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HypnoDreams Vol. 1: The Wisdom of The Water

by Silvia Hartmann

HypnoDreams Vol. 1: The Wisdom of The Water

Complete scripts and production notes of the beautiful energy hypnosis journeys from Wisdom of the Water: Oceans of Energy, Dive To Diamond, The Wisdom of the Water, Starfall, Ice River, Treasures & Riches. Darling remains a mystery ... 

Oceans Of Energy

In 2000, I was asked to write a course about "Energy Healing For Animals".

Now I have inordinate respect for animals and their honesty, as well as many, many years experience with how complex the interaction between animals, people and their environments is and how profoundly this affects animal health.

So this was a very big project for me, encompassing not just the principles of energy healing per se or teaching someone to "become an energy healer" in the first place, but also the environment - geopathic energy, field distorters, energetic potions and prescriptions and much much beyond.

To be honest, it was SUCH a big project, I was consciously overwhelmed and did not know where to start.

To center myself, I cleared my mind completely and absolutely, took a deep breath and wrote what one might call a poem, but I'd call more of a form of description of a huge energetic entity. A few lines but they sum up for me all the principles of working and living with the concept of "Energy".

This is the Oceans Of Energy prayer and to this day, my dedication to *all* energy work.


Oceans Of Energy


If you could shift

your point of view

for just a moment, as you

now grow still

and silent within,

without a thought or care,

without a thought of worry or desire,

then you might just begin to feel:


A power tingling in your fingertips,

a breath that draws to you

a part of all there is, of which

you are a part,

and that surrounds you,

buoys you, nourishes, protects


and reaches far and wide

and further still

into the deepest blues of oceans

the deepest greens of mountain lakes

and all the creatures that reside

in forest groves, eternal deserts

as above,

the stars are dancing.


Oceans of energy

and they lie at your fingertips,


for you to navigate and learn

to know the ancient arts

of balance, deep release

and once again restore

the Even Flow,

the perfect state of being.


Silvia Hartmann, 2001

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Dive To Diamond

Production Notes

To a beginner in energy work, this track may not make much conscious sense but the truth is that the more you do this, the more profoundly expanding an experience it becomes.

Just by itself, this truly extraordinary event really does stretch the boundaries of self and makes one so much more finely attuned to "those other dimensions" out there in the most relaxing and pleasing calm.

Ananga's soundscapes are truly something, creating the lift and support both to make the rising away from our ordinary states of being easy, safe and joyful.

This is one of my personal favourites of all the hypnodream tracks and get such a lot out of it, a different experience each time and it is true, I sometimes can't wait to hear those words ... float now, if you will ... :-)


Dive To Diamond


Float now, if you will.

Slowly and deliberately

away from self

and to the night

starry, bright,

velvet, rising lightly

if you will.


Turn slowly, if you will

and most


around, slowly now,

slowly as you breathe

the horizons down below

falling slowly to

the starry night

and all is still


save for the touching

hum of solar music

stellar sounds in harmony

and they are coming closer

as you rise further,

further from the day.


And somewhere


there is the

diamond dimension

you cannot conceive

it yet nor can

you see that far

ahead and in

the horizontal








waiting you

as it always has

and as you

have always known.


To reach and stretch

toward it is a joy

and yet it is a

sadness to because

you have been close

before and never

found the magic seal

the magic words

the magic signs

the magic way

to make your

starburst entrance

to ...


But here in now

it is different.

There may be

much compassion.


There may be so

much understanding

of the struggles

of the past

and of frustration

yes, of pain.

Of understandings

felt and tasted

yet they were

never understood

and they would leave

you broken, tired

and in despair

because you knew

that it is here

and it is waiting

and you should be

one of those

who would dive

to diamond

one of those

who can traverse

the darkness

to the stars

one of those

who can arrive here

and today

the day has come

the time has come

the time is here

the time is now

for you to fall

and give yourself

to all there is

and let yourself

release the pictures

let yourself

release the sounds

and step across

the threshold of yourself

into the evermore

into the all there is

into the all embracing

waiting here,

dissolve yourself

give it up

step from

the cages of illusion

the boundaries of false

the night of labels

and the times of old.


Diluted and dissolved

you flow away

and all is here

and all is now

and you may now

dive to diamond


dive to blue and green

dive to turquoise,

dive to emerald.

dive to deepest azure,

cerulean, and all the blues

and all the greens of

every ocean, every forest,

every sky and every night

and dive to ruby, dive to wine,

dive to scarlet, and royal purple

ultraviolet bright, dive to the colours

you have never seen

and yet you know that they

are there and they

complete the rainbow

complete the rainbow

complete the rainbow

and dive to diamond,

in slow and fast


dive to diamond.


When the time comes

that you might

once again

return to


you will remember.


You will remember

that what once

you knew and know

again you know.


Now play.

And dance.

Until your time is right,

just dive to diamond.


Silvia Hartmann

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The Wisdom Of The Water

Production Notes

This track is the most well known and most well loved of the HD1 album and rightfully so.

Immediately accessible by everyone at all, it is a light and beautiful story of transformation and experience as we become the water and move through all the stages of its life with volition and with joy.

Linked to the concept of "innocent energy" from EMO, this track is often played at EMO workshops to brighten up, rejuvenate, cleanse and re-sparkle our energy systems, make our minds more tranquil and our bodies feel more flowing with the energy of soft moisture and movement.

I remember one particular occasion where I had a very difficult workshop on my hands, with lots of cynics and some people even who were only there because their spouses had made them come. By lunchtime, I was ready to just walk out and say, "Well sod you then, if you don't want to do energy work, why are you here?!"

So after lunch break was over, I sat them all down and played the Wisdom of The Water.

What that did was just incredible.

The atmosphere was totally changed. It was as though the people themselves were different, their attitude had changed completely and this workshop went on to be a truly wonderful experience for all concerned in the end - thanks to the calming and clearing power of "The Wisdom Of The Water".

There is so much going on during this one journey, I could write for hours about the various metaphors in it and what they do and never get to the bottom of it, but there is one aspect that always amazed me once I had noticed it myself (after repeated personal use, that is!).

This is the learning about *change*. The water changes state and being as it FLOWS so smoothly from one incarnation to the other - but this isn't kicking and dragging change, being terrified of losing this or that but it is always forward flowing with total delight into the next state of being, always new, always exciting, always wonderful.

That to me is the most profound of the very many things we can learn from The Wisdom Of The Water - to flow with life through all our cycles and spirals, a new wonder each time and new each time no matter how often it has been experienced before.

This is the essence of Even Flow and delight in being alive.

The Wisdom Of The Water


As you relax and listen to me now,

I might tell you

about a person who went out

into their garden and they felt

a tiny cold sensation on their cheek.

They might have looked up to the sky and

might have realised that soon there would be rain,

and for some reason, that day they went

into their house and fetched a green blue chalice

made of old, old glass.

They took it outside and they stood it

in a place that would be right,

and even as they straightened and looked down

upon the chalice, they could feel the wind

now growing stronger and more rain

beginning now to fall, and they could see

one drop and then two inside the chalice.


Smiling, they would turn around and go inside

and close the doors, and for a moment

stand and watch as first the single spots of rain

appear now on the window pane, and then more still

that turn to little rivulets.


They would sigh with a smile and sit right down

in a most comfortable chair, and they would watch

the rain, and they would listen to the sounds of the rain,

and they would drift with in their mind with a slow thought

about their body and how much of it was water,

and how this water might remember things of old,

and how, if you were to imagine:


now yourself outside you could crouch down

and look at the rain falling onto the grass,

you would see

the superbly shaped miniature crystal drops

in all of their perfection, and if you looked much closer still,

you could see your own self reflected

in their silver surface, and you would reach

out with your mind and touch them,

and as you touched them you might cross

that threshold and your conscience

might merge with the drop of rain,

on the shiny green leaf that Is now

a water slide towards the dark brown earth

below so soft and welcome feeling as you

touch and merge and spread and reach

the other water consciousness

that is right here, a filtering awareness

that we’re bringin richness and fertility

into this soil, this land, this planet,

so slowly filtering down through dark brown soil,

through firm red clay, and moving swiftly through the yellow sand,

and touch the bedrock grey of ages smooth

impenetrable but we know there are small fissures

and we morph and slide through darkness to

the stillness as we fall and softly bounce the surface –


A vast clean lake black underground, so old,

so clear, so still, so pure and cold,

we have been here so long, so long and it is

cool and soothing and so still and peaceful,

healing, recharging us

here in this vast reservoir.


We rested here for no-one knows how long

but after timeless time, a movement

was perceived right at the very outer

edges of our consciousness, and how

this movement thus became a steady flow

and then a cascade, tumbling charge of energy

pressure building all around and deep within us

and we rise, and rise, against the force of gravity

who doesn't stand a chance today, and we are

rising higher still and bursting forth into:


the gold of sun and green of forest and so

we flow and bubble,

smoothly sliding over time worn river rocks,

dancing in eddies, leaping for joy

over broken stones and fallen branches,

purposefully diving from great cliffs with the roar

of our million voices tumbling, falling to the pool below

a water fall, and on we rush, singing,

dancing all the way until we grow more numerous,

and more ponderous,

and we slow and steady

as more and more come to join us,

a greater and greater procession,

and are born the river, so statesmanlike

with every tributary joining our parade,

we grow more grand and powerful until


We move into a rhythm call of slowest pulse

it calls towards a new excitement

and it has us all enthralled and focussed forward,

forward, as we sense a change in taste, in texture,

and in being, a push and pull from far away

so familiar, so familiar, so welcoming, so beckoning

as we swiftly slide across the mudflats, and in

a breathless moment that lasts no time at all,

we are the sea, the inshore sea, and all is new

and oh! The rhythm like a beating of the hearts

we cannot count, and deep below, the slower rhythm,

powerful and moving, as we greet the moon and rise

as one to meet her in devotion.


Jade blue rushing, dark green lifting

and the energy builds up and up and it

becomes ever more eternal, ever more infinite

as we grow and we are all the oceans of the world,

all the depths so deep so dark

and all the brilliant blue lagoons,

white crashing reef dancers

and all the crushing blows on stony shores

and the waves as high as mountains

enfolding countless beings in our midst

providing for them all,

so all expansive all at one

all things remembered, all embraced

all things eternal here and now.


There is awareness of the calling of the sun,

of the calling and the lifting,

of the calling and in answer we will rise

to meet the sky, pale sheets of mists we are

and rise in layers to the sun, towards

the perfect blue of summer skies, and even

as we rise and higher, higher still above

the ocean far below, an invisible procession

that fills the space and bridges heaven both to earth,

we touch each other lightly and we fly now high

majestically, so high above, so white and filled with dreams

and we are all things that you can conceive,

dancing, weaving, slowly unfolding, moving

with the tides of wind and time and high above

the sun always shines,

and the stars are always bright with glory.

Sometimes, the mountains meet us,

try to catch us, call us, ask for our embrace

and will blanket them with ease

and gentle tenderness, and sometimes,

deserts smile to us as we pass high above

and leave them to their golden, rocky splendour.

Timeless sailing, timeless drifting, gusting winds

and swirling dancers are we, one with joy

and passion, meeting for our festival of transformation,

whirling faster, spinning faster,

edging on to change and then we fill the skies

with song, until the tension breaks

and energy discharges roaring, blinding

flashes of delight and one by one, we tumble,

tumble gorgeously ensphered and rush

as fast as we can be to throw ourselves

in wild abandon to the land below,

to congregate in lakes or rivers,

to become the ocean once again, to slide across

the rocks and grass, to a new wonder

old though it may be,

so wonderful again and fresh and new

each time

because we are,

because we are,

because we are.


And a person might slowly

begin to wake from their dream,

and they might look

at the sparkling diamonds on the window pane,

and they might open the door to the garden and blinking,

step into the bright and clean.


The thunderstorm had passed.


And they walk across the sparkling grass

and they might well pick up a chalice

made from old green glass

that is now is filled with sparkling, liquid living

and they may pause before they raise it to their lips,

and smile, and drink it, feeling it refresh them,

energising and reminding them

of the wisdom,

of the water.


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Production Notes on Starfall

The reason for this induction is that often people who seek personal development are at a basic level dissatisfied with who they are.

Not only are they dissatisfied with who they are, but often even more dissatisfied with who they've been in the past.

This dissatisfaction may arise as the result of shame or guilt, or anger about things that they did or things that were done to them; either which way, there isn't a lot of internal unconditional love, even if the person (now) endeavours to heal and reconcile all that they were with all their heart.

In the past, it has occurred to me that traumatised individuals (and in a way, a person who has many bad memories from various clearly defined and separate stages of their lives may considered to be a collection of very different if related traumatised individuals) can't just sit down and heal on the spot, as it were.

I hold the belief that between the beginning of any recovery and the traumatised state there lies a time of sanctuary, of rest, of peace, if you will. A time out state that gives the individual a chance to get their breath back, so to speak. This sanctuary state was, in my opinion, a feature of the olden approaches, created in the office for the client by the psychiatrist or by a priest, a space where nothing was expected, no change demanded, and no judgements made.

In a strange way, each time someone engages in an activity such as doing affirmations, praying, tapping or tabbing, a self help book or cassette, he or she states that they're not good enough the way they are. In theory the client knows of course that they are more than just their problems, but in practice any kind of "unwanted" behaviour, be it an addiction, relationship problems, "unfounded" fears and phobias, depressions and whatever kinds of problems exist, "defines" the current personality and is often perceived to be one and the same as the individual.

Many people's neurologies resemble a country at war. Conscious and unconscious desires and drives are in continuous conflict, desire and resistance to change can express itself in a variety of ways, from an inability to live happily as a general state of mind, to neuro-somatic
problems of all kinds.

So this journey doesn't ask for change, for co-operation, or anything of this nature. It does not use the sanctuary state as the starting point for more changes towards a "better, more effectively integrated" person; it is the peace and total stillness that in and of itself is the healing.

I personally have felt in the past that I was so exhausted, I would have to rest for a thousand years before I could slowly find the strength to start over.

In the timeless spaces of energy and mind, we have the option to do exactly that - rest for as long as we need to rest to begin our restoration.

This simple resting space is in many ways more valuable than any other form of approach I can imagine and certainly, it was exactly what I needed at certain times in my life to be ready and prepared for future change.




Leave your body here with me now,

resting gently

and in utter comfort and warmth,
becoming warm and still,

and with your body

you can leave your sense

of sounds, feelings, responses

of the kind that you were used

to having had,


but now, become aware

and differently realise that you are made of

energy complete, of

swirls of dancing atoms and of

e-lec-tri-ci-ty, flowing like the rise and

sound of breathing here and now - you are

etheric energy at ease and both
detached from what is all around you now

and still completely part and one

with all there is

and all there was

and all the earth, and all the sky

and not just sky but heaven too and so

you rise and drift and rise and drift …

… amongst the stars in reverence and wonder

blue suns, red suns, the galaxies and nebulae

your friends of old, from way back when a time

when time was young and you were one with all

there is and all there was and as you drift,

you come across …


a plane placed at the very edge of time
a plane that ends the universe and here you gently float

like sheets of silk and there you are
and as you are, the snow begins to fall,

at first a few flakes that
reflect a light you cannot see yet

you perceive it all around you

and the snow begins to fall in

whitest white against the silky
blackness of the wide horizons,

gentle snow flakes gently drifting down,
slowly falling soundless

amidst the stillness that enchants you.

The gentle snow flakes keep on





slo-wly turning the ground a purest white

and as they fall,

you can begin to feel yourself

falling with them,

becoming one with every one,

and settling in deeper

and deeper stillness and silence

and you can rest,

all is well,

all is here

and all is peace and stillness

and there's nothing else,

just the universe gently turning

and the stars gently turning

and the snow falling quietly as you find …


…that place of total peace, an

unconditioned peace where
nothing needs be done,

nothing needs be thought

and nothing needs to be achieved

as the snow flakes fall slower

and slower

and more s-l-o-w-l-y still until ….

… they simply cease and high above

the stars turn slower

and slower

and more s-l-o-w-l-y still until …

they simply cease and
time itself comes to a halt.

And it is here that there is peace forever,

the ultimate silence,

the ultimate peace,
the ultimate stillness

and here you rest within this timeless time of
timelessness, there is all there is right here, and all the healing of all
the millennia that ever was lies in this timeless space where all is
white, and all is silence.

Here you remain until

the time comes that

you are ready to

resume your journey through

the stars, through the lives

you have lived and are yet to
live, through the loves

you have known and are yet

to know, and you may
remain here

for a hundred thousand million

years or many more millennia,

at one with all there is,

in the safety beyond all safety,

in the peace beyond all

It is now.


It is here.


It is you and me and

all there is

and ever will become.


And very very gradually, you

become aware of a rising

an energy deep from a
well within your deepest core

of your universe

and this energy is beginning to
tingle and call

and answer all

at the same time

and as it builds from the
merest tiny notion

on to a wondrous note

from way afar,

the stars are beginning
to slowly turn once more,

and the snow begins to turn to water,

flake to drop, flake to drop,

one by one as time

unfolds for you and

every snow flake that melts in to

a sparkling crystal droplet,

the energy within you
builds in time until the time

has come for you to rise up and

seek to be one
with your body

in a new way, to be one

with your life in a new way,


so ready to go forth

and now you realise you know

that you can

no longer wait

to see the new dawn.

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Ice River

Production Notes on Ice River

How do we get to travel beyond our own limitations and out and beyond the old barriers and cages of self?

The ice river is a very ancient and also, a very well known way to do just that.

It exists in many different permutations across the widest range of cultures; and it is a truly magical occurrence.

Just as magical are the winter lands.

There is no accident in the fact that Superman's "Fortress of Solitude" can be found at the North Pole, the palace of the Ice Queen and Father Christmas's multi-coloured magical workshop "where all the toys in the world are made".

This is deep magic, very old, very powerful.

On this journey we do nothing but to scout these lands "beyond" and become more familiar with them, re-claim them as our own and begin to make a first connection to the magic which resides here and which truly, "cannot be found in any other place, in any other way".

Many people spend a lifetime "looking for their magic" and this journey will show an aspect of this magic which is perfectly ours, perfectly our own and perfectly reachable - if we make the effort and seek it out with volition, get to know it and when the time is right, re-awaken it from its frozen sleep.

On a personal note, it was Ice River directly which taught me how to use my "night eyes" - to see the patterns of the energy world with a set of other senses than the physical eyes. What it might do for each individual of course, I cannot know - but I do know that I would like each person to at least travel there once and just make that first contact, so their own "north poles" are once again, a part of their world in awareness at least.


Ice River


Let’s transport ourselves for a moment

to a different place, a different time

of where the autumn turns to winter

scapes, a gentle merging as the sun

is low on the horizon and the air

tastes sharp and clear.


We would stand

in warming furs, well covered

snug within

and we would see ahead

a river white and wide

straight river, out into

the far perspective where

the banks have merged

before the low horizon

meets the single point

in distance.


And we would step upon

our starting point,

a frozen lake

so deeply frozen,

thickest glass

of white and blue

so solid now

beneath our feet

and as our feet

would quite without

our mind’s command

would now begin

to move and slide

and skate in

rhythmic pulses

left to right

and as our bodies

bend into the movement

and our arms begin

to reach as well

thus we begin

our journey



on the river white

and raise our eyes

to where the point

of far perspective lies

and we begin to travel


Faster, faster still and lighter,

each forward pulse

increases the momentum

each forward pulse

adds speed and now we

seem to fly towards

the point of far perspective

where the land must

meet the sky and all is

one, and silent white,

pulse travelling

pulse carrying

pulse flying

as the point expands

and seems a light

and seems to grow

in brightness and

you know

the doorway

lies before you

as you keep your eyes

towards the gate of far perspective

as you approach

and it grows more defined

and clearer

in your vision

soft white

and pulsing with a beat

that is the same

that pulses in your body

that brings you closer

closer with each beating

of your heart

it grows

the doorway grows

and now it fills your vision

here it is,

here you are

here you have arrived

at the gate of far perspective

and another pulse or two or three

bring you into the white

and white is right and all there is

and for a moment there is

nothing but the movement

on continuing and phasing

slowing from the impetus

relaxing down and slowing more

until you passed the gate

and you become aware and see:


The winter world before you

and the river still

and frozen still it is for

you to travel glass and icy smooth

and yet it is a river and it turns

and loops through winter lands.


Slowly and without the slightest effort

you begin to glide the Winter River

and you see along the banks on either side

fantastic landscapes, crisp and white

the sky so radiant blue above

and all is winter still and reverend.


Gently you glide by

and you perceive

enchanted castles,

frozen wells

and there’s a knowing

that there’s sleeping things,

snug and safe

in timeless slumber

deep beneath

the sweeps and crests

of ancient ice

that lies a beautiful

frozen ocean

stretching far

and further still.


Gently you glide by

and you perceive

ice mountains,

sparkling glass

fantastic sculptures

that are beautiful

and they are here

as they could be

not anywhere

but here


Gently you glide on

and know that this

is now a world

that others never seek

to seek, nor seek to



And as you travel,

and observe,

and as you travel

and you marvel at the beauty

and the clarity

the timelessness

and perfect beauty of the white

your world grows larger

and a part that has been

long denied

has taken and is taking now

its rightful place


and you can know

as darkness falls

and Northern Lights play

in the sky

beneath your closing arc

that there is magic here

that there is much

you never thought to seek

that you might think

of coming here again

to seek and find

to learn and love

to stand before

the vastness and the beauty

and you might find

the kind of treasure here

that simply cant be known

in any other way.


Glide by

Beneath the banding lights

of dancing jade and purple,

celestial blue and greens

in hues you’ve never known

you glide on by to find

the gate of far perspective

for your journey here

was one of recognition

and of admiration

and of re-connection

to a something

that you might have thought

you had forgotten

and yet that lives

and sleeps and breathes

forever in a beauty

that cannot be found

in any other place.


Beneath the diamond stars

in stillness you return

and close the distance gently

as the gate grows from the point

of far perspective

widening on your approach

and with a tiny sense

of regret at leaving once again so soon

and with a small decision

to return when time is here and time is right

you move towards the growing gate of white

that takes you back and through into

your time of mind, and back and through


your time of here and now, a gentle dissolution

of the magic and a gentle drifting back to self

in thought, in mind, in


as your awareness of the here-and-now

comes back in gentle waves,

in gentle waves of feelings and sensations

here and now and bright aware

retaining and remembering.

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Treasures & Riches

Production Notes on Treasures & Riches

I am uncertain as to what exactly this energy hypnosis induction does for our energy systems, our bodies and our lives.

All I know is that I find this evocation or story absolutely fascinating and have listened to it more than probably any of the others (perhaps apart from Ocean Wood) and I just love it.

Is it something about people holding on to their pains and old emotions in the mistaken belief that they are valuable? Perhaps they are valuable indeed but can be traded for something even more valuable still ..?

In the meantime, here is a trip to a VERY different part of the universe and quite a way outside of our own solar system, called strangely ...


Treasurers & Riches


Once upon a far away land

and in a time, not quite like ours,

there was a solar system

drifting in its galaxy

towards the inner core,

and if your were to have approached it

in a spacecraft, or even riding on a winged being

through the dimensions and the fabric of the light,

you would have easily been able

to discern the seven planets

orbiting a diamond red star light

so intense that it stood out clearly

and sparkling amidst the densest tapestry

of stars above,

of stars beyond

of stars below.


If you were to have approached at rushing speed

you would have seen with awe

the seventh planet, trailing streams of ice across its path,

yet rainbow lit and star so bright

with hue of rosebud from its distant sun;

and passing by, a planet dark and purple

and its moons in orbit, matching colour,

matching revolution and beyond,

the red gold sickle of another sunrise there,

and on to see a sphere of blue you never saw

and white with hues of sunrise and it would

grow more and more upon approach

and widen in your field of vision

and we would gently drift to land amongst

the shores of purple mountains, by the blue,

blue lakes and saffron shores.


And here we might encounter

standing still a trader, clad in purple robes,

eagerly awaiting our first footsteps in the bright

and bracing light beneath an alien sun that feels

familiar like the sunset

when we left our homes and made our hearts

steadfast to be one on this journey.


Beneath, the saffron sands are soothing soft

and gently welcome our bodies, and though

we leave no trace nor shadow, we go forth

to meet the trader and we greet him

in a steady voice

of welcome and of recognition.


And the trader is a being, white and wise

beneath their purple robes and asks no more than

we would follow to their home

and garden by the saffron shores

by the blue, blue lake

where dreams grow flowers and sounds

like silken grasses weave

beneath the silent winds of sun

and little fancies firefly.


We enter halls of living marble and before us

set a feast of strangest fruit and sky blue wine

which sparkles and the bubbles make our noses twitch

and tingle on our tongues.


And the trader asks,

what do you bring to me tonight?

And there is one amongst us

who can light the way and he begins to tell

a tale of loss, of sorrow and

he bends his head, his tears fall

and they turn to diamonds in his lap,

falling diamonds from his eyes

until his sadness is released

and now he breathes

deeply, freely, once again.


The trader waves and a fairy did appear

with a small casket, velvet lined,

stands small and wide eyed

as the one amongst us who did cry the diamonds

gently gathers them and places them into

the velvet one by one.


The trader looks upon the diamonds

and is most satisfied and nodding, smiling and exclaiming

of their quality and beauty and we watch

as another of our group begins to tell

a tale of hurt and anger, and as

his heart pounds blood and fists become in rage

hot fire flashes from his eyes, and turns to tears

of ruby falling to his lap unheeded as he rages, rages

and until his rage is spent and now,

he breathes deeply, freely once again.


His ruby rages are collected

in a new casket fresh and clear.

The trader looks upon the rubies

and is most satisfied and nodding,

smiling and exclaiming

of their quality and beauty

and we watch as another of our group

begins to tell a tale of love denied, and

then another speaks of hopelessness,

and I, I talk of hatred and revenge,

and starry sapphires, precious jade and emeralds

are falling from us, pouring from us

till at last our treasures are all spent

and we breathe deeply, freely once again.


On the polished table

before each of us

there sits a casket filled with gems

and the trader is well pleased.

He claps his hands and many fairies

now appear in robes of white

that make them seem like angels,

and each is carrying offerings on sea shells of opal

which belong to us

now in return these gifts

are rare and precious beyond measure,

magicals for us to take away, and each one

custom made to be the fairest measure of the trade.


And one of us discovers with delight

a starry light that guides your way

through darkest night,

and one of us discovers

now a tiny music that will be

with you, no matter where or what,

and one of us discovers a small colour,

small enough to fit your hand,

that brightens and reminds

wherever you go, no matter what

and I, I find a magic feather touch

so I need never be alone or without love.


Immersed in our new gifts we were,

for a long time no-one spoke and there

was just the trader, smiling knowing

that a good deal had been done this day.

We thanked him as he thanked us too,

and when we left, the velvet night had come

and brightly coloured songs were dancing

by the saffron shores

by the blue, blue lake and so we celebrated through

until at dawn, we said farewell

to take our treasures home and now

we couldn’t wait to share them

with the loved ones we had left behind and who

are anxiously awaiting our return.


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Bonus Track: Darling

No script here, find out for yourself ...


HypnoDreams 1

Chalice by Silvia Hartmann, 2003, cover illustration for The Wisdom of the Water Hypnodreams Vol. 1

The Wisdom Of The Water

Pure Energy Magic Evocations by Silvia Hartmann

Soundscapes by Ananga Sivyer

Featuring Vocals by Pia


Buy HypnoDreams 1 The Wisdom of the Water here.


The finest swords are honed

in fire and in ice,

and all their strength

does never yet appear

until the time of test is here,

the time of challenge

and of rising

to the challenge ...

  by Silvia Hartmann
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"What do we do when we get stuck? When we have no answers? When there is nowhere else to turn? We do Project Sanctuary. Of course. What else?" Silvia Hartmann

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