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Creative Writing 101

by Silvia Hartmann

Creative Writing 101

Don't be afraid - I'm not going to sell you anything. This is an advertisement written many years ago for my course in Creative Writing 101, which is no longer available. I found it today whilst clearing out some archives and thought, "Hey, that's rather good. A good explanation of what real creative writing is all about. I've just started a new YouTube channel called Creative Writing Tips so it's relevant to consider what my aspect said at the time.

Here we go! Smile

So there was this man, and he said, "I am not interested in Creative Writing. That's for fantasists and dreamers, what I want to learn is how to write for profit. Write good advertising slogans. Product descriptions. Articles. Hypnosis CDs. Sales letters. Love letters, even, they might get me laid! Anything but Creative Writing, I have no time for such nonsense ..."

I sighed and asked my energy mind for an idea, for something to tell him so he would understand.

A vision began to form and I started to speak.

"So there are products and processes ... Do you know what soup and Coca Cola and Snapple and lemonade all have in common?"

He thought about it, shook his head.

"Water," I said. "They all need water. Without a source of water, fresh, clear, flowing water that is constantly renewing you can't make soup, no matter how good your factory is, how good all your other ingredients are, how well trained your workers. You can't make Coca Cola. You can't make Snapple. You can't make soup. The Creative Writing part is the water. You need to get that to flow first, find your wellsprings, and when you have that water, then you can do whatever you want with it. You can make endless soup. Or Snapple. Use it to fill a fish tank. A swimming pool. Water an orchard. Float your boat. Or a million other things, anything you want, really."

"So what you're saying is ... Creative Writing is the stream of ideas?"

"Yes, that's exactly right. No matter what you write, you need that stream, that water, which you can then use and flavour in any way you like. Use it for any purpose - but without the stream, there's nothing. There are tens of thousands of recipes on what to do with the water after you have it, how to shape it into a poem or a sales letter but I know how to get people to find their water, their wellspring, metaphorically speaking. That's what I call Creative Writing."

"And you can learn that?"

"Of course you can. Sign up here ..."

Creative Writing 101

with Silvia Hartmann

That's my central sales piece for the Creative Writing course.

First, we find the stream - and it is a stream of energy, a stream of visions, the answer to the question you put to your own energy mind, such as, "Give me something that will explain to this guy that real Creative Writing isn't a waste of time and is in fact a process that is content free ... learnable ... and can be shaped into any form of writing known to mankind ..."

Without the stream, what would I have said?

Because Creative Writing is also Creative Speaking - it's the same thing.

That stream of visions activated and guided in the right direction creates Creative Communication - spoken and written word, all formats, all purposes, any time, anywhere.

Creative Writing is awesome!

It gets even better than that.

Once you learn to trust your own stream of information, this gives you a level of confidence as a writer, a speaker and a thinker that is above and beyond all and anything you might have ever experienced before.

With this confidence comes joy in expression, in telling your story, speaking and writing your words; and from this joy springs the desire to experience more, become more experienced and eventually, developing mastery and lightness in the process of enjoying your powers of communication across the board.

And it all starts with the water ...


We'll have a lot of fun on this course playing with words in many different ways, and most of all, learning to trust our unfolding skills in communicating - with others, with ourselves, for profit and for evolution.

If you find that exciting, and you'd love to lift your own writing skills to a whole new level, I'd love to work with you on ...

Creative Writing 101

Creative Writing that will blow your mind, that will re-set the way you think about yourself as a writer, an author, a communicator.

You'll find many enjoyable and of course, creative and unique exercises here to unlock you, unblock you, lift you and inspire you all the way.

With powerful tutor support by Silvia Hartmann all the way through, this is a course you'll love from the very first exercise to the last.


Creative Writing Pre-Requisites

Energy Enabled = ???!

People have tried to "teach" Creative Writing for a long time - but they were hindered by the simple fact that all manner of disturbances, blocks, reversals and of course the ubiquitous ever present stress get in the way and there were no methods available to deal with that.

But what can we do NOW?

What happens when we combine human creativity with being able to release the blockages in the flow of creativity with energy methods such as EFT and EmoTrance?

Well, then we are in brand new territory and we can go much, much further than any human creative has ever been before!


So I expect potential students on this course to be "energy enabled" which means that they will be able to treat themselves with EFT, EmoTrance or any suitable modern energy method as and when this becomes necessary.


Project Sanctuary

A basic knowledge of Project Sanctuary makes all forms of Creative Writing much, much easier, so I have decided to make Project Sanctuary required reading for this course. Alternatively, The Genius Symbols can be used; the important pre-requisite is to be able to do The Classic Game.


With these pre-requisites in place, success is guaranteed.


In Conclusion:

The NEW Creative Writing 101 Distance Learning Course will get you WRITING like you've never written before.

CW101 will take you through a very simple process from original vision to then shaping these into many different forms of writing and language.

You can use these forms for art, pleasure, profit and very practical, down to Earth applications such as writing advertisements and sales slogans too.

In the process, you will gain experience and confidence in expressing yourself to many different kinds of audiences elegantly and purposefully.

Most of all, at the end of this course you will have become a real writer - a person who can write, and they know that they can.

 Creative Writing 101 cover art

The NEW Creative Writing 101 Distance Learning Course includes:

* 8 Units, packed full of concise, inspirational and exciting exercises to get you writing in a whole new way.

* Special exercises to write fact, fiction, poetry, guided meditations, biographies and sales pieces - creatively!

* Powerful Individual Ongoing Tutor Support by Silvia Hartmann - the creator of Project Sanctuary, EmoTrance and Events Psychology AND author of the HypnoDreams Trilogy, In Serein, Vampire Solstice, The Golden Horse & The Magician.

***** Sidereus "Creative Writing 101" Certification - this will be a certificate you will treasure forever.

***** Special Bonus Sound Tracks For Exercises

***** Special Bonus: "The Perfect Star" - Full length special original energy hypnosis/guided meditation for creative writers to find their perfect story at any time, anywhere. Only available in conjunction with this course!



Yes, so that was the sales page for Creative Writing 101 from 2014. A very cool course and I enjoyed taking many fabulous people through it.

Right now, I'm thinking about making a new course, perhaps a book, perhaps just a sequence of YouTube videos - "How to train your daemon" :-)

We'll see if there's time for it, there is always so much going on in the worlds of Modern Energy, but I would love to have more people understand what Creative Writing is actually all about, and stop getting in their way to access their own true genius which is waiting to be contacted and spring to life.

Subscribe to my new YouTube channel below, it's free.


  by Silvia Hartmann
"Project Sanctuary is an excellent resource for any explorer of the human mind, developed by one of the savviest people around. Highly Recommended!" Win Wenger, PhD

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