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Four Short Poems brought by The Crazy Creativity Creature

by Silvia Hartmann

Four Short Poems brought by The Crazy Creativity Creature

Last night, the CCC appeared and brought with it four metasong poems. Here they are. 

* The Crazy Creativity Creature is a work of Modern Energy Art from 2018. 

Crazy Creativity Creature & Poems

Crazy Creativity Creature & Poems by Silvia Hartmann

Surfing at the edge of infinity

always here and now

feels like I am forever standing still

frozen whilst the great wave

carries me, hurtling forward

faster than the speed of light.


Soon, I will relax,

let the wave take me,

close my eyes,

smile for tomorrow. 




Remember the lights

on the sea?

Coloured lights

long, streaky reflections

dancing with the night waves

fairy kingdoms

here revealed. 




I loved the star flashes,

rising from the depth.

The endless ocean seems so vast,

mysterious, black

there's life inside, 

there's celebrations,

destinies & ecstacies

are intertwining, 

coming into harmony,

calling me home. 




Superwide the focus - 

can you see it all now?

Can you see the sense in it

as electric organic lines of connection

unfold through all dimensions


Rhythms emerge

drums in the night. 




Thank you, dear CCC :-) from Silvia, March 2023

  by Silvia Hartmann
"I honestly had no idea I could be this creative." Gen Woodruff

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