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EFT & Project Sanctuary

EFT & Project Sanctuary

When this article was written on ideas how to use EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques to "unstick stuck PS puzzles, EFT was still new and hardly anyone had heard of it.

This is not now the case and as EFT can be really helpful even in the most esoteric of spaces and situations, here is a re-print of the original article.


EFT & Project Sanctuary

by Silvia Hartmann (1999)

As an add-on, since I wrote Project Sanctuary I have come across a most wonderful healing modality which is called EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Now let me say that I HAVE been around the houses as far as mind and body healing is concerned - homeopathy, Reiki, hypnotherapy, NLP, acupuncture and so on and so on but:

EFT is simply THE MOST EFFICIENT SYSTEM I have EVER come across.

It's a content free process that creates change in the neurology at a profound level and this is achieved by tapping on major meridian points whilst tuning in to a problematic memory, feeling, thought, or pain.

What happens when you do this is that disturbing and blocking negative emotions are simply smoothed away - EFT is a first class remover of blockages to clear thinking, to understanding things, to processing past events, and to healing yourself.

What's more, the EFT process is dead simple to learn, the basic protocol is available for free for anyone to try out and you can use it to do most everything, from belief changes to clearing up any form of neurosomatic illness, from completely eliminating addictive cravings to stress control, - well ...

I could go on FOREVER what you can do with it and how wonderful it is; do forgive me for being a bit overexcited but I truly believe this technique is a major stepping stone on the way forward in mind and body healing for the next millennium.

I have spent some time investigating EFT and its relatives now and I'm still as excited about it as I was when I first discovered it.

Click here for basic EFT protocol.



Basic outline to work with Project Sanctuary puzzles using the EFT protocol:

Simply state the problem "as is", tap it and then either wait for new cognition to arise, or go back to the feature/creature you have been working on and just note how it has changed and evolved as a result of the tapping:

"Even though I can't get that mountain to shift ..."

"Even though the monster won't come out from behind the trees ...."

"Even though I don't know what to do with my ex-lover who's still sleeping in his glass coffin ..." and so forth.


Remember also that you can use the non-directional questioning phrases, such as

"Even though I don't know what to do about (....) ....."

"Even though I'm completely stuck with (.....) ...." etc.


You can use EFT to successfully address very basic building blocks to being able to do Sanctuary activities:

"Even though I am afraid to open myself to communicating with my unconscious mind ..."

"Even though I don't have any imagination ..."

"Even though everyone else can do this but not me ..." and so on.


All sanctuary puzzles have an emotional component, or else they wouldn't be puzzles. Whether something frustrates you, makes you angry or sad, and especially when there are things that make you afraid in any way, EFT is a perfect approach to the problem:

"Even though I don't want to look at what's under that rock ..."

"Even though this landscape feels very scary ..."

"Even though I do not know why this landscape feels so scary ..."

"Even though there is something definitely not right with this (....) ...."


To address relationship aspects or get a whole new view on a problem in your sanctuary, you can proxy tap the object/creature/manifestation in question. This is a fascinating exercise and especially recommended when dealing with dark forces of any kind.

"I am the mountain. Even though I can't move, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself."

"Even though the mountain won't move, I deeply and profoundly love and accept the mountain."

"I am the angel. Even though I won't help (insert own name), I deeply and profoundly love and accept (insert own name)."


Positive manifestations and removing roadblocks is also something you can begin to create with EFT. Tapping makes it easier for the right answer to manifest.

"I want this river to be perfect and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself." (or, "... I deeply and profoundly love and accept this river").

"I want to break through this barrier of ice ..."

"I want to create something here that is just right for me ...."



Emotional Freedom Techniques

* Since 2011, Project Sanctuary is officially the "metaphor training module" for the Energy EFT Master Practitioner certification training, in the advanced level, Unit 11 of 12.

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