from that day forth were doomed!



Silvia’s Notes On Timelines

I have heard much talk over the years of time”lines”, linear “paths in life”, and often found the limitations of such ideas about an individual’s collected experiences and actions across time and space and all the many dimensions through which we travel, as we must.

One night, during a Project Sanctuary meditation, I had an experience of colour and real beauty, and I got a different idea of what timelines may be and how they work.

This evocation/meditation is the result of that; I find it very soothing, personally, and very freeing, too.




The Text: 3/04 – TimeLines


Swiftly, I fly forward, 

towards my future

and behind me

lies my life

a sweeping bridal train

of multicoloured silks,

spread out behind me

each strand of weave

a sound I heard,

a feeling or a sight I saw,

a (forward) thought I made.


I see it looping wide

and brilliant bright,

it flows amongst the stars,

my pathway I create anew,

it streams from me,

it streams

from my shoulders

streams from my heels

my cloak of endless angel wings

to paint my passage

into all that is

so that it may




I am entranced

by its great beauty

radiant colours

flowing movement

but in truth,

my heart lies elsewhere -


I turn around to face

my realms of truth,

the stars await,

as I move forward,

fly towards the future,

bright excitement,

endless worlds

before me

as I dive and soar

towards the stars.

© Silvia Hartmann 2003



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05 – Our Dimension


Ananga’s Notes On Our Dimension

Our Dimensions by Silvia HartmannPossibly the most challenging thing I’ve ever worked on to date. I really did not know where to begin with Our Dimensions, but once I got the mood of it I decided to make the music very trance inducing. I know that I succeeded because when Pia came to record some vocals for us she turned from the microphone and asked “Is this slowing down?”. I assured her it wasn’t but she had to ask again five minutes later.

Our Dimensions is one of my deep relaxation and enticing journey favourites, to take flight in my imagination and rest and restore after hours in front of my computer.

Our Dimensions is mainly keyboards based using some real percussive samples with effects applied to make them move and come to life.


Silvia’s Notes On Our Dimension

Alright, I give up!

This is one of these most classic HypnoDreams, in the classic HypnoDreams tradition of, “Sock it to me, unconscious mind, show me something that we didn’t even knew we should be contemplating!”

I got up one morning, it was sunny and early spring, and felt compelled to pick up a piece of paper and a pen and wrote “Our Dimensions”.

I remember feeling completely exhausted but also absolutely delighted and exhilarated when it was done; I phoned a friend and said, “I don’t know what I’ve just written, but my goodness, it is amazing!”

The feelings and sensations I had on “channelling” this event were unheard of. The sequence involving the giant fish skeletons and deserts turning to underwater gardens was of the depth and quality of a full on LSD trip and I was terrified when I came back that my hands had stopped writing somewhere there – but they hadn’t.

Also, and if ever you fancy challenging your diction and delivery, try that sequence about the young suns. It’s one of the hardest things, if not just simply the hardest I’ve ever spoken or broadcast energetically.

This is a really challenging track from every angle, from the energies evoked to the images and ideas, and the emotions it calls and disperses again; perhaps it is a kind of “multi gym” for the totality mind to have some fun with and to flex our multi-dimensional wings for once.

I certainly enjoy this one most tremendously!



The Text: 3/05 – Our Dimensions


So what 

can we say this morning,

that can't be said before,

that has not

been said before,

that wants to sing and dance

like magic should,

for dancing is its very nature

that is why you cannot win

if you confine it into symbols

heavy with metal,

heavy with age.


Light on your feet must you be,

lightly responding,

light is the guide,

responding to sound

with such alacrity,

With superb sensitivity,

That's how its done, my friend!


This evil gravity and dominance,

the hierarchies and all that jazz,

oh dear oh dear!


Forget it all, and let

the weight of ages,

simply slide away

from your rounded shoulders, rounded back,

from your rounded minds

all weary they are,

all heavy and close to exploding

with anger at the wrongness of it all!


Sing and dance!


Twist like dolphins do,

and spin, for the joy of it

and nothing more,

and watch the zebra

being taken by a lion,

and that's a dance as well with partners two,

we watch the dance of life, 

and not until we can appreciate

its beauty everywhere,

in bone and maggot,

in the newborn souls and clouds alike

is that our dance begins in earnest,

and in earnest means in joy

and full of light deliverance.


Whenever I stand

at the edge of time and space,

and look

at the beautiful waves that lie beyond,

I wonder.


I wonder why the flying

is just such a challenge,

such a most enormous undertaking

and more than all combined,

I know that this is such

a purely human judgement

and I wonder why I still believe

in such incompetence.


But you must laugh.


Blue is eternity,

and more than that,

of course.


It beckons us all

at every step,

at every moment

and the distant wide horizons

are imbued

with such beautiful

and incandescent graduations

that to simply turn and fall

with grace

and without gravity

would be a deeply held release at last -

here lies exactly what I wanted all along,

to know the depth and breadth of my endeavour,

and if I wanted to explore

the meanings of the colours

and of ultraviolet, it would

come to me quite naturally, of course -

what else


it be?


Forward and to the left

is a dance step.


It's the first step on the journey

from which there can be no return

and oh did I once yearn

to have it be this way!


That I might see this way,

this way of beauty and of true endeavour,

leading me nowhere at all

but in the act of falling to myself

I find a resolution,

I find my wide awakening

and ceremony of cleansing

fast now,

all the stuck on madness is resolving,

blasted high and wide

for how could such a thing be



Like purest winds of blue

and cold but gold

and vibrant all the same,

the rushing takes

the debris far away from me

and lets it scatter, shatter -

the purer I become,

the purer do the notes and sounds

become in turn

as I am nothing but an instrument,

the instrument of voice

through which the oldest story must be told

and it is true that I am old,

but old is black

and young is white

and light is not what you might think;

to feel it like you feel the sun is never that,

for suns are young

and know the difference not

of light and heat and fire bright

and this is right for they do light the night

and set our worlds alight

with fire and with life

as is their task and resolution.


Cheer them wildly, cheer them mildly,

cheer the children of the universe

in their first becoming and their youthful innocence!


And in the interim it is achieved -

perfection and affectionate involvement lies aside

and so the song is ever purer, ever clearer -

loud enough that we may hear.


Remember the sea,

remember the earth

remember the sky

and remember the soaring -

all things are

as once I knew them

in every way, so intimately!


And then there is that thing

I said to you that night,

that I will take you,

bring you in

and I will make you beg

to stop the joy and the delight,

I will turn 

your body


the most finely tuned


so that you scream and writhe

for simply having now perceived

a touch of feather wind across your brow.


You cry,

your tears are rivers seeking elder deserts

where the skeletons of giant fish proclaim

this was once an ocean

and needs to be again

to raise the seeds

asleep beneath the dust and sand

to life once more,

deep underwater flowers,


creatures like you well remember

but you never knew

and kingdoms, singing kingdoms

life abounds and fills the void –


Oh my saviour,

and yes you are,

so cry

for your life,

for mine and theirs

and all of old and new together,

feel and cry and laugh

for as the sounds rise from your throat

and spiral from your perfect mouth,

your shell smooth lips are shaping spheres

and folding fountains bright,

and angels come

for they are borne this way,

and swoop and flutter

into our dimension.


© Silvia Hartmann 2004

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06 – Forward To The New


Ananga’s Notes On Forward To The New

Forward to the New has become a catch phrase around here. There is such an enticement to be found in this track to really just let it all go and step forward, open and inviting to the new.

This was another track that had a profound effect on me due to the repeated listening while working with it.

I used the Atmosphere Dream Synthesiser here with some percussive sounds that I used with effects and panning to support the mood of levity and forward momentum.



Silvia’s Notes On Forward To The New

At this point, we were going on for five years of HypnoDreams. A full trilogy, three albums nearly completed.

It was such a wondrous journey, and we learned so much.

To say, ok, that’s last one, ever, was a very brave thing to do, and a very difficult thing to do.

To be honest, Ananga and I could have gone on to make HypnoDreams forever.

Happily, and gladly.

But there comes a time when you have to turn around and look forward to the new.

There comes a time when you ask yourself, is there something else? Something new? And will I ever get there if I continue to do the same old things in the same old way?

There comes a time when the desire for the new, the unknown, becomes ever more burning, delicious, and no matter how good and satisfying the old may have been, it is the dream of what lies beyond that gives one the purpose and the power to let go and move forward.

The truth of the universe is that all is movement, and all is a never ending forward moving caravan – constant evolution from one thing to next, always change, always.

This is the first principle of nature and all else is an illusion.

We should not fear this, but instead, embrace it wholeheartedly and instead of dragging up against the old fears and old memories, actively move into our rightful time and order and just go forward, because at the end of the day we can do no else.

Dance into the future, don’t be dragged there kicking and screaming.

Thank you, HypnoDreams. It was a fantastic trip.

But now, we go ...

Forward to the new ...



The Text: 3/06 – Forward To The New


Can you stretch that far, I wonder?


Can you reach

and flex your consciousness

and let it rise

from all the cages of entrainment

and let is gently weave from side to side

and silently,

so sweetly disengage


you sway away

from all that grave’n gravity



so rise with me

let's rise

experience the lightness

in this state of being

as you become




Look forward


look forward

it is action,

active stepping out again and yet again

always forward,

shake away

the tethers of the crystalline


brush them off like cobwebs

and we just simply keep our eyes

affixed upon the new and bright

although we cannot quite

perceive just how

and surely,

we have no idea

just how it is to be –


There is always forward

a forward sense,

a forward movement

lean into the forward movement

and you feel the pulse

and there it is –


Your freedom lies in

riding with this wave

this wave behind, beneath

but we, we keep our focus

forward, forward to the new


Feel it!


It is cool and lightly tingling!


Sense it!


It is drawing, calling you

and calling me to life, to new

sensations on our skin, our tongues,

beneath our finger tips

our eyes must surely widen

in amazement

at those many splendoured things and beings

we have never seen before

and in our seeing

they widen and enrich

our very worlds

and they in turn

become a part

of the rising,

of the wave,

but we,

we keep our focus forward,

forward to the new.


What joy!


What celebration!


And the others fly as well

we swoop and dive

and touch

in laughing love of recognition

oh! so lightly here and there

together and the more who come

and join us,

still the stronger does the wave become

which buoys us, lifts us,

gives us wings

and beautiful it feels

and we, we keep our focus forward,

forward to the new.


There is no past,

there's only us

and all the universe

has there to give,

the splendour and the diamond dimensions

flow through us,

make us new and newer still,

we are the history itself,

we are the tapestry of life

we are the dream

and we are here and now

so ultra-real,

so wide awake

so full of glow

and so

we keep our focus ever forward,

forward to the new.

© Silvia Hartmann 2004


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