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A Magic Business Ritual With The Genius Symbols

A Magic Business Ritual With The Genius Symbols

It came to pass that ideas were required to get something going that was languishing, and underperforming, and not doing well at all.All around the conference table sighed and shook their heads; many things had already been tried and they had all failed to produce profit and results, and now, everyone was depressed, and disheartened.Until one amongst them cried - "Let's get out the Genius Symbols! There MUST be things we haven't thought of yet - just one good idea will do! Let's not give up just yet, let's do it RIGHT NOW!"

And so the Symbols were brought forth, and they were placed face down in the middle of the conference table. A sheet of paper was also produced, and a pen by one amongst them who believed in making lists and taking notes; and so everything was made ready.

The one who had the idea spoke for them all and stated the purpose of the game.

"We need good, practical new ideas to make this project work, to make this successful," they said and all around the table nodded their agreement.

The first symbol was turned over, and it was the symbol of Star Dust.

Some spoke up and said that the project look dour and dreary, it wasn't sparkling with life, and they discussed ways of making it look and feel and sound more attractive, more lively and more magical as well.

Many ideas were put forth and three were written down upon the paper, next to the symbol of the three stars.

It seemed that all in the room had awoken - there were smiles now, and an air of excitement, exploration, interest and focus, as the task of turning over the next symbol went to the next one along the table.

So one symbol at a time was turned over, and ideas flowed like rivers, sparkled like lively brooks in the sunshine, came to surface like secret forest wells, and cascaded brightly as waterfalls would who throw themselves in white abandon from rocky cliffs into the waiting pools of turquoise deep below.

The single sheet of paper was soon filled with brilliant new ideas, with simple old ideas that had been overlooked or quite forgotten, with serious ideas and fun ideas, but all of these ideas were practical, and every SINGLE ONE would help bring the project back to life, and into profit. A second sheet of paper was acquired; then a third, and as each symbol was turned over and revealed its messages, these symbols were placed into a circle that was becoming more and more complete.

Until the last symbol was placed into the circle, and all around the table were quiet now, very reflective, very aware that what they had done on this day was extra-ordinary, magical, powerful beyond the very real ideas and ways forward they had written down on their many sheets of paper.

One held out their hands, palms down towards the circle of symbols, a little shy, but in a way that showed it was something they felt they had to do, and then one by one, all followed, and in silence, they all gave their best wishes and their best power to the project that was now resonant, bursting with life and existence, and amazing in its potential for future growth, unfoldment, and bringing good things to the company as a whole, and each individual in turn.

As all stood up to leave the room, one brought forth a single white candle.

They placed it in the center of the circle of symbols and said that it would burn through the night, and when it had burned out, some form of old magic would have happened, that would do things beyond the brilliant, bright ideas as well, and all concurred, even those who had never believed in magic before, or even known what that was when it was done for real, at the right time, and in the right way.



January 2009

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"You have probably heard the classical question, "What book would you bring along if you were to spend the rest of your life on a desert island?". Well, after having read Project Sanctuary, your answer will be an easy one." Β Helena Sweden

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