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Energy Hypnosis Article Totality Hypnosis by Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

Energy Hypnosis Article Totality Hypnosis by Silvia Hartmann

Energy Hypnosis Information


Totality Hypnosis

by Silvia Hartmann

Introduction To Energy Hypnosis | Hypnosis & Physical Relief | Hypnosis & Mind Healing | Hypnosis & Energy System Healing | Hypnosis & The Astral System | Totality Hypnosis - In Conclusion


An Introduction To Totality Energy Hypnosis

The concept of the human "totality" is central to my work.

What it means is that all aspects of a person, physical, psychological and energetic in nature alike, ALL have to work together as a single system.

If someone suffers from psychological problems, there is more at work than "just psychology" or the conscious/unconscious mind; there is a whole person who is having problems.

We can't "just" massage it better, or "just" talk it better; we can't "just" energy heal this better but we have to do something new and different - namely to address ALL at the same time and get all aspects back into harmony, find common ground, and as soon as energy system, astral system, physicality AND consciousness come back into harmony, we experience a sense of peace, relaxation, and PRESENCE that is not unlike being in a lucid dream, or an enlightened state.

In brief, Totality Hypnosis works by stimulating and aligning the four essential aspects of ourselves as follows.


Hypnosis & Physical Relief

Relaxing tensions and finding comfort in our bodies is the first and most basic step to starting to feel much better - this is why all forms of hypnosis and meditation are so pleasant and beneficial. However, in Totality Hypnosis the support and emergence of PLEASURABLE feelings and sensations is very important.

It is not until we FEEL GOOD that our systems really start to come on line and we find the energy we need for life in all ways.

It is also in this context of the need to feel GOOD that all the sounds and internal representations, the experiences someone has when they respond to the words and the music (the sounds and visions!) are designed to stroke the traveller, to encourage them to ENGAGE WILLINGLY in the process because they like it.

This has everything to do with releasing old entrainment fears, promote calm and properly functioning physical systems, and MOTIVATING forward momentum, raising energy for movement and change.


Hypnosis & Mind Healing

Thoughts can both follow from state, but they can also CAUSE state directly. It is for this reason that significant weight has to be given to conscious processes, conscious thought, memories, and thought path entrainments - just "switching off" the consciousness is not the answer. The consciousness has the will to wholeness and "even flow" functioning, it just doesn't know what to do; so to support smooth and ENJOYABLE thought and consciousness experiences is one of the hallmarks of totality hypnosis.

To feel good is one thing; but to KNOW that at the same time lifts the experience into lucidity, and it is in that state that the consciousness is able to re-write its own laws and rules, most of which have come into being by accident and never by design.

Hypnosis & Energy System Healing

We know when the energy system is unhappy when WE have unhappy emotions - fear, anger, panic, sadness, depression and all the rest.

Our experience of the energy system is exactly what emotions are; so there can be no "sanctuary state" meeting of all the aspects of a human person without emotions, without calling upon states that EVOKE emotions and also EVOLVE emotions from one experience into the other. A sequence of emotional experiences is by definition also a sequence of energy body unfoldments. The input to the energy system in totality hypnosis is invisible, but its presence is NOTICEABLE because of the emotions it evokes.

Many people find, for example, that on the first experience of a HypnoDreams track, and especially a Post HypnoDreams HypnoSolutions track, they notice strong emotions, such as crying or a "wave of sadness". When these experiences have become transformed into delight and excitement, a traveller knows that the repair in their energy system has indeed, taken place and all is flowing freely and as it should.

Hypnosis & The Astral System

Now, the astral system or psychic circuitry is the least known or understood of the human aspects. It is a powerful contributor to health, incarnation, sanity and effectiveness in EVERY part of our lives, and it is both malnourished as well as damaged.

Worse still, the astral systems are hardly ever spoken to directly, and very few interventions of healing and restoration, never mind expansion and DEVELOPMENT, are ever even undertaken.

It is perhaps as simple as saying that the astral system is the home of magic.

People seek magic "beyond the ordinary" and this is about a reconnection to the astral properties of all aspects of creation, and of course, most of all to the astral systems INSIDE ourselves.

The pathway to the astral system is connected to the energy mind or unconscious mind; the language used to speak to the astral system is that of metaphor, and what is being transferred is INFORMATION.

Information about the organising principles of the astral systems altogether, and where and how it is to mesh with the Universe at large.

The re-connection and repair of the human astral systems is prioritised in the HypnoDreams because this is needed desperately; indeed, many, many human problems that manifest in body, energy system and psychology are directly sourced from malfunctions in the astral system and can only be repaired from there.

The "poetic", "alien" or "numinous" quality and topics of the HypnoDreams is what charges, restores and actualises the astral circuitry.


Totality Hypnosis - In Conclusion

Sensations (Physicality), Thoughts (Consciousness), Emotions (Energy Body) and ESP (Astral Body) all have to be spoken to AT THE SAME TIME and IN THE SAME PLACE, with an ALIGNED message, in order for all these to come together and START WORKING TOGETHER as they should.

When they do, our experience of life and what it is to be a human being become radically different altogether. Possibilities become apparent that simply were not there before and indeed, a whole new life begins in every way imaginable and then beyond.

The concept and practice of Totality Hypnosis is a first attempt and step stone towards a completely different way of human actualisation, using simply what is there in harmony as it was designed to be used in the first place.

© Silvia Hartmann 2005

  by Silvia Hartmann
"I adore Project Sanctuary. It is such a fabulous way to get answers, and new solutions. I notice the most positive change both within the sanctuary and in the outer world, in relationships. Fabulous." Debbie Hazelton

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