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Energy Symbols Mnemonic Story

by Silvia Hartmann

Energy Symbols Mnemonic Story

Having trouble remembering all 23 energy symbols when you got no reminders? Make a mnemonic story! Here's an example.

Silvia Hartmann's 23 Energy Symbols


Energy Symbol Memnonic Story

by Silvia Hartmann

Once upon a time, a PERSON went to the perfect place in TIME and SPACE. The WEATHER was fine and a light wind stroked all the LAND, making the leaves on the trees and the PLANTs DANCE. Birds were singing and there were ANIMALs everywhere, going about their animal business.

The person walked around the beautiful landscape until they came to a HOUSE that was set in the hillside, overlooking the valley.

They had inherited the house from their grandfather, who had always been a helpful SPIRIT in their lives, and who had tried to teach them of CRYSTALs and of STARDUST, but the person had been too young to understand, too impatient. The person had wanted to TRADE instead, and had travelled the world in that pursuit.

Now, many years later, the person felt the call of MAGIC that they remembered from their childhood, and had returned to visit with their grandfather, only to learn that the grandfather had died and left his house and all his earthly ARTEFACTs in his name.

The house on the hillside facing the path of the sun was beautiful and serene as ever. There was no road to it; and the person well remembered that there was a sign of DRAGONWINGS over the front door, and his grandfather had chuckled and told them that they must fly here on the wings of space and time.

Today, the person looked up into the sky and saw great white birds flying high above the house, and they thought they might be ANGELs.
They had the key to the house and put it into the lock; it turned very easily and the door opened quietly and easily too, and the person stepped inside.

The first thing they saw was a large framed poster that had perplexed them as a child. It was a painting of a happy green ALIEN, who was waving, and there was speech bubble that said, โ€œYou are not who you think you are ...โ€
The person had told their grandfather that they did not understand this when they were a child, and the grandfather had laughed and said, โ€œThat alien is my FRIEND, and the Alien Message is something we must always remember.โ€

Over the years, the person had thought of this often, whether they wanted to or not, but today, they had a sense that they might understand, if they would stay in this house for a while, and relax, and start to breathe again in a different way.

The person started to feel younger, they remembered their small ASPECTs being here and being amazed, sometimes overwhelmed, but always safe and having the space to play in many different ways.
They realised that they had not played in a long, long time.

The person walked through the house that was filled everywhere with the most wonderful GIFTs of toys and games and philosophies and art their grandfather had created in his long life, and they opened the doors to the small courtyard garden, where they remembered a FOUNTAIN to be, from a real spring, and it was still there, and as they stepped out into the garden, they became the child they once had been, and who had played in the fountain, and loved it with all their heart.

And it was there that their heart opened and became a flaring STAR, and they knew right there and then that they were on the very first moment of the start of a great new journey โ€ฆ

Friday Nov 23rd 2018

  by Silvia Hartmann
"Traveling from star to star, exploring the mysteries of the deepest oceans, magical market places, worlds upon worlds all from the comfort of your own favourite chair; thatโ€™s Project Sanctuary."ย Will Taylor

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