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Christine & Wealth

You're welcome to share my sanctuary story.  In short, I asked for a representation of abundance in all things material (and specifically money).  Up came a vast field of buttercups, golden in the sun.

So I naturally thought, "Oh, a farm." and proceeded to work like mad with tractors and trucks and being paid for buttercup production.  However this gave me a pretty bad "K", which NLPers will recognise as an unsatisfactory "T" (test) in the TOTE routine.  *and to non NLPers, it means that it really didn't feel good or right at a deep level.


So I asked for a nicer representation.  Up came a vast valley of buttercups, richly perfumed, with the name "Valley of Love".  This one felt FANTASTIC.  Since my visit to the UK and Switzerland
(where people _really_ know how to grow flowers) I have added all the colours of the rainbow, as well as spectacular lake views on one side.  The perfume draws huge numbers of people who come to blissfully experience the sights and smells of this amazing creation.  The whole thing is now about feeling good rather than working yourself into the ground.

The result?  I have come back to masses of enrolments to my courses (the cheques have gathered while I've been away, and a course I thought I'd have to cancel has room for only 2 more, even though it doesn't run till November!) as well as enquiries for me to do some really exciting work with a massage school and an elite sporting team.

No doubt I will do further work on this one as it evolves, but this is a really great start.



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"Project Sanctuary is your own personal Stargate to all the Universe has to offer! I knew it was there, but Project Sanctuary helped me find it, find myself."  Jeremy Cush

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