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Story: The Little Black Soul

by Silvia Hartmann

Story: The Little Black Soul

Soul piloting is an excellent remedy for depression. I was feeling depressed and listless today, so I decided to be a Soul Pilot for a while, see if that would make me feel any better.

And indeed, it did. Now, I'm feeling calm, serene, tranquil and very grateful for the story and the experience with The Little Black Soul.

Beautiful Galaxy Illustration for Black Soul Article

The Little Black Soul

A Soul Pilot Story by StarFields

Take me to a place in time and space where a lost soul needs my help today.

Rushing wind in my hair, rushing wind in my eyes, makes my eyes sting and water. I blink and try to see, then I find I cannot breathe.

I am travelling too fast.

I slow myself down inside of the rushing all around me, and I seem to be inside something where there is vertical rushing all around, black and grey and brown streaking by so fast it's only lines, that's all I can make out. But I can breathe again, and I can see again.

Experimentally, I rise; and the rushing stripes of black, grey and brown slip down and by as if I was in an escalator, or perhaps deep inside the earth and looking at strata of geological rock formations as I ascend towards the surface ...

Slowly I emerge from the rushing, head first, being lifted up and above and what I see is like the surface of a still black sea, very smooth, blue black and thick, like oil not water, and it reflects the stars above and whirling galaxies that shine very brightly.

Slowly I rise out of the rushing under the surface until I stand on the black shiny skin that extends in all directions, without a ripple, without a sigh, and I turn around and wonder at the strangeness of this place, and where to find the soul that needs my help today.

I wonder if it is inside, underneath, but I have a sense that it is not; so I cautiously begin to move on the black oil surface, walking doesn't work, but I can slide, and so I slide along without any kind of effort being expended at all.

Up above, a most beautiful perfect wheeling galaxy catches my eye; it is white and blue, and hues of rose and gold are there as well. It is close or so it seems, distances can be so deceptive ... size can be so relative ...

As I think this, I begin to grow, and grow, and grow more and soon enough, the huge world with the rushing inside and the black smooth surface outside has become like a drop of oil and it is very small indeed ... it is tiny, it is black of course, and highly reflective, so it is near enough invisible in this space of many stars and galaxies and streaks of light and fabulous clouds of many colours, so many things are here, such a tiny drop of something would be so very easy to overlook ...

I am beginning to wonder if the tiny black drop is indeed, the soul for which I was searching.

I extend my astral hand with care and take the small drop, pull it forward, make it rest in the palm of my other hand, and there it settles down with what seems to be a sigh, and becomes a small lake in the palm of my hand instead.

As I wonder what to do, I see the same beautiful whirling galaxy reflected in the small black pool again and I'm beginning to think, this is not an accident.

This tiny soul belongs with the huge galaxy somehow, perhaps its home is there, perhaps I need to take it home ...

There is a rightness and a power about that thought and I even think the little lake in the palm of my astral hand of light is quivering slightly; it feels as though it is trying to awaken.

So I look up and the galaxy is there, and even though it is so huge, so far away, and there are so many stars that I can see, and so many more that I cannot, I start on the journey towards the beautiful galaxy, and as I do, now I am really sure the little black lake, the little black soul is stirring in my hand, awakening, drawing into itself the colours and the lights from that galaxy, like nourishment, and it begins to grow.

The closer we are getting to the galaxy, the more the little black soul is growing, and it is changing.

Soon, it is bigger than the palm of my hand, and I use both hands to gently encircle it, and being astral hands, I let them grow with the little soul as it grows and changes.

Soon, I can't see any other stars any longer; the beautiful galaxy of many colours and a million billion stars has grown to take up the entirety of my vision, is now all there is; and the little soul has become much larger, elongated in shape, and its colour is no longer black but an interesting shade of soft grey, with opalescence dancing on the surface which is very shiny still ...

Closer and closer, and now the bright light at the center of the galaxy that is all colors all combined is all there is, and we are heading straight towards the center of the galaxy, and now the soul encircled in my hands that have become like enormous wings is shifting fast and moving, becoming an entity, a recognisable being although it is of a kind I've never seen before or met in walking or in dream alike, it is silver, and streamlined, and beautiful; it has a mind, a past, a future, it can know and feel, and it awakens more and more, becomes more and more aware of itself and of me as well, and as we're getting closer and the light is getting ever brighter, so is the creature and there comes the moment when the light at the center of the galaxy and the colour of the being become one and the same, and I can no longer tell with my eyes who is where, or what is what, and there I stop in the brightness and gently, open my wing hands to let the being go ...

Just for a moment, there is an explosion of pure joy that shockwaves out and rushes through me too; then the being, carried forward on that self same wave that rushes outward in all dimensions, enters into the center of the galaxy - all folds in, all now inverts, and all that's left is beauty, peace, a holy silence and a single perfect star.


StarFields November 2010

  by Silvia Hartmann
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