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1000 Years Later - The Kingdoms Of In Serein

by Silvia Hartmann

1000 Years Later - The Kingdoms Of In Serein

23 years ago as I write this in March of 2023, an aspect sat down to write what was to become the In Serein trilogy. A map of the Kingdoms under King Selter was drawn up in the course of this, and as these words are an expanded Sanctuary habitat, they were visited many times since then, and many further stories unfolded. But now, it is a thousand years later and a new map will have to be drawn ...

The Kingdoms are on a continent; this continent is on a planet; and this planet is of course, part of a galaxy, which in turn belongs to a Universe.

Here I have played for decades now, and many, many things have happened.

There is an installation from In Serein that all Project Sanctuary/SuperMind players have inherited, and many more have heard about, at the very heart of this particular habitat - Pertineri Market, in the White City of Pertineri, where you can buy or trade for anything that exists not only in the known Universe, but way beyond, across all levels and layers.

 White dragons flying to Pertineri

The DragonLords flying towards Pertineri

In the 23 years in the Hard, a thousand years have passed.

This is the old map of the Kingdoms.

The Map of the Kingdoms under King Selter

We have to remember that this is a Sanctuary habitat, so it is much more "fluent" than landscapes in physical reality. Everything is made of energy ... this map is a representation of the energy set ups in my systems 23 years ago.

A thousand years have passed. What does the new map look like?

It seems it's time to find out.


SFX March 1st 2023

  by Silvia Hartmann
"I honestly had no idea I could be this creative." Gen Woodruff

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