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Genius Water

Genius Water

Imprinting or charging water with intention is one of those things that divides the skeptics from the believers. However, if you are really smart, you'll realise that actions combined with intention have a powerful effect on the human psyche and can be used to bring about positive change, whether you believe in energy or not.

Here's an exercise to create a powerful "magic potion" using the Genius Symbols, your intention and a bottle of plain water that we will turn into Genius Water that money can't buy.

Genius Water


First of all, we'll want to have a think about what this "magic water" is going to do for us.

Would you like to be smarter? Richer? Wiser? Healthier? Have more fun in life? Stay up longer? Be inspired?

Take your pick.

For this example, I'll use the quality and state of "clarity" to denote feeling very clear and light in your mind and body so you can do your best work, have good ideas, feel lifted and energized, and make good decisions.

So we clear the table top (the candle is optional) and place our bottle in the middle.

Now, we take one of the Genius Symbols at a time, hold them in our hand briefly, and you can simply say, "Clarity," out aloud and in your mind at the same time as you place the symbol down to start of a symbol circle around the water bottle.

I personally go a bit further than that and at least get a sense what "clarity of space" feels like, what that means to me, and how I desire that. How the clarity of space is quite different from the clarity of time,or the clarity of crystal, or the clarity of dance.

With each Genius Symbol you add, you build up a powerful Venn diagram of the meaning and feeling of "clarity" with the bottle of water in the middle, to psychologically or metaphysically (take your pick) become the focal point, "the very essence of clarity."

We continue until all the symbols have added their perspective; and then the job is done and you have a bottle of Clarity water.

Now here comes the good part - instead of drinking it all in one go, you can use this water to add a little to your beverages as you go through the day. If you do your own cooking, you can add a few drops to your food.

Even as a total non-believer and energy skeptic, clearly we are making a powerful affirmation here each time we do this; and for those of us to whom energy is quite real, of course we get the joy of that on top.

What you eat and drink becomes a part of your structure; this is a lovely use for the Genius Symbols, very relaxing, very stress relieving and very effective.

Highly recommended.





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