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3 Poems PS Meditation MP3

3 Poems PS Meditation MP3

Silvia Hartmann writes: Three poems, three Project Sanctuary experiences, three habitats - different places in time and space that one may return to and explore further, which may become base camps in foreign lands and which may well hold much magic. In the second poem, there is a portal to a very distant place - "The other side of morning".

You can listen to it here and the texts are there as well. Enjoy!


Distant Hills

And so the morning
gives away
the long awaited
russet hour

And from the green hills,
we can see
the distant horizons.
There are no cities here,
there are no graveyards,
there is nothing
but beauty
and tranquility
all around us

No one goes to war
no one builds cathedrals

There is no reason
and no need to spend
the day in other than
a joyous
the morning


On the Other Side Of Morning

Write me a poem
Write me a song
make it loud and make it strong
declare your future, yours and mine.

Fall on me in
in sweetest wisdom
words which float beneath the tides
and all we hear is waves
that rush and whisper
ancient knowledges
again and yet again
they stand.

You walk the shore
you walk to water’s edge
and those who know
they listen with their feet
their wing tips touching
tiny bubbles, foam and
swiftly, all that wonderment
is nothing more but here and now –

We enter there
and there lies grace itself revealed,
revered and so beloved -
oh, what can I say to you?

How can I call your name
in such a way that you will
turn your head upon
your slender neck -
skywards you gaze
seawards you gaze
the breeze is lifting up your hair –
ah, come to me
beloved child of stony shores
of lonely nights,
of summers that were never bright!

Now raise your wings and feel
the lifting, feel the rushing,
come to me my love, my only one!

Don’t heed the voices in your head
that tell you there is nothing there
that you will soon exhaust yourself
in endless search again –
My child of beauty, come to me,
steadfast your heart and rising from within,
the deepest hunger, longing, desperation
for your journey home to me.

I need you too, your youth and beauty,
I need your glorious wings to stroke my skin –

Rise, fly and close your eyes,
my call to you will bring you home.

Don't seek a lighthouse
nor an island in the stormy sea
instead you see
a mirror in the sky
clear silver blue
and that will be your portal –

I await you
on the other side
of morning.


The Halls Of Marble & Ice

Many centuries ago,
we walked amidst
the halls of marble and of ice
we stood upon
the ancient towers
and viewed
the land below.

The sky was blue
and white clouds
were gentling the landscape
as we stood

I turned to you
and said,
What is this vision,
is this day?
And you laughed
and said,
"The wine is good today."

And later,
we will simply fly
and dance.

I remember you.

I shook my head
and turned away,
I couldn't help
but share your smile.

I took your hand
and so we went
into the halls
of marble and of ice,
children we were,
and yet,
the oldest ones
of all.

Today I have returned.

In timeless splendour,
all is at it was.

But now, I can
appreciate it all.
And I await you here.
My arrival heralds yours,
as well.

It's one of those things.

There you are!

SFX 2004

Listen To "Three Poems" MP3 with Music here



Morning Angel by StarFields

Image "Morning Angel" Β© StarFields 2004.

"Project Sanctuary - the ultimate magical adventure!" Carna Zacharias-Miller

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