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Three Funeral Poems

Three Funeral Poems

A visitor asked if I had any poems suitable for a funeral for a friend. I have three funeral poems here; God's Speed is a funeral poem for a friend; Pyramid for a lover, and Upward for the funeral of a person who had no friends and may not have been a good person in this life. Hope it helps some.

A Funeral Poem For A Friend

God's Speed

Funeral Poem Rose

So you have died.

You've gone away
and you have left me here.

And I felt most forsaken,
why did you go,
why did you
turn your back on me?

Still, I remember.

I remember many things,
but most of all,
I remember
this is your death.

I'm still here.

All is
as it always was
for me.

I'm still alive
and I am breathing;
it is you who has begun
the unknown journey.

It is you
who stepped into the new,
into a space and way
I do not know,
I wonder
if you're scared, excited,
what experiences
await you now.

I care for you right now
still more
than I did ever care before;
with all my heart,
I send my prayers
and my blessings
may all the angels
keep you safe;
and I will steer
my mind to you
and to my love for you:

I wish you well,
God's speed,
and know I'm always with you,
I am still here,
I hope my love
will give you wings,
and knowing there is one
who cheers you on
upon your path
I hope will help;

I'll do my best
with all my heart,
and all my love
I send to you.


SFX March 2011





A Funeral Poem For A Lover:


Funeral Poem Rose

When you die

I will lay your body

in a black marble pyramid

on a black marble slab


naked and white

so open, vulnerable,

relaxed as you have never been

your eyes closed in forever sleep.



Your skin feels cold

cold as the stone

as I kiss you good night

how can I leave you here?


I walk along the corridor

and leave behind

my love, alone

and two black candles

shining by your side

to keep you company

for a few hours more.


All that you are

all that you could have been

sleeps with you

and only re-runs

in my mind

and fading photographs

and scratchy videos

will remain.


And your soul

softly sighing in black nights,

and your eyes,

reflecting unexpectedly

in a dusty pane of glass.


SFX 1994




A Funeral Poem For A Person Who Had No Friends


Funeral Poem Rose

It doesn't matter if you die

a king or beggar;

if you were loved by many

or alone;

if you were blessed

or forsaken.


It doesn't matter

if you sang and played

the days and nights away;

or under servitude and toil

you cried for justice

and for freedom.


When death comes,

all voices are stilled.


All lies silent.


This world, it ends;

and we fly forward,


never looking back.


SFX March 2011


Funeral Poem God's Speed - Pyramid - Upward


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