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A Healing Story For Abandoned Shelter Animals

A Healing Story For Abandoned Shelter Animals

This is a wonderful healing story for abandoned shelter animals with a beautiful and heartfelt prayer to the guardians of animals from Amy Lim who is an animal energy healer in Singapore. She is using the 23 magic Genius Symbols to unfold the healing story, step by step.

โ— Tell me your Healing Story and who you created it for.

1. Space: The Healing story is for abandoned shelter animals.

2. Time: It is 5 pm in the evening.

3. Weather: It is thunder with heavy rain, very cool and I am wearing thick clothing.

4. Land: I am walking toward an animal shelter situated in a small remote hill top.

5. House: The one story shelter is very run-down with heavy fence.

6. Plant: It is surrounded with thick wood and can smell the scent of greenery.

7. Light: A lighting strike near the shelter and flash a bright light.

8. Animal: I can hear many dogs barking after the thunder strike. I walk into one of the kennel that house 11 dogs. Some are barking and jumping but most of them just look blankly with no expression on the eyes.

Very sad ...


9. Artefact: I found a white wooden chair at the corner and I sit down on it. A small mixed breed white dog that looks like a spitz runs up to me.

10. Crystal: The dogโ€™s sorrowful eyes spark like a crystal when she sees me. It has been a long times that no one has patted or visited her.

11. Fountain: I put my healing hands on her and visual the divine energy into her and heal her sorrow. Next, I visual green light from my heart chakra and send her love to bring her joy again.

12: Aspect: I look into her pitiful eyes, also notice she is a beautiful dog but why she is landed up here. She sign and ran to her others friend to gather around with me. They tell me all they have heart broken stories and hope I can give them healing.

13. Stardust: I bring out a magic wand and sprinkles all healing light towards each of them.

14. Angel: I make a prayer and ask for Angel and Divine Guidance to heal them.

Divine Healing Spirit, Kuan Yin,

St Francis of Assisi and Diva of animal kingdom.

May you bestowed blessing and healing for these poor animals.

May the light wash away their bad experience in life.

May the light heal their emotional and physical pain.

May they be given the second chance in life to find a good loving home.

May they be free from hunger and feel love again.

If situation cannot help but they have to be euthanized,

Please let them be treated with respect and dignity.

May they be free from pain and suffering,

May divine light send their soul to the rainbow bridge,

May their soul find peace and love again.



15. Dragon wing: There come a group of fairies being and bless all dogs.

16. The Dance: All the dogs are joyfully dancing with the fairies being in a circle.

17. Gift: All dogs are given with kisses and hugs.

18. Alien: A strange woman with black gown covered her head walk in and feed the dogs.

19. People: After they ate the foods, magically they open their mouth and able to talk. A old great Dane walk toward me and ask โ€œI am loyal, obedience and I love my family but when am I abandon? โ€œAnd all the dogs also start asking why, why, why?


21: Friend: I cannot help but cry when I see them at such a state. I explain to them that their human guidance has more complicate life then dogs. They have many issues to take care in life like family, jobs, children and money. Sometimes they just donโ€™t have any energy and times to take care of their dogs. Some they may hope that they put their dog in a shelter will help them find some loving home. Actually most people just donโ€™t understand their dogs well and as well as how to take care of them. This lead to misunderstanding and the dog start to misbehave which caused them to be abandoned.

21. Magic: Suddenly a string wind blow and sweep out all sadness.

22. Spirit: The Great Dane again speak that he now understand and have never hate his guidance. He said he is old and prepared to be put down. He said he is not afraid of dead and he will go happily as we have shower him love on his last journey.

23: Trade: When ask what he will want to do in the final journey. He said will still want me to send his guidance a healing wish and than he gives me a kiss on my face and end this journey.


From this story I understand animals are always with pure energy and will not hold grudge no matter how treat them,

Animal are not afraid of dead, they accept life, go with flow.

I understand that many people do not understand their animals well that caused conflict and end up with abandon.

That why I want to do animal healing to help people and animal have a better understanding of each other.

Amy Lim


Abandoned Puppy In Need Of Love & Healing

Note from Silvia Hartmann:

Amy Lin submitted this as an exercise when she was a Genius Symbol student. She has since passed the course with flying colours. This is what I said to her about this submission.

Amy, that's really beautiful. Outstanding! I can tell your heart was really in this. The poem/energy evocation for healing the animals is just wonderful. I would very much like to share this with others with your permission of course.

Also, the arrival of the alien lady who fed the dogs and gave them the power of speech is very important. That's your energy mind giving *you* the power of animal communication.

When people "hear animals speak" it is a translation by the energy mind of all the visible and invisible information about the animal which is then rendered into words the conscious mind can understand.

A Healing Story For Abandoned Shelter Animals (c) Amy Lim 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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