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Genius Symbols Poem

Genius Symbols Poem

Recently recovered, here is the original Genius Symbols poem/spell/dedication which was created of course, using the Genius Symbols in the order and sequence they appeared on the day.

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Genius Symbols Dedication


Genius shines into our world

dragonwings are now unfurled

light shines bright upon us all

as we hear the angels call

friends are all around us here

alien knowledge is so near

animals are our best friends

in the dance that never ends

aspects artefacts and gifts

bring us awesome threshold shifts

when the fountains starts to reign

starlight blesses all the same

trade will flourish people come

spirits cheer us one by one

so the land becomes revealed

as our time and space are healed

weather fine and weather wild

for the humble human child

home and hearth are full of joy

all things hard become our toy

as our perfect genius shows

how our magic grows and grows

so we play the nature game

all is one and all the same

mind and energy combined

logic heart and soul aligned

find success in harmony

this I will, so shall it be.

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