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Classic Game Becomes Part Of GoE EFT Master Practitioner Program

Classic Game Becomes Part Of GoE EFT Master Practitioner Program

Project Sanctuary's Classic Game has been included in the Advanced Level EFT training program as the device of choice to help EFT practitioners work successfully with client presented metaphors, very highly charged memories, fragmented/repressed memories and "life problems" which would generate too many separate EFT set up statements.

This has been received extremely well by EFT students who are delighted with these powerful new additions to their tool box of techniques and has been described as "truly magical and entirely transformative."

The Project Sanctuary unit - code named "Working With Autogenic Realities" includes the following methods, techniques and exercises:

  • Introducing The Energy Mind
  • The Autogenic World
  • Better Information
  • Stress & The Energy Mind
  • The Energy Body In The Autogenic World
  • ONLY Data
  • Whose Data Is This Anyway?
  • Memories As Habitats
  • Memory Habitats
  • Using Aspects Inside The Habitat
  • Creating A Stable Autogenic Memory Habitat
  • Exercise 1: A Memory Habitat With An Aspect Inside
  • Story & Aspect
  • Exercise 2: Forgiving An Aspect
  • A Whole New Memory
  • Unfolding A Memory Habitat From A Memory Fragment
  • The Autogenic Memory EFT Protocol In Brief
  • Other Uses For Autogenic Habitats
  • Tips On Autogenic Habitats
  • Working With Metaphor
  • Exercise 3: Unfolding A Habitat From A Metaphor
  • High Level Energy System Changes
  • Global Autogenic Intervention
  • If Your Problem Was A Place ...
  • The EFT Global Autogenic Intervention Protocol In Brief
  • Exercise 4: Autogenic EFT


Here is some feedback from EFT students on the course:

This was really new to me, but it was fun, fun, and more fun.  From working on these exercises I can see some great advantages to working with autogenic realities. The metaphor I worked on for myself has been with me for a while.  I have on several occasions tapped on it and while it did evolve a little bit, it just kept showing up.  What I hadn’t realized is that everything in the autogenic reality has information. It wasn’t until this lesson that I paid more attention to the landscape and the other people in it.  I had not noticed their expressions, nor questioned what they were doing there.  This is what made the difference and gave me the additional information I needed to see why I was stuck. I see the importance of exploring in detail.

Also, working with autogenic realities is like playing a video game in a virtual world where you play for the adventure. Kids and young people can really relate to this and it is fun!  I can sell this EFT tapping to kids easily by explaining it like a video game. No complaints that EFT is “boring” now!

I can also see how it can get to the underlying global issues very efficiently and effectively.  Kind of like the trick of pulling the table cloth from under the tableware in one swoop, instead of needing to take everything off first.

Not only that, but the changes stay changed and serve as a positive, more evolved, reference point to look back on, or to continue to work with later.  They are now resources that support us in our next step of growth and evolution.



Autogenic realities rock!

They are a wonderful choice for EFT energy interventions because there is no, trying to explain something that you might not really understand. You are working with the conscious mind and the energy mind in a space where both can connect and unfold what needs to happen for healing, without having to think about it, look for ways to tackle a problem, words to describe a problem or emotion.

You can allow yourself to be taken on a journey of healing, fully in control, but still letting the energy mind lead the way. I discovered so much about what I say and why, using this method. It has been extremely healing even though I wasn’t aware before this unit that I had these things to heal. Although I knew about some parts of each aspect, I had no idea that the words I was using were a massive clue from the energy mind, and when I stepped into those habitats with the aspects, I didn’t know where they would take me or how. But I learnt an awful lot and healed an awful lot with little effort and a great deal of enjoyment.

I think there are probably other EFT routes I could have used for all of the problems I encountered, and I would have unearthed them eventually, but using the Sanctuary has meant they have naturally come to light, been naturally dealt with and healed, and in such a way that I felt like I was writing a novel! In fact I now have a tool that I can use to edit and check my novels and write the many new ones jangling around in my head! I am going to go into every single scene and stay awhile and then re write it and see how different it is!

I am also pleased with how this worked for my elderly bedridden client. It felt gentle and, for an illness that is so complicated, the right thing to do. Other approaches may come from this, but for now I want to treat her illness in this way. Hopefully it will help, even if it is just to give her energy, as so often she feels ill. I will definitely try it with other illnesses of such a complicated nature, as well as with people who have so many issues that there doesn’t seem to be a starting point. Whether this will create an end point, or whether it will show a good starting point for using other methods doesn’t really matter.



Once again, there is structure here that allows for transformation---it is (I use this word a lot lately) powerful to be experiencing this and putting it all together.

By allowing habitats to show up, either by allowing a metaphor or saying to evolve and unfold, or by taking a whole “worst case” cascade (like the last exercise) and letting the “my life is a mess” situation evolve and transform, there seems to be no area or situation that could not be resolved. (I am feeling very enthusiastic about this work, so perhaps I’m overstating it---but I really can’t think of an area this wouldn’t work on.).

Autogenic realities are rooted in the difficulty, and are physically, cellularly, present. By using them as constructs that can be evolved, the work goes smoothly. Because the language of the energy self is the language of sense, feeling, image, we are using the language of the deepest self, and so the work can proceed beautifully, and can be extraordinarily complete---to the level of +10 on the SUE scale, i.e. a high-level of flourishing. I am looking forward to working this into my client sessions (and self-sessions!) immediately.



Working with autogenic realities;

·                    really brings you back to where you were,
·                    gets you into the space of where you were like going on a time train right back there,
·                    lets you feel your emotions then,
·                    brings up stuff like feelings that you never knew were there,
·                    makes you realize why you are who you are today,
·                    makes you realize where your own idiosyncrasies come from!
·                    Gives release to what you don’t want,
·                    Makes you able to forgive if forgiveness is required.

Because so many memories we have are not just like ”there” all the time, we know we do something or react a certain way we just don’t know the full story, we have a sense of something, a small piece of the jig saw but never take the time or even know that we can go somewhere with this, explore it, find ourselves if you like and finally accept and release any negative emotions around it.  We are not erasing it from our memory why would we, it is a part of us, it is our memory but we just don’t want the pain of it anymore, if there is pain.

Or we may realize that is why we react now and that is release in itself because we realize we have choices, we don’t still have to react that way if we don’t want we can tap and release the something that is making us react a certain way if it is negative for us.

How freeing!



Working with autogenic realities is a good choice for EFT energy interventions because the autogenic reality gives a much better mirror to what is truly going on with a human being, what is really bothering him, what is really a conflict or what is a disharmony. To ignore the autogenic world would be an irony as the energy we are working on in energy work is not coming from the world of matter.

The world of matter is only a manifestation of energetic reality streaming through the world of matter.
Pain in the autogenic reality is real pain. I experienced this over and over again, also that the pain or disturbance in the autogenic world will for sure then also at some point be reflected on the physical body as the autogenic world is literally the medium through which the spirit influences matter. Blockages or injuries in the energy body will have an effect on outer reality at some point or the other.

We are spiritual being in a physical body. The autogenic world builds the bridge from spiritual experience to earthly experience. The blockage and separation between intellect and perception is one of the greatest disasters human kind has ever initiated and I am more than happy to work with the autogenic reality also to help people heal the bridge between both realities again and become more whole again as human beings.

This applies the same when working with memories. If we only focus on facts we make us unable to grasp completely what really happened and literally cut of deeper healing opportunities which would be a silly thing to do. Plus it is safer if we work on the aspect in the memory this way instead of working with the material bound memory and the I. If we go with the aspect into the autogenic memory we can keep the client and aspect save and stress free as possible and work as the best EFTeam possible. It also helps the client feel different about the aspect.

It is great to test the waters for future aspects in different energetic environments. To work with metaphor etc.

People come to you and you can see, feel and hear that they have literally hundreds of problems, traumas, issues. They had a messed up childhood, their mum is a lunatic, they have health problems, they have relationship problems, they do not know what they want to do with their lives, they have psychological problems, if we then use the autogenic work to start working on how it is represented there we have at once a very clear starting base, a very clear eft story where we can start to work on. It cannot get any clearer. If we start to tap on how the aspect feels in this story the story will evolve more and more and a solution and healing is accessible even in complex life problem situations.


I am so excited about working with autogenic realities! I feel like I have been given a whole new world to explore, like I've learned a whole new school of therapy and such a delightful one, at that.

I was so surprised how easy it was to ask my client about a habitat that describes how they feel and as we tapped on what was there (when we started it was all dark and gloomy, cold, horrible, lifeless!) how it began to change, but not only that, how different it all started to feel.

My client was amazed, he said he didn't think of himself as a dreamer and it all felt so real. I think this is really awesome, it makes me want to treat lots more clients using this approach. In fact I love it so much, I've been thinking about specialising in this kind of work, it really speaks to me, or should I say it sings to me!

We are very happy that through the popular energy therapy/self help modality of EFT more people are now finding their way to the "magic of metaphor" and Project Sanctuary originated techniques that are so useful and as always, "reach those places that other techniques simply can't reach."


"Project Sanctuary - the ultimate magical adventure!" Carna Zacharias-Miller

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