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HypnoDreams Vol 2: Heart Healing

HypnoDreams Vol 2: Heart Healing

Production notes and full texts of Silvia Hartmann's "Heart Healing": Heart Healing | Receiving The Colours  | Celebration | Ocean Wood  | Resonance Connection  |  Morning Light | Precious  | The Child 

HypnoDreams II: Heart Healing

Heart Healing | Receiving The Colours  | Celebration | Ocean Wood  | Resonance Connection  |  Morning Light | Precious  | The Child 


Track 01 – Heart Healing

Ananga’s Notes On Heart Healing


This was formerly called Healing Hands.

It was the second track I recorded and it was a very strange experience.

I just picked up my flute, plugged in the microphone and played. And out came the melody running behind the track in one take – I didn’t know it myself until it was recorded.

When I sent the file to Silvia she mailed me back with an excellent idea to change the title of the track and the way it was delivered. We recorded a second vocal in the first person and re-named it Heart Healing and the album title and concept was discovered J




My beloved Trevor James open-hole flute (pictured right), a most generous gift from my father-in-law some years ago and Atmospheric Textures synth.


Silvia’s Notes On Heart Healing


One day, I received an email from a person in acute distress. They had a terrible life, full of abuse and neglect, and the repercussions across a lifetime from all of that, compounded and fractured again and yet again, over and over, with no way out.

I saw it and frankly, did not know quite how to respond. In the end, I wrote a poem as the answer – and it was exactly the Heart Healing poem, just as you can hear it on the CD.

But when it was written, I liked it so much that I first send it to some friends; when the second HypnoDreams album recording date came up, I took it along and recorded it as well – and the little poem became the flagship dedication for the new album, as well as a most powerful healing technique in its own right which truly centres people into their true selves in a moment of storm or desolation.

For those who like a little “conscious information” to go with this so profoundly simple and uniquely derived “healing technique”, here is the article that goes with it but which came AFTER the poem, and after I myself and a number of others had understood what happens through the poem and the actions.


Healing the Heart

The "heart of energy" is the centre of our energy body and the true ruler of how we experience life, what we think, and what we do.

All major human emotions are "cries from the heart" - joy, love, ecstasy just as well as sorrow, pain, anger and fear.

For 12,000 years or more, human beings have unsuccessfully tried to run their worlds via the mind and it has not worked to bring about a true emergence of Even Flow - a harmony of all in mind, body and spirit.

Here is a very simple yet very profound technique for "Healing the Heart", a powerful tool for all who seek healing or are actively involved in human actualisation.


The Importance Of The Heart Of Energy

In ancient text, the "heart" is held to be the king of the energy system - the ruler.

Although I do not consider the energy systems a hierarchy, but view them as an interactive ecology, I also believe the energetic heart to be of central importance.

In my simple pyramid model of the human energy system, it is clearly the heart system which sets the experiences of a person - or in other words, if they feel pain, fear and sadness with all the corresponding effects on thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions; and let us not forget the toll this takes on the body directly and in second hand fashion through poisonous addictions and behaviours.

The heart system also provides the other kinds of emotional energies which likewise produce the opposite effect - joy, love, ecstasy, happiness, feeling at home and light, effortless, balanced.

Most importantly, the feedback from the heart systems sets the mental states for people. Simply put, if you are happy in yourself, you think positive, loving thoughts; you see opportunities everywhere and you have the enthusiasm and energy to do something with them.


The Importance Of SELF Healing

To me, it is of utmost importance to take the healing of our hearts into our own hands.

Let me explain just why I consider this so important.

You might well be familiar with the wonderful feeling of "being in love". The entire world looks as though it has been freshly washed and polished for you; rain clouds smile at you; gravity is much reduced, or so it seems.

You find a smile for every tramp, for every beggar and all your tasks seem so easy all of a sudden.

Being in love is indeed, a wonderful feeling.

Unfortunately, it is really easy to mistakenly attribute this state of being to another person or even, another entity, such as a prophet or spirit.

Because this particular person triggered the state of being in love, it seems logical that it was THEIR love which caused this wonderful feeling and being, but consider this.

How many rich people, for example, have been simply targeted by a ruthless trickster who didn't love them at all, but just pretended that they did?

And believed it, and as a result of this, danced off joyously, entirely happy, entirely in love?

No real love was ever given at all, and all that joy and happiness was entirely generated WITHIN the person themselves - the state of being in love was always theirs, and theirs alone.

It is such a shame that people don't know this, or if they do, don't really appreciate what that means. If they did, they could no longer be blackmailed by false gurus, tricksters and con men and women into having to pay for being allowed to feel loved. If they did, they would no longer be terrified that "this one person" might leave them one day, and with them, all that love would disappear, leaving them lost and broken, all alone.

Having a go at healing your own heart, as best as you can, sets you free from second parties and their attempts to manipulate you on the one hand, and on the other hand, makes sure that your heart receives true love at last, which is what it really needs to heal.


Although the false love of a trickster can make a person feel better for a time, or while they are under the spell of the trickster, as soon as the spell goes, the good feelings go as well.

When you address your own heart directly and give it your own love, you will be giving true healing love which is what your heart needed all along and you will be twice empowered by being both the giver as well as the receiver.


What Little I Have ...

I have said many times that our energy systems are not working as well as they could.

The energy of "love" is something which is generated by the heart; so if someone's heart is broken, they will not be able to generate this energy as powerfully as would otherwise be the case.

Many people feel because of this that their healing might not be good enough or it might not work; or that they have to seek out a great healer so that these might do the work for them.

However, in the realms of energy it is not the quantity that counts, or the so called purity, or power, or anything like that. A well known prophet once said that the tears of a prostitute, honestly shed, were worth her salvation when the bowl of gold from a rich man was nowhere near enough.

I sometimes use the simile of a learning disabled child who after years and years of trying their heart out, finally says their first word. It's just a single syllable, nothing more and yet in energetic terms it is worth literally a million times more than a mind bogglingly clever speech a bored university educated artist might spout forth at any time.

To give ALL you have to give is the key to heart healing. Whatever it is, however little or however much, whatever you have, if you give it freely and willingly and with all your heart, it will be powerful and it will begin the healing process in that instant.

If your heart is "broken" and ALL you have is 15%, then that ALL is ALL and as powerful as it could possibly be.

That is why your healing will be so effective and so powerful; and although as more of your heart's systems come on line, are restored, refreshed and re-energised your healing will become more powerful, it will always only be as effective as your will to give your all.


The Benefits Of Healing The Heart

Even if one was to consider the energy system of the heart in a strictly technical sense as the nuclear reactor at the very centre of our energy body, it would be immediately obvious that just about everything else depends on the state of function and the output of this reactor.

Personally, I believe that all the major human emotions are "cries from the heart" - joyful and terrified both, it matters not.

What does matter however is the power of human emotions to drive endeavour, totally control thought, absolutely impact the body and of course, entirely control behaviour.

For thousands of years, people have tried to control emotions, not to have them at all and to run the world and our affairs through the thought system.

It has blatantly failed, because the thought system is and was always only the "general" the true "king" - the heart.

It is the heart which gives the orders and the mind which tries to carry them out, and really it is as simple as that. Emotion overrides logic, every time and to try and cut out your heart leads to nothing but nonsense, misery, and enormous suffering in mind, body and spirit.

Heal the heart and the mind MUST follow suit. It cannot do any other. It is structurally impossible to feel vibrantly happy and to think suicide; to feel love and think hatred or revenge; to be joyous and think sad thoughts. Intelligence, insight and creativity are all at their very peak when there are mental states of clarity and connectedness, when everything flows cleanly and a person is absolutely grounded in their own selves, and in the here and now.


Dismantling The Self Constructs

Lastly, I would draw your attention to a further benefit of concentrating on the heart that I consider to be of supreme importance and impact on the quality of a person’s life.

People "think" the most bizarre things about themselves. Whether they are having delusions of grandeur, or delusions of misery or whether they are wildly fluctuating between the two matters little; all of these delusions are thought-constructs and worth - nothing.

Yet, their churning and conflicting messages and motivations cause THE most intense problems to people on a long term basis; some settle with one kind of construct or another and this will functionally become their very own cage from which they will never be able to escape; others drive themselves insane vacillating between this and that from day to day, always at the mercy of a stranger's look or comment to send them into a spiral of misery, or on a brief and just as ill-fated journey of delight.

All these different self-constructs are nothing but fragile thought forms at the energetic level, and none of them actually have a true heart - only the REAL energy body has that.

By focussing on the one and only real heart, a stabilisation of the true self begins to occur. It becomes clearer and clearer and ever more powerfully apparent what is really the self - the true totality - and what was nothing but a half formed thought form, created from pain or confusion, as an accident, as a shield from fear or pain or simply because it was pushed on an individual from the outside.

By focussing on simply healing our hearts, we begin the process of getting to know ourselves again, to find out who we really are. What our true heart's desires are. What is real and what was always just an illusion.


Your Own Hands, Your Own Heart

So, I would offer you the simple heart healing meditation to try for yourself and find out for yourself what it can do for you. It takes no time at all and can be done for its own sake; indeed I would encourage you strongly to consider giving some attention to your heart of energy in the same way that you would remember to brush your teeth. Hearts go on when teeth have long become history, trust me, it is really worth it on so many levels, for so many reasons.

You can also use this very, very simple healing technique at any time you are sad, or frightened, and when you feel lonely.

It really doesn't matter why you feel the way you do, who it was that broke your heart or what happened in the past. When your heart is really healed, there will be no more history. You will be you and you will be new. In this spirit, this technique does not require any investigation and hardly any thought - just the will to healing and the gesture is quite enough.

Should you ever find yourself in a place where you cannot place your hands on your heart, it is equally effective to imagine the healing hands on your heart of energy, allowing your own energy system, who knows you the best and most intimately in all the world, do what must be done to help restore the Even Flow.

Simply follow the instructions given in the evocation.

You might like to repeat the evocation as you place your hands on your own heart to help you focus your mind on healing the heart, and to get into the right attitude and state of being.

Hold the posture for as long as you want, or just a minute or two; when you are done for now, take a deep breath in and out and come back to ordinary awareness.

Please do not be deceived by the apparent simplicity of this method.

The most powerfully effective principles in this world have a habit of being extremely simple, and the theory and practice of Heart Healing are an example of this.

You can play this as often as you like and for whatever reason – whether you are sad, angry, lonely, upset or whenever you are feeling confused or uncertain.

You don’t need to focus on the problem but instead, simply on the solution.

Centering on your heart and remembering your true centre, your true self, your true nature is amazingly, profoundly grounding and it will always leave you calm and relaxed because it directs you towards wholeness and solution within the reach of your own healing hands.

The Text: Track 01 - Heart Healing


Place your own

healing hands

on your own

broken heart

with all gentleness

and with exquisite care.


The kind of care

you would afford

a tiny frozen bird

you found

there on your doorstep.


With your gentle

healing hands

speak in your touch

of warmth and love

of your desire

to make whole

what once was broken,

of your desire and your will

to right what once was wronged.


Whisper softly,

I will do

what I can

for you,

my little love.


Fear not.


I am here for you.


For sure, I am no angel

but what I have to give,

I give to you.


Silvia Hartmann, May 2003


Own Heart_Healing

Track 02

Receiving The Colours


Ananga’s Notes On Receiving The Colours

Possibly my second favourite track at the time of writing, I’m very happy with this, Pia described it when checking over the master as sounding like a film score – oh the acclaim! Seriously though, I had to EMO that, it’s my dream to do film scores some day. I’m not good with melodies, verses, choruses and bridges – not at all.

Soundscapes are what I love to do, so that comment pleased me greatly.

Of course, it should be said, that the film score feel to the track was assisted greatly by Pia manifesting a full choir for a few bars. Listen carefully to that – it’s all her voice! Track after track of it, all built together into one chorus, and I wasn’t allowed to look as some facial manoeuvres have to be used to do that apparently!

Hans Zimmer hasn’t heard her yet so he’s sticking with Lisa Gerrard, but I know he would be thrilled with what she can do. There are few vocalists who sound that good and are that flexible. Shhh – don’t tell him – I can’t yet offer the kind of fortune he can – remember, there will be HypnoDreams III and without Pia just wouldn’t be the same now would it?

There is some more magic on this particular track. The soundscape is based on a sequence of chords derived from a magical number-letter-chord equivalency and it is known as “Lucian’s Song”.


Silvia’s Notes On Receiving The Colours


Multi-coloured moving colours illustrationThis evocation was originally part of a set of seven hypnotic journeys entitled “Web Magic” – a device for webmasters on the Internet to connect fully with this new technology and to gain an intuitive rapport with the World Wide Web, their visitors, the spirit of the web and what they themselves would have to do in order to be able to meet these energetic structures from their end without reservation.

As I was writing the sequences of events, it became clear that there was a need for addressing the basic problems of “receiving” – anything at all!

This receiving pertains to money as well as information, to love as well as support, to admiration as well as to material things, to new learnings as well as to well deserved rewards.

Of course, these problems exist in people because of their limiting self constructs and we all know this, but knowing this does not alleviate the problems at all and if someone cannot allow themselves to receive, you can imagine how very hard life must be, and by needs, remain for such a person.

What happens in this poem is that we side-step the problems of the self construct and shift into a different state of being, become aware of the reality of all the many and varied energies around us, and then become able to be aware that these energies SEEK to interact with us and all that is stopping them are our own old prejudices and outdated thoughts and modes of being.

These many energies bring with themselves knowledge, and renewal, and really basically exactly what we need to start a revival of our true selves from the inside out.

From this changed state of being, when the act of receiving is experienced in this new and different way – and it is an active act, an act of volition, and absolutely not one of just being “an empty vessel” into which all sorts is poured at random! – we learn very important lessons that translate across in the days to come.

I don’t think there is a single one of us who does NOT need to re-learn the lessons of true receiving, from a position of choice, of strength and of intent; not as a pauper would but as an equal who is simply accepting their dues and their rights at last – and I really do have the notion that inordinate treasures and riches lie forgotten and entirely unclaimed in dusty vaults that have our names on it, yours, mine and everyone's, whilst we live an entirely unnecessary life of poverty and struggle.

The colours are just a beginning and of course, a metaphor for all and everything that would bring colour to our lives and brighten them too, re-paint our realities to vibrancy and help us come to life.

When I heard the completed track for the first time, I had a very intense personal experience with it which one could say has changed my life. Of course, I can’t know what any of these evocations will do for you, but should you have something like that, then really all I can say is – wow.

Bring on the sunglasses ‘cause the future’s so bright – and full of colours :-) !


Receiving The Colours


Imagine, if you would,

that you were

to stand outside,

in an open


in a space

not quite here, yet not quite there,


in the deepest sense,


of old.


In this space, there is in truth

no gravity

and as you

remember this,

you lightly rise

and as you do,

the ground dissolves, no longer being needed now,

and so you float amidst a space so vast

with colours

that are yours alone.


It takes a moment, maybe two,

for you to now adjust and shift

so that you sense the colours,

feel them and begin

to see them too


as you


phase shift



their state of being,

as you


phase shift



the realm where they would

speak to you

and be entirely real,

and here and now,

familiar to you,

familiar of old.


And there they are to greet you

once again, your friends of old,

your opal whites, your sunrise gold,

your royal reds and blues of finest hues,

your deep majestic purples

and your richest forest greens,

they are the first to be revealed

and they begin to move and swirl,

in spiral patterns all around,

in vortices and finest waves,

the patterns of their dance unfolding

now for you to know

and see

and recognise


as they would move

to come to you,


as you would move

to come to them.


You know full well that these are yours,

yours by all rights,

friends of old, a part of you indeed,

colours old and new,

pure and bright,

some gentle pastels

and they will

be yours

if you could reach them,

or if they could reach

to you,

then all would be

just as it should.




the colours reach towards you,

one by one,

each one is calling you

with their sweet sound,

a voice that is their own,

a chorus and a harmony

that you have longed for

for so long,

it hurts to think

for just how long it's been

since last you knew them,

touched them,

have them be with you

and listened

and you sang with them

as one.


With so much more than eyes alone,

you feel and you perceive

the colours streaming now towards you

and in some places,

they really touch you now

and it feels

such a homecoming,

such a total wonderment of having them

be there

and yet in other places,

there is something like a frozen shield,

keeping the colours away from you

and their sound and loving shine

just bounces flatly

and they swirl and mix with other colours

in their desperation

and in your rejection.


But today,

there will be no rejection left.


Today, your hunger for the colours

and your deep remembrance

of just how

it was supposed to be,

how once it was

is more than all the fear

and all the long


shields of


and of



and today,

you give a clear command

that rings out

with the force of fanfare


that the barriers must be dropped,

that the colours loneliness 

must now be made to end,

and that you

once again

are willing to receive.

Willing to receive.


And you are willing to receive,

as hunger, memory and purpose now align

and joyfully, the colours rush

and find their rightful places,

find their rightful charges

and connect and send their message

and their song to you,


and all you are

now resonates

in deepest gratitude

as you receive your dues and once again,

are now aligned


as once it was,


and as it should


and as it will


remain forever.


Dance with the colours,

and swim amidst their voices

and their loving touch,

their beauty and their absolute


and drink their clarity

for all the time you need

although in truth,

you're always here,

and now the colours

are with you again,

as is their song,

as you remain anew


as once it was,


and as it should,


and as it will


remain forever.



Silvia Hartmann, March 2002


Own Heart_Healing

Track 03 – Celebration


Ananga’s Notes On Celebration

  Keyboard and Story Teller Flute

I started out with Celebration for some odd reason by making the wind sound loop that you here in the background.

Then I sampled my flute and some percussion and made that into another loop running over the top. And finally put the other instruments around them.

This track touched me when I first heard it (yeah OK they all did – I’ll be specific) it was the notion that I, me, was personally invited to this amazing event.

It was they way Silvia said “and don’t you know you are invited, and that your absence has been noted long, and with much regret?”

I also made a “special radio mix” of this track for public air play which is  included in the electronic download library. 

It is shorter and faster so no-one who hears it crashes their car!

Instruments used: flute, synths, loop player and drum sampler

Silvia’s Notes On Celebration


A Festival That Has Been Happening Since Long Before You Joined In Birth ...Celebration is a very short evocation, but also a very important one.


One of the most central problems we have experienced as people, caught in the conscious constructs of our own and that of others, is loneliness and a sense of unworthiness. 

How are you or I or anyone, for that matter, supposed to think of ourselves as valuable and indeed, irreplaceable to the world around us? We have often felt that we were all alone and never really a part of life itself, a true part of creation.

And once again, it takes two main understandings to end this unnecessary state of affairs – the first is an acceptance that one is a part of the all-there-is, truly and completely, in all ways; and the second is that as with the act of receiving, we have to choose this to be so.

For us humans, equipped with a powerful consciousness, it is not just something that happens as a bye the bye, we have to deliberately accept our place within creation and enter within.

This is, of course, a pretty big deal to a person; and the only reason why someone wouldn’t make that choice is the wrongful idea that they are somehow not welcome there.

Yes, there is a creation. Yes, I should be part of it. But I’m so wrong, so tainted and so bad that creation would not want ME anymore – it would be better off without me.

It is excruciating to observe just how many people believe that.

It is further even more excruciating still to believe that and to somehow still go on living.

Sometimes, it takes an outside voice to state the obvious, and in this case, Celebration is a device, a printed and official entrance ticket to the great party of life. There are still parts of all of us who need to hear this, and not just hear it once, at that, before they finally believe it is really and truthfully directed at THEM.

In that sense, Celebration is also a vital antidote to the misery of our old constructs of self.

Once you have learned the lesson, a single breath of air on your skin will indeed remind your true self of the true state of affairs on this planet, of this life. Every cloud that passes, every raindrop that falls, every observation of a shaft of sunshine, the night sky and every creature and every plant you see becomes an affirmation to that fact of life – and that is exactly as it should be.

I personally have a strong desire to get up and start to dance when the drums come in on this track – and as the first rule is: Follow Your Body! I usually do. I also sometimes listen to Celebration after getting up in the morning and it really cheers me up and gives me energy for the day; recently I just have to think about it and that’s quite enough to get me going.

This is fun and a precursor of a “Wide Awake And Dancing!” album I am planning to produce for the very purposes of getting to dance in physicality and with energy as one of my very next projects.



Bright lights,

coloured lights.


A sense of dancing

and of long awaited joy

is building up and up

and when it is

released at once

by one or many

then the celebration

has arrived.


So many people

are full of envy

at the beasts who live

and never question,

never know.


But it is we, the ones

with thought and mind

who celebrate and step


a never ending celebration of the spheres

and all there is,

a festival of all and everything,

and everything

will be your invitation -

a touch of cold wind on your cheek,

a single autumn leaf,

the force of life in every single

thing and being you perceive.


Your invitation

to a celebration

that has been happening beyond

the threshold of awareness

since long before

you joined in birth

and don't you know,

you are invited

and you absence

has been noted long,

with much regret?


Silvia Hartmann, January 2003



Own Heart_Healing

Track 04

Ocean Wood


Ananga’s Notes On Ocean Wood

This was the only script I was remotely familiar with in advance of us beginning HypnoDreams II. Silvia described it to me over the phone one day and I was immediately attracted to it and very comforted by the theme without even hearing the full script.

This one was really fun to try and mix because it sent me through the floor every time! I would sit there with headphones on ready to check the levels and bring the various sounds in and out and before I knew it I would be sitting up straight and rubbing my eyes hearing the beginning of the next track.

I love this track – I found just the sounds I wanted for the beginning and it all fell into place from there very smoothly – recording it was pure pleasure. Just as I’d completed the recording of Ocean Wood I was invited to stay with an old friend in Devon for a few days so I packed my laptop studio in the car and set off.

As soon as we arrived in Devon we headed for the coast, it was a sunny day and the sea was my favourite colour - a perfect blend of blue and green.

While we were there I lay back on the sand with my feet just inches from the water and ran through Ocean Wood in my head. After a few minutes I had a feeling that I should sit up and look at the sea and as I did I saw a big shiny black seal swim past. I have not seen that before and I was completely thrilled by it. Somehow it felt like a good omen and so I thought to record it here.

Instruments used: sampler and synths



Silvia’s Notes On Ocean Wood


This is, without a doubt, the most personal track on the album for me and my absolute favourite.

Ah, what can I say about this?

I can tell you where it came from.

When my life was very difficult, in full on urge of transition but with no aim or outcome in sight, full of stress and fear, I dreamed the beach hut at the shores of the Universal Ocean and I met my guardian there.

He was just there and didn’t speak to me and all I did was to go to the bed and sleep, listening to the ocean sounds, and I do believe it kept my sanity and this simple thing helped me so profoundly, I have absolutely not the words to describe it.

In the nights that followed, I would go there deliberately to sleep and rest, without a dream or rememberance of what happened; at first I thought it was a launch point to something more important but in the end I understood it was the act of sleeping under the vigil of my guardian and in the presence of the ocean itself which was the reason, the point, and represented the healing.

Many months later I let my mind drift with the thought of what would be on the second HypnoDreams album and I found myself writing about this place – it was so wonderful to me, I wanted to share it.

Writing it became a very powerful experience in itself and I think you can hear this in my voice also as I tell the story, and I was absolutely stunned to find myself writing at the end that “I would be the guardian”. It was a most extraordinary shift in perception and as a state of being; it also taught me something about the true meaning of service.

To be honest, I could not believe that whatever it was in me that makes me write the words as it does would think me able to perform this – I would call it a holy duty, an ancient ceremony, something very profound indeed. To accept this and move into it made this act of service into the act of accepting myself as far, far more than I had thought I could ever be or ever become was a truly extraordinary experience in all ways.

And so in Ocean Wood, for me personally, service had become a kind of incredible honour and reward, a total turnaround from the usual construct understanding of service as some form of evil slavery.

It is true that there is absolutely nothing I would rather do, nowhere I would rather be; and my own guide had tried to have me understand that when I slept in the bed and would often thank them for their stalwart service and their patience, and ask if they did not have anything better to do or if there was something they expected from me in return or as a reward.

But this is my experience as the guardian, and if or how you will experience something like this for yourself as a direct result of allowing yourself to take the Ocean Wood healing experience to heart, of course I cannot say or know.

On a far simpler level, being able to give all you need to give to the patient, ancient ocean, quite unconditionally and as a matter of fact, without fear or hindrance, without record or repercussion, is a wonderful thing indeed and outperforms any human father confessor a million times over.

This is absolutely a kind of absolution – a washing away of your construct’s fears of sins and of the past; a powerful and necessary in-between step that allows us to let go of some things that cannot be let go of anywhere else but MUST let go off in order to lighten us, release us, and have us be ready to rise to the new.

There are levels and levels to this particular experience that I can sense but cannot explain in linear words or even in conscious thought – this whole idea of the true self being still and the universe rushing around it because it wishes to be of service is in and of itself quite breath taking, and there is a lot more to Ocean Wood than that.

Either way, it is a wonderful experience and I truly hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and get as much out of it as we have – and even if it is only to be able to go to sleep, at last.



Ocean Wood


You know, I know a place

far, far away from here –

a place of healing and of rest

quite unlike

any other.


Would you like to go there?


You are unsure?


No worries, we can go by magic

you can

be there and back

and all it takes

is a slow, deep breath

a gentle closing of your eyes.


Now if you will, simply

sense a whispering

a rushing sound of speed that

lets you know you’re on your way

and yet you are in utter comfort

and it is the universe itself

that shifts for you

so you may rest

in long deserved tranquillity

no work for you to do,

no willing, trying striving –

we’ve had quite enough of that,

too much, by far!


Now here

the worlds and worlds beyond

align themselves for you alone

a star you are, a precious jewel and a gift

the center that deserves attention

and the more attention you are given

the more beautiful and precious you

reveal yourself to be –

accept the homage of the universe as

it shifts for you whilst you are


in your perfection, resting and in comfort

and at ease.


And so you watch the worlds rush by,

the nameless distances of no concern,

until you sense a slowing

slowing more and more

until a settling tells you that

we have arrived.


<Where am I?>


These are the shores

of the universal ocean.




<This is so familiar ...>


You have been before.


Moist the air, soothing and subtle,

breathing moisture that eases you

can you feel this?


Waves upon waves, rhythmically,

rushing and receding – can you hear this?


<I can hear but I can also feel their rhythm

in my very core>




We walk along the beach,

soft sand, moist beneath our feet.




There is a house, a small single house

which has been here since long ago.


Its made from smooth old wood

that weathered and withstood a thousand storms

the memorance of waves and wind

inside its very structure

it is in truth a part of this,

a shelter that is not a barrier at all

but softens wind and sea

becomes a bridge for you

to be entirely you,

entirely safe

and yet to

know it all,

to touch it all.

We enter and we se

a single bed of ocean wood,

entirely simple and it has

no need for carvings, fitments

which in truth would break the flow.


A most inviting blanked and the sea green pillows soft and fresh –

oh yes, sit down, and feel the invitation in your marrow – it is right

lie down and be at ease,

snuggle up.


Just go to sleep now.


Just listen to the ocean’s sound,

it is the ocean speaking

telling you about

those things you need to understand

in turn of ebb and flow,

rushing and receding

you breathe so freely

and you give the ocean

all you need to give –

oh but it is


and it will with gladness take

your messages,

your questions old and new

and all you

simply cannot tell another

or yourself at that –

you can entrust your oldest burdens

and the secrets that you

thought could never be revealed

those things you had to hide within

your deepest realms and all

those things which weighed you down

and pressed the breath from your lungs,

the joy from your heart

and the bright star of hope from your eyes –

give what you will to the ocean this night

to be cleansed, to be tumbled and shaped

to smooth round rocks, to pebbles and to sand.


The ocean is endless and this night

it is for you alone,

star child so precious,

so beloved,

ah but we would give you all

and so much more,

we simply wait

for your permission

so we know

that you are ready

to regain the flow


and give and take in equal measure,

holding neither back

and judging not

beyond the beauty of the flow itself.


This is a very special place,

a very special place

a very special space

of rest and healing.


This is where we come

to help us ease into the flow,

with the patient ocean steady,

simply here to meet and greet,

the oldest and the wisest,

it remembers you

as you remember flowing

with the ancient ocean in return


Now, close your eyes completely


Be at ease and listen to the ocean,

sense and feel the oceans tide and sleep.




I will remain here,

I will be your guardian on this night

and sit as still as any statue,

watching over you as is my honour now

for once, I slept and dreamed right here,

and then there was for me another

and they kept me safe in gentle silence

so I knew that I could sleep at last,

no fear remaining and

when I awoke in wondrous calm

and deep alignment,

my guardian would smile

and take me home.


Silvia Hartmann, April 2003


Own Heart_Healing


Track 05 

Resonance Connection


Silvia’s Notes On Resonance Connection

Is it good and proper to give the game away and tell the conscious mind what this is all about? Won’t it hinder the process or perhaps allow the conscious mind to shut it down?

Well, I’m going to show some faith in the innate intelligence of the conscious mind, give it some due respect and say that I believe if the conscious mind is engaged fairly, it will act fairly in return.

What do we have here?

A direct instruction to pay attention to the resonance connection to the sun, whether it is visible or not, because its emanations are so intensely powerful, of course we can still feel them even if the sun is on the other side of Planet Earth during the night.

How could we not?!

And before I start going into the deeper meanings, I’d like to make the point that this top level “connection to the sun” is absolutely a part of this and extremely valuable in its own right.

We really do have energy feelers that we’re not using as we should or could just yet, and what easier target to practice with than the sun itself, that incredible energy generator that gives us all life in the most practical and directly non-metaphorical sense possible?

A great many years ago, ancient mariners used to navigate by the stars but without instruments; scientists have long scratched their heads how this could be possible, but of course, if you read the heavens themselves, who needs a map?

But then, there’s the other level, the other layer.

In this layer, the sun is the metaphor for our own soul.

Now you probably know from my other writings that I do not consider a soul to be some mystical, religious fairy tale but indeed, as an existing energy system that is natural to all and every human but is not used properly because it is disconnected via the thought-mind.

This energy system is the equivalent in power and force as the sun is to the solar system; it is the alpha and omega of the energy system and to connect with your soul is the most powerful and best thing any human could ever do for themselves. Indeed, it is my assumption that when you do, you attain enlightenment, there and then.

Although the conscious mind itself cannot make this “resonance connection” it can indeed instruct the systems we all have to be in a standing flow exchange with our own soul to seek the connection and to make it strong, make it firm, and have it remain even when all else may appear to go dark all around us.

Even those who do not “believe” in a soul cannot argue in the merits of connecting with the sun; the parts of us who need and want to connect to the soul, on the other hand, will basically jump on this ambiguous instruction and interpret it to be allowed to go ahead and make the connection anyway.

So now, we are ready for the next step of our journey – with a new friend behind us, no matter what; the beginning of a new relationship strand through which strength and a whole new kind of power of self will flow to us, regardless of external circumstances – and which will speak to us through the heart and then the mind so we can finally align all parts of us in the harmony of the totality.



Resonance Connection




the sun moves toward the horizon.



Keep watching, keep your intent!

You look away and you will miss the point

the vantage point upon a hill so high

from there you can see -



Keep watching.


Slow yourself and flow away

the computations of that other world

that has no place in truth.


Slow yourself until you are aligned

to the movements of the sun,

so red and gold, so wonder full

until it gently, slowly slides

beneath the far horizon

the bridal train of softened hues



Stay tauntly aligned

you need to follow with your senses

as you stretch and reach

as from your vision as it fades

another form of contact phases into

ever clearer, ever more profound existence

until you touch and make that contact


resonance connection,


well remembered from

a time before

so that you always know

the sun is here

so that you always know

just where it is

and you can orient yourself

in dusk or dawn,

in deepest, darkest night.


Silvia Hartmann, March 2003


Own Heart_Healing

Track 06 

Morning Light

Ananga’s Notes On Morning Light


When I heard Morning Light for the first time it was as we recorded it. And there I was pulled two ways, technician and listener both. 

I felt greatly inspired and excited by this particular HypnoDream and had a sense from very early on that it would be a real highlight of the album.

I recorded it with Pia, waiting until she returned from her tour of America to come and add some magical vocals for us – I had an idea of what I wanted for this and knew she was just the girl for the job. So I left this track alone entirely and played her the recording of the script only. She immediately declared it to be very similar to the words of a devotional Indian song by the 19th century revered scholar and poet Srila Bhativinoda Thakura and so we went and found the Sanskrit verses of the song and began to recorded them around Silvia’s voice.

Initially we selected a key for Pia to sing in so that I could add the musical accompaniments later. But when the vocal recordings were completed and I came to add the background music some time later they were in a different key! In truth they were not quite in any key – Pia had slipped into her amazing in-between key that she usually sings in when unaccompanied. That was fine by me – she had sung the most amazing harmonies and I felt that the best thing for the opening stages of this track was that there should be no music at all – just Silvia speaking and Pia singing.

Later I added an introductory section with flutes and a conch shell being blown as is traditional in heralding the morning hours in temples around the world.

The Sanskrit devotional song Pia is singing is called Udilo Aruna and comes from a collection of songs titled Gitavali it is prescribed as a song to be sung at dawn J

It tells the story of crowds of devotees awakening with the sun as it rises in the East and running through the countryside, towns and villages playing mrdungas (hand drums as used on the track) with cymbals chiming in time, dancing and wearing jingling footbells.

Chanting the names Mukhunda and Madhava they would announce “With every rising and setting of the sun a day passes and is lost!” “Wake up and remember the Lord of your heart!”

Credits for other backing vocals go to my nephews Kavi (aged 9) and Radha (6) who are singing the call and response chorus.

They words they are singing are “jiv jago” which translates as “Wake up, sleeping souls!”

Instruments used: traditional conch shell, djembe (African hand drum), mrdunga (clay Indian drum that is mentioned in the original Sanskrit poetry), storyteller (Native American flute).


Silvia’s Notes On Morning Light


I’m not sure if I was delighted or appalled when I heard that in essence, I had once again managed to write something that someone else had written a few hundred years ago – quantum plagiarism at work, yet again!

Yet it is an amazing thing that there is a Sanscrit song which more or less does the same story I describe in Morning Light and I assure all future historians most profoundly that not only do I not speak Sanscrit, but that I have absolutely no connection with any Indian heritage poetry or music of any kind, religious or otherwise!

The fact is that Morning light is as close to unconsciously channelling as I ever get; I don’t even remember writing it but woke up when it was completed, and I still don’t remember it as one of mine – it is new each time I hear this.



I was really surprised at the near Shakespearean phrasing I’m using there –

Don’t mourn the passing of the night,

eternal it was, and it will be

again and nightwind gently leaves

the stage, not in retreat

but in respectful deference

bowing low, arms spread awide

as from the hills, the distant hills

dawn’s own sweet lady stirs and beckons,

sleepy still she is, her touch is light and intermittent

and you smell forests on her breath

the silent mists she swirls

they dance for her and reach up high

and raised by her, they smile and greet

the sky above now softly shading

into more than misty grey.


It really is amazing what comes out when you just let go and trust yourself to tell it, best you can!

But Morning Light had even more surprises for me, personally.

When I was in the studio, delivering the scripts, I was doing very well; good diction and good concentration, recording one after the other; all was going very smoothly.

Until I hit the following lines in Morning Light:


New day

born for the first time

never did it rise before

and never will it be again.


I just burst out into tears and couldn’t read the lines; tried it once, twice, three times, each time with a long break of walking around and composing myself (or trying to!) in between.

In the end, I gave up and had to do some energy therapy on myself; it was then it came to my awareness of how I had – well, let’s come right out and say it, WASTED all these precious dawns, all these precious days, entirely neglectful and unheedful of their worth and value – all these days which now, will never rise again.

I don’t know how old you are but it is my guess, the older you are, the harder this would hit you, but this thinking is truly only an old construct regret – but yes, at the time these “old construct regrets” are quite powerful and overwhelming as I demonstrated to the sound crew on the day most readily! Five minutes spent truly alive and aware are worth 105 years spent as a construct, and so this really is not a matter of “how much time is left” at all, once you can get over the initial shock of it.

What I think Morning Light is about is to familiarise ourselves with the coming dawn of the totality, our own rebirth into our true selves; true selves which KNOW that these days will never come again and they won’t waste them, but live each one with volition and with celebration.

I think Morning Light is a re-assurance of how the old will transition into the new and that this transition need not be feared or kept at bay; that all our fears of what it might be or how regretful we will be of what we were (and hence, best not ever find out, yeah!) will simply dissolve when the sun rises, and that indeed, we will dance in the morning light, the dawn of our real life, entirely joyous and without the slightest trace of regret, the slightest taint of resentment or repercussion.


Morning Light


Not long now,

not long to go

the sky that just

a moment so it seems

was empty, radiant black

is filling, silent grey

and you can hear the birds

quite clearly as they


to celebrate

the dawning of the day,


new day

born for the first time

never did it rise before

and never will it be again

this day to come and

listen, you can her

the morning birds proclaim its name

as is and was

their right and duty.


Don’t mourn

the passing of the night,

eternal it was, and it will be

again and nightwind gently leaves

the stage, not in retreat

but in respectful deference

bowing low, arms spread awide as from the hills,

the distant hills

dawns own sweet lady stirs and beckons,

sleepy still she is

her touch is light and intermittent

and you smell forests on her breath

the silent mists she swirls

they dance for her and reach up high

and raised by her, they smile and greet

the sky above now softly shading

into more than misty grey.


We stand and breathe and our eyes

may well begin to sense the distant hills

as subtly their existence is revealed for us

to know and with the hills our eyes are drawn into a clear direction –


here, sky is moving,

living light, a hint of royal purple, rose and amber

are the heralds as we stand transfixed and waiting,

in the gathering of clarity of purpose, all around a trembling

of excitement and a charge that builds

from all around, within us all

who have assembled here

for this momentous moment

to be here so we can say

Yes, I was there that day.


It’s true, I was!


I stood and shivered lightly as the breeze of dawn

quite playfully would touch my cheek and giggle in my hair

and nudge me here and there

as if to say,

watch out,

we’re nearly there, it’s coming, can’t you feel it coming?


Oh but I can, I feel it, see the colours now

in marbled bands above the hills,

stark black they are and brightness rises and I sense

and feel and hear with such anticipation

as the sky itself is filled song

as all ears, eyes and senses

turn towards the ever brighter bands

on the horizon, right ahead and then –


our star is born in constellation burst and

bright rays of purest light until itself eclipsed

as living sun explodes and claims us all, and wins us all

as one by right of birth – we bow our heads in deep submission

as the valley floods with light, and comes to life that moment,

revealed, revered

and jubilation is within our hearts, within our reach

as we begin to cheer this wonder, cheer this day

we call its name and raise our hands

and drink its blessings, trembling with the power

of the new,

the holiest of holy,

joy of joys,

the miracle perfection that has made us whole

that gave us life itself –


and all of us who came that day

were newly born

and sang and danced

in morning light.


Silvia Hartmann, April 2003

Own Heart_Healing

Track 07


Ananga’s Notes On Precious

At the time of writing this, Precious is possibly my favourite track.

I love the backing vocals that Pia did for this. 

It was another track that I left fairly bare for her to have free reign with. I made the simple synth and percussive loop the morning she was due to come and record and left it running under Silvia’s vocal while Pia figured out what she wanted to do. Within seconds she was singing softly “precious, precious” and started developing these amazing harmonies.

I was delighted and set the track to record immediately.

I love Silvia’s delivery on Precious and the smile in her voice as she speaks “don’t let yourself be met with old” pleases me greatly every time I hear it.

Instruments used: loop player, sampler and synths


Silvia’s Notes On Precious


Precious, just like Morning Light, is a bridge from the now into the new.

From the miserable, forsaken construct that prides itself on all the wrong things, that stares in the mirror and sees not itself but just a travesty of their own true beauty, up and out into the fields of stars – a true dweller of the web of life itself.

This entire album is a preparation for human actualisation; designed to help us poor constructs be steady, be centered, and direct our attention to things that are important, to make connections which will help us in our transition amidst the cross-winds and tempestuous waves; to give us a guide rope and a beacon, a lighthouse by which to orient ourselves as we prepare to re-enter our own true totality states.

I’m not a prophet but a construct that is trying to fight free of the old entrainments and I know what it’s like when you sometimes have it, your resonance connection and you know exactly what you are doing, and why, and you are joyous and peaceful both.

But then, shit happens and we fall back into our old memories and thoughts, our old entrainments and all seems lost again, or even as though it had never been.

I know this because I’m living it, and all my friends are too so you need to know, you’re not alone in this.

It is only to be expected after all those many years of living this way and then, the powerfields of the ages pressing down on us for good measure!

But there are, indeed, things we can do to speed up the process and do our best from our end here, still as constructs, but willing and able to go with the flow towards the new states of being.

One of these things is to literally detach ourselves from our old saving graces and rescue anchors and instead, focus our intention on something else – our own soul and the web of life, the field of stars.

Precious is about what is truly precious.

Each one of us is, first of all, and each one of us who “makes it” to human actualisation will make it easier for all the rest of us to do so likewise – its just one of those things.

Each one of us who even strives towards it and decides to be brave and release their attachments to their old moments of glory, their old safety anchors and re-direct their attention to the truly precious things of life will help us all.




Alone alight of light you are

as am I.


Or so I used think

when I stared in the mirror

and saw these faces

they were never mine.


I sought to recognise

something –

some familiarity,

some sense of belonging

just something I could

use to string along a first

and finely shining silver threat

the first that would become

the first decision

when you place it where you will

and thus set the direction

of unfoldment


So you fasten it to – where?


Some choose a star in distance,

bright it is and twinkling,

oh, so pretty, so precious

does it seem and yet its far away

and cannot warm you with its light.


Some will tie it to a favourite

thing, a jewel or remembrance,

long ago it was and it seemed

that this was all the joy, and all

the light of hope which could

be found in all the times,

in all the planes,

for now until forevermore

till death do part.


And others still stare until

their eyes begin to smart and water,

looking for what they know not,

and knowing not, how could

they ever recognise?


But what you’re seeking isn’t seen

with eyes. It’s not a pretty twinkling

thing that catches your attention;

it’s not some feeling from the past.


Close your eyes.


Now, the mirror is quite gone

no longer gives you much distraction

and you are free to simply clear

your field, becoming as the night,

clear and simply endless,

tuning out the this and that ...


Let’s now remove what is remaining,

taking space and time away,

and taking gravity from the equasion.


Slowly, and subtly, as what wasn’t of the essence

drifts away and is released

and clear and clearer still the endless space reveals

itself to you in widest, highest silence,

you can perceive

a pulse in distance,

a soft calling, slow it is and steady,

rhythmic, and a sense of wonder

touches you with swift surprise

to know that this is easy,

simple and that you knew all along

just what it was

that you were seeking

and you found it with a nature knowing

when you had released

the oldest bindings, and the oldest

twists and turns that took you away

from who you were

and what you

were born to do.


Silently and steadily stands the pulse


For now, it is enough to sense and be

familiar with its presence


Silent and steady, soft and clear

it fills this space and as you still

become accustomed to this state of

being, to this form of knowing,

to perceptions being there at once

and just your last remaining

worries causing little ripples in the

flow, you grow still more familiar

with this state of being and revealed

to you becomes the web of all

the web of life itself

and now there is no question

as to what you have to do

for here is clearly

drawing you at once

a place for you –

your place in waiting,

here it is and there is not

a moment’s doubt,

not a chance of having been mistaken,

this is yours and was for you,

and it lies waiting now

and all that’s left to do

is that you should take

the first and finest silver strand

and have it be the first connection

that you made

as you connect it easily

as is your right and duty both


and as it touches home

and as it makes the

resonance connection

to the web of life itself,

it tingles back to you a charge

that is directly flowing

towards you,

directed towards,

directly for you

and you begin to understand

just what that was

you always longed for

loneliness and

that sense of being

far from home

alleviated in an instance

messages received and sent

and even with this first

and finest strand

you feel the jubilation

of the moment when

you did return

and all the others,

life itself

perceived your entry

your return

and awe and joy

spread through

the wondrous web –


The precious one

has come at last!


Don’t let yourself be

met with old

and all the ripples

you may feel are nothing but reactions

to this reconnection – yes, it is a birth

and now you know

just what to do, just where to go

and always, always

should you go astray

you have your guiding light

your lifeline

to the field of stars.


Silvia Hartmann, April 2003

Own Heart_Healing

Track 08 – The Child


Ananga’s Notes On The Child  

Last and, buy no means list, on the running order and in my notes.

If you listen carefully you can hear some Silvia backing vocals on this track J

Flute again with supporting synths – the giggle at the beginning is courtesy of my little daughter – she 5 and still very ticklish so I grabbed the microphone in one hand and her in the other to capture her laugh for the opening bars.


Silvia’s Notes On The Child

I believe that The Child is the totality re-born.

Re-born is actually a very good word because once, it was already and many of us remember the state of being when you are indeed, the world, and there is no distinction between you and all-there-is.

So this evocation speaks to two children.

The child that once was, and the child that is to come – your true self, your totality re-born and emerging at last, as it should have been all along.

When the child is born, it has no history.

It has no past and it has nothing to prove, nothing to forgive, nothing to erase and nothing to do to or for anyone at all – it is in its very presence and coming that the gift lies.

That is all.


Track 08 – The Child


Blessed upon by the very stars in heaven,

in silent reverie and once upon a time

a child came into being


This child was precious beyond prize

and beloved, yes it was,

and of those who waited to

receive this gift

into their holy care

there were a few

who felt that they

did not deserve

this honour,

that they did not


themselves to be

allowed to be here.


And yet they were

and the child it came to them

it came willing

and with grace,

to give its all

to give its self

to them, to us.


A great celebration

ensued in return

but it was a silent

celebration that sang

not with noise or

the banging of the drums

for there are times


when all of that fades


and a different

kind of music

is required.


A different kind of music

that is never heard but

known and felt.


A different kind of music

not with notes you study

scales you practice day on day 

but a music that is singing

sweetly as the essence of itself

tones so pure and right


This was the greeting

and the moment of arrival,

when the child had come

to give the waiting ones

just what they needed,

what they dreamed of

what they wanted,

and they stood in holiness

and deepest awe

becoming whole

the gift of gifts,


at last.



Silvia Hartmann, May 2003




Own Heart_Healing


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