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Having your Wits about you!

by Silvia Hartmann

Having your Wits about you!

The wits, or "White Wits" as they are also known, are awesome entities that can do much for a person. The wits can be on the lookout for you, contact the friends in the high places, and protect you from many things, and that is why it is good to have your wits about you.

In Sanctuary, you can check on the condition of your wits, and improve their health and happiness.

Having your wits about you Illustration by Silvia Hartmann

Having your wits about you!

In the hard, wits are obviously invisible. In Sanctuary, they are not and you can check in on the health and happiness - or even the presence! - of your own personal wits.

So! Let's have a wits wellness visit right now.

How many wits do you have?

How close or far away are they?

How do they appear?

What can you do to make your wits happier?

Do that right now, whatever it takes.


People's wits can be dishevelled, black, undernourished, crazy and even appear demonic in nature - that shows that they are highly stressed and need immediate loving attention.

When your wits are in fantastic health, glowing with happiness and you have your wits about you, life becomes better for everyone concerned.


A couple of additional tips.

1. You can send additional wits to people who need them. I often do this, especially when a person is distraught, alone, or under attack.

2. Wits are protective in nature, and really, REALLY useful in negative energy situations, or when one has to deal with very low energy people.


Look after your wits - and your wits will take care of you!



  by Silvia Hartmann
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"Project Sanctuary is the source of never ending growth and development that I have craved. I can learn and explore more of life in an afternoon in sanctuary than I can in months at university." Helen McMillan

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