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Getting High ... And HIGHER

Getting High ... And HIGHER

"You know that it would be untrue ... you know that I would be a liar ... if I was to say to you ... girl we couldn't get MUCH HIGHER ..." Is the desire to "get high" actually a bad thing? Perhaps it's not? Perhaps the Creative Order itself wanted us to get - much, much higher? How do we do it? And how can we get high - and save money, sanity and happiness in the process? These and many other questions are good questions indeed. Read on ...

High illustration by Starfields.

Getting High - And Higher ...

Why Altered States Are Good For You - By Design

by Silvia Hartmann


I like to get high | Getting high on Jesus? | The greatest trips | What Can We Do To Get High | Owning the drug factory | High by nature


I like to get high ...

I am one of those people who likes to be off their head as much as they like to be - whatever the opposite of being off your head would be.

As a result of this and my advanced age, I've had some experience with substance induced altered states over the years, and I've always been fascinated by not just the contents of these experiences, but also the structure because each substance very much brings its own universe to the party, and whatever experiences you are having are dependent on that structural precept and can only take place within this context, and not outside of it.

Now much debate could be had if meditation, energy work and hypnosis related trips, states and phenomena are not also substance related, only in this case, the body manufactures them for you and you don't have to buy them from a drug dealer; suffice to say that those kinds of trips have also fascinated me deeply and I've practised them heavily once I became aware they exist.

And one night it came to pass that whilst doing some magic mushrooms, the experience engendered by the mushrooms was actually pale and miserable in comparison to what I could do without them.

That was amazing, a real turning point.

Before that happened, I had literally no idea that your own personal internal representations could be SO MUCH BETTER on every level than substance trips - brighter, more colourful, more sharply defined, much more lucid, and a whole lot more weird, as well!

I did not know that the HUMAN MIND could trip like that - all by itself.


Getting high on Jesus ...?

How you get there, to that place where something happens and you must be producing your own hallucinogenics in the right dosage to catapult you across the thresholds of normal time and space, is clearly not something that is well understood or well known by humanity at large.

There would be NO glue sniffing, no heroin abuse, no weed smoking if people knew how to do that. There would be no need at all, and the benefits and lack of side effects, and not least of all, the PRICE DIFFERENCE! would clearly turn the tide in "the war on drugs".

But people don't know that.

They don't know that when someone says, "You can get high on Jesus", it actually means exactly that - HIGH. High as a kite. TOTALLY off your face. Swimming like dolphins in the rainbowlightfalls of everything and communing with angels in the mesh of everything. Wa-a-a-sted in the extreme.

I'd even put forth the propositions that the people who WOULD say "you can get high on Jesus" don't even mean that kind of totally hallucinogenic trip to the otherworlds either, because they don't know this is possible from their end, and they just think grinning a bit and clapping and "feeling the love" is where it's at.

Let me be perfectly clear - that's all very nice, but it is NOT "getting high".


The greatest trips are from within ...

So let me briefly re-cap what we've got so far.

1. People can get SERIOUSLY high from within their own neurology, without ANY outside stimulus or outside substance coming into play.

2. Nobody knows this.

3. Because no-one has experienced this for themselves, they believe it doesn't exist (like virgins with orgasms).

4. Thus it is that people believe they NEED substances to get high - and thus can't get high without them, conversely.

This No. 4 is interesting because in many modernised shamanic approaches, the idea is that you use these substances as a kind of training bike extra set of wheels - you learn to do it with substances, and then that translates eventually to doing it without them.

I do believe that this is an erroneous supposition - it's wrong.

The entry point to the whole realm of tripping the light fantastic through YOUR OWN NEUROLOGY is a specific pathway, it requires a certain set of pre-existing conditions.

We have to be in a certain place to go to a certain other place, if you will.

Drugs and hallucinogenic substances such as mushrooms, amphetamines, LSD etc create a totally different state and place which is nowhere near where you would have to be to engage your own internal drug factories.

They take you to Borneo when your own drug factory is located in Boise, Idaho.

It would have been a whole lot easier if you HADN'T taken the trip to Borneo and just started exploring the town around you - you would have found the factory eventually.

To get back from Borneo, especially if the LAST PLACE YOU THINK YOUR HIGHS ARE AT, is in Boise, a few hundred yards behind your father's house, is pretty much impossible.

It's lightyears apart.

So: If you want to get REALLY high, big time, don't take drugs. They take you to their own place and away from yours.

Get high - it's good for you ...Q: But real Shamans have used drugs for millennia to have special experiences?

A: Real Shamans also used to hang themselves from trees by their nipples to cause breakthrough experiences that were SELF GENERATED. Once your own internal drug factory comes online, you can choose from there to interact with substances to get their special twist on the situation for specific purposes.

So you if you really want to be a "real" Shaman, there's a tree, and here's the nipple hooks. Off you go ...

So, What Can We Do To Get High?

Good question.

How did I do it?

Interestingly enough, I didn't ever meditate. I couldn't get into it. My mind goes at superfast speeds all the time and just sitting there, staring at the wall, was driving me crazy and got me nowhere.

But I am really good at fantasizing.

It is that ability that I began to practise more and more deliberately as I got older because it was so much fun, it was working WITH my mind and not against it, and wonderful visions, insights, feelings and experiences could be had.

At first, I was fantasizing about simple things like everyone does - a bit of daydreaming, thinking about a house you might like, a landscape you find attractive, playing around with memories, remembering stories and movies and stepping into them ...

If you practise your fantasy, it comes on line and it gets better, and better.

If you pay attention, you can FEEL things soon enough - think about that yacht on the clear blue ocean, can you FEEL the movement of the waves, the wind in your hair, the sun on your arms?

At some point, there seems to exist a kind of barrier to taking this any further. We get scared or hit a reversal - and we bounce out of the experience.

With the help of energy techniques like EFT and EMO, and the beautiful Project Sanctuary which is structurally designed to overcome this "bounce out barrier" in its own way, I was able to stay longer, and enter more deeply into the fantasy.

THAT is the ability you need to really start tripping in your mind.

Now, take control of the fantasy. Learn to fly. Not as easy as it may seem, especially when everything has become so extremely REAL by now that you can feel, sense, smell, touch and experience the fantasy state of the lucid day dream just as profoundly as you would experience a visit to the dentist's in the hard.

With practice, this becomes more and more fascinating.

You learn the limitations of your expectations of what you can do without gravity, free of time or space - we bring our hard learnings with us when we enter this dreamtime realm and we need to learn to shed it here.

As we do, more and more magic becomes apparent; more and more is revealed; more and more is seen.

It stays directive - you retain awareness, that's the lucidity part which drugs just cannot match to that degree. You KNOW what you are experiencing, what you are learning. And you can choose where you want to go, and what you want to see/hear/feel/do/find out/try out/experience on this occasion.

Here, you can learn to melt objects into their energetic realities much more precisely and without that terrifying loss of reality that accompanies LSD trips.

Here, you can morph yourself until your resonance is a match to the green consciousness and communicate with it directly without that worrying madness that accompanies mushroom trips.

Here, you can shift into the crystalline states of absolute clarity and the most brilliant and brutal logic imaginable - without the twist of madness and racing obsession that comes with the use of amphetamines.

This is the trick at the end of the day.


Owning the drugs factory absolutely ...

The external substances only MIMIC states that we arrive at when our own internal body chemistry goes to work and produces that what is needed to make that shift - but without the added toxicity or even general existence of the external substance.

Clear dreams. Incredible lucidity. And it gets BETTER the more you do it - it is exactly the opposite of needing more and more drugs to get the same effect. As you learn to use your internal highs, you become more and more sensitive, more and more attuned, and you get higher and higher, faster and faster as you get BETTER AT IT.

It's perfect.

  • I even have the feeling that the Creative Order gave us this incredible present, namely that we are ALL STRUCTURALLY ABLE TO DO THIS by ourselves, no matter where or what or when, so that we USE THIS, and gain something important from it.

I think that the quest of people wanting to get off their heads any which way they can is linked to a primal drive towards these INCREDIBLE highs and what you learn and experience about the world there.

It changes your world completely.

Getting high like this changes - everything.

It makes the world and all our life into an extraordinary mystery of which we are a part, and which we can join into, and ENJOY at will.


Without having to rob an old lady first to pay a drug dealer.

Without loss of health or intelligence - the absolute opposite, in fact, getting high is the ultimate form of healing and resolution to all life's major problems for the individual.

So my conclusion is as follows.


High by nature

We are designed to get high - really, REALLY HIGH, by nature.

The experiences you have when you get high like this from within your own neurology and in the absence of outside agents are INCREDIBLY PRECIOUS, INCREDIBLY VALUABLE, and probably even desperately needed to become a fully functional human adult as designed by the Creative Order.

People who seek "to get off their heads" might be righter than they ever knew - but sadly, they're going about it the wrong way.

  • The key to really getting high is through FANTASY and the deliberate practise of fantasy.

Everyone can start to learn to do this at any time they choose; you are never too old, never too young, nor ever to broken to start FANTASIZING FOR REAL.

You just need to make the decision to take the time to fantasize during the day, preferably when you're still fresh like first thing in the morning, use EFT or EMO to help with any feelings of fear that can bounce you out, or general reversals (this expedites things greatly!), and aim for making your fantasies as real as you can, working on making them realler, and realler.

That's the way forward to the day when you, like I did that night, amaze yourself that your self experienced highs are now better by far than anything you've ever done with drugs before.

It's true!

Go on, go for it.



Silvia Hartmann

I like to get high | Getting high on Jesus? | The greatest trips | What Can We Do To Get High | Owning the drug factory | High by nature

Getting High - And Higher ... Why Altered States Are Good For You

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