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Genius - How to be a genius for real with Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

Genius - How to be a genius for real with Silvia Hartmann Genius - How to be a genius for real with Silvia Hartmann

What Is Genius?

How To Be A Genius - For Real.

Silvia Hartmann

Genius Symbol


What Does It Mean To Be A Genius?

We can start by saying what it DOESN'T mean.

To be a genius, you have to do more than crunch numbers like a supercomputer.

Remembering facts like a tape recorder also doesn't make anyone a genius.

Sorting and re-arranging already existing information FROM OTHER PEOPLE, no matter how prettily it's done, also has nothing to do with being a genius.

  • I define being a genius as having the ability to get information that is not derived from other human beings (no matter when or when in time!) but by DIRECT INTERACTION WITH THE UNIVERSE.

Or you could say in other words, in my definition of a true genius is someone who works out things for themselves and therefore, comes up with new and unique solutions to existing problems.

A genius makes a clear distinction between information derived from the observations and calculations of OTHER PEOPLE - second hand information - and observations and calculations derived BY THEMSELVES IN DIRECT INTERACTION with the system under investigation - first hand information.

This distinction holds for all fields of human endeavour, from mathematics to painting, and from poetry writing to mechanical engineering.

With this distinction between first and second hand information in place, a person can compare the results of both and come to a third, new conclusion based on these information GROUPS.



The Genius Mind

In order to make the distinction between first and second hand information about the universe, you have to have ACCESS to the direct, first hand information you receive.

This is the mysterious "muse" - the energy mind, previously known as the unconscious or subconscious mind.

Contrary to popular opinion, the job of the energy mind is not to all of a sudden and without any good reason produce lightning strikes of insights or download piano sonatas from nowhere, but it is to process ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FROM THE ENVIRONMENT.

This additional information is for the most part invisible, inaudible, but not untouchable - it can be felt through the body if attention is paid.

This additional information about the invisible realities which make up a vast part of actual reality itself is the "genius component" in the mix.

A person who can compute this additional information, and is thus armed with MORE information than their brethren, is a genius - it's that simple.



I Want To Be A Genius!

It has long been known that a good working relationship with the energy mind (unconscious, subconscious mind) is the prerequisite for any form of genius results.

This is proven and structurally correct, so now the question arises as to if you have to be born to be a genius, whether these abilities to "see more, understand more, know more, hear more and CREATE MORE" than your brethren is rare in the human population, or only available to the chosen few.

After some five decades now of studying this question, I have come to the conclusion that it is not rare to have genius abilities, but that in fact every functioning human being is by definition a genius in potential.


The hardware is there, it's the software that is simply dreadful.

A part of the problem is the languages we use and how they work. Another part of the problem is the way our societies are constructed, and how our children are reared.

It is my supposition that the development of a self reflexive consciousness is evolutionary so new and so revolutionary that the human race hasn't quite come to grips with how to run their own operating systems.

Major mistakes have been made and perpetuated through the generations.

Major misconceptions are held to be "universal truths" and remain unquestioned by billions, and through tens of thousands of years - a short time in terms of evolution to be sure.

So if you are saying, "I want to be a genius!" then you are claiming no more than your birthright as a human being. Genius abilities are what you are born with and these abilities are still there, your systems are waiting to be activated and give you those amazing insights and reality cheques that a true genius approach to living can bring you.

You CAN be a genius - think like a genius, create like a genius, and solve problems like a genius.

It isn't even that difficult.

Remember that the creative order, our evolution, made us the way we are and that we all have a conscious mind, AND AN ENERGY MIND.

The trick if you want to be a genius is to get both ON THE SAME PAGE.


How To Be A Genius - For Real

After the many decades, as I said, I've spent with people, working to re-activate their God given systems of intelligence, logic, and information processing, I would now say that the first step to becoming a real genius is to work on your mental flexibility - and your courage.

You need to be able to be delighted that you were wrong - if that gets you closer to the truth.

You need to be deeply unafraid of the results of your investigations, or what would happen if you REALLY did something genius and thus, stood out from the crowd.

You need to have a center inside yourself that holds steady even if a hundred thousand people scream at you that you are wrong.

If you don't have those things, you will simply be TOO AFRAID TO ACTIVATE YOUR GENIUS.

Even when the pathways are there, the door is offered and the key to boot, fear will make you back up and not open up to that information stream from the energy mind.

"Fear is the mind killer" - and it kills communication with the energy mind.

So the first step I would now advise to anyone who seeks to become a true genius, absolutely for real, is to learn methods to make fear disappear. You can call fear by any other name - skepticism, stress, reluctance, indecision, procrastination - but it's still always and only fear. I advise to take up the techniques of Energy Psychology to achieve this.

The next step is to start contacting your energy mind on a regular basis, and to engage in a course of learning to communicate with the energy mind at will.

This is not difficult once the fear has gone.

The energy mind WANTS to communicate, it IS A PART OF OUR SYSTEMS and all we have to do is to start talking to it in a way that it understands.

I have created two simple methods, both based on the Harmony Program, which is a part of my own original research, to aid in this endeavour.

The first is very suitable for people who already have quite a good relationship with their energy mind - those would be people who find hypnosis easy, know how to meditate, can visualise well and are naturally drawn to autogenics. This is Project Sanctuary which will improve conscious-energy mind communications to genius levels with very little effort, readily and happily.

The second method to activate the genius systems are The Genius Symbols. This is like a child's alphabet to help people communicate with the energy mind through a system of very, very simple symbols so that questions and answers can be exchanged easily, even for people who have no experience with visualisation and other energy mind communication techniques. Children too can learn to "active the genius systems" using these simple symbols.


The Genius Process

So this is it in a nutshell.

1. Every functional person has an energy mind by right of birth, and therefore the hardware to become a genius.

2. This Genius hardware can be activated if there is a will to do so at any time, as long as the person is still alive and consciously aware.

3. There exist simple, straightforward, proven methods to teach the conscious mind how to communicate SUCCESSFULLY with the energy mind and thus gain access to genius ideas, solutions, insights and information. These include Project Sanctuary, and The Genius Symbols.

4. The biggest stumbling block to engage in a course of action that will lead to first really activating the genius systems, and then learning to use them to solve specific problems or create new systems that have never been known to human kind before, is FEAR in all its many shapes and forms. A person who really wants to become a fully fledged genius MUST LEARN how to release and control fear or else they will back away, procrastinate, or self sabotage to retain the "status quo of the Ordinary Joe".


Do You REALLY Want To Be A Genius?

What I have said above is structurally correct to my best knowledge, experience, and the results of decades worth of tests with innumerable people from all walks of life, all ages, all religions, all levels of education, from all around the world.

Being a genius, and chosing to become a true genius in your chosen field of endeavour, or in many, because genius is genius and once you have activated the ability to understand more, receive more information, and ask the right questions it becomes immaterial whether you want to apply this to art, science, religion or any other form of human endeavour, has many rewards.

Being a genius is not about money, or fame, or the acclaim of a bunch of people who don't know any better and wouldn't know the difference between a true genius, and a smooth talker with a few tricks up their sleeves.

Being a true genius is about the sheer DELIGHT of learning to think how we were designed to think in the first place.

It's extraordinarily EXCITING. It is endlessly fascinating. It is the ultimate human challenge and a wonderful hobby that lasts a lifetime and just keeps on getting better, and better and better.

Being a genius brings you closer to the world, to the universe and if you want to, lets you feel God, even - personally, in that first hand direct information way.

It's priceless, and well worth pursuing for any person, anywhere.

Being a genius is also our birthright.

It is who we were meant to be as human beings, that is my belief.

So I encourage you strongly, and with all my heart, to KEEP PURSUING THE GOAL OF BECOMING A TRUE GENIUS.

Never give up, never surrender.

Don't let set backs put you down - just because we can do some very stupid things AS WELL doesn't mean we can't also do some genius things as well, if we only try and give it our best shot.

Well done for wanting to be ALL THAT YOU CAN BE - keep it up, and your life will be filled with wonder, one way or the other.


With best regards,

Silvia Hartmann

January 2009

  by Silvia Hartmann
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