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The Gift - What is YOUR Gift today?


PS 4 Kids

Creativity 4 Kids With Project Sanctuary

Quest Generator

Quest Generator

Playing games is the heart and soul of Project Sanctuary. Here is a simple, fun quest generator to make thousands of different habitats and innumerable different quests to get you started on a journey or a game or a story of your own.


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A Story For Terminally Ill Children: The Pirate's Treasure

A Story For Terminally Ill Children: The Pirate

Dimitra Paraschou from Greece is a Genius Symbol and Project Sanctuary student who volunteers to help out with terminally ill children at her local hospital, talking to them and reading stories for them.

She created a lovely new story, using the Genius Symbols and the Classic Game, something that would entertain but also enlighten and inspire. You can read the story here and also what happened when she told the story of The Pirate's Treasure to the children on the ward.

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The Gift

The Gift

The Gift is one of the most globally useful Project Sanctuary patterns, and one of the first patterns that "crossed the border" between Sanctuary and the Hard and was found to be beautifully effective in both.

This is a pattern with a thousand and one uses, meaning really, that the uses and benefits of The Gift are probably infinite!

NEW: Get a The Gift for yourself today - what will it be? -->

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Dream Interpretation - The Simple Secrets Of How To Interpret Your Own Dreams Correctly

Dream Interpretation - The Simple Secrets Of How To Interpret Your Own Dreams Correctly

If you ask yourself, "What do my dreams mean?" don't look for an online dream decoder, an A-Z of dreams or a dream symbol list that OTHER PEOPLE have assembled. Your dreams are your dreams, and you need to do your dream interpretation in context of who you are, what your life is like, and what the dream symbols mean FOR YOU.

Here are the 3 simple secrets to correct dream interpretation, how do do dream interpretation yourself so you find out the meanings of your dreams, and some examples about a naked dream, and a dream about a snake.

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Father Christmas

Father Christmas

StarFields writes: Do you remember a time when you still believed in Father Christmas?

When the idea of a being that could deliver gifts to all the children of the world in a single night was the truth? Do you remember when you stopped believing?

Do you remember when you found out that the adults were lying, that it was a huge conspiracy against the children, and did a part of you become very sad, and very cynical at time? If so, there might be something that can be done to restore the faith in magic.

Here is my story.

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A Story For Susy - Johnny's Bad Day

A Story For Susy - Johnny

Mary Haines writes: I wanted to write a story for my god daughter Susy who was going to be 4. I wanted it to be just the right story for her. So, I set my intention before entering sanctuary asking my energy mind to give me a story.

It is called "Johnny's Bad Day" and there's a link to see me reading out the story on Youtube.

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De-Programming Fairy Tales: The Golden Horse

De-Programming Fairy Tales: The Golden Horse

Silvia Hartmann writes: Fairy tales have an inordinate effect on human beings. They are very specific stories, set in a "timeless" dimension and they act on the neurology in a very specific way.

"Embedded" when we are but children, and with their true messages quite hidden under the surface, fairy tales program a range of codes of conduct and behaviour specific to the societies that tell them to train their youngsters to grow up into good productive citizens.

Fairy tales are the carriers for deep programming, as are other types of stories which function on the same timeless "once upon a time in a faraway land" principle and this programming is not just resistant to being undone later on with conscious interventions and decisions and willpower, but is actually structurally out of reach from attempts of the adult mind to free itself from these entrainments. Simply put, to de-program a fairy tale, you need ANOTHER fairy tale. And nothing else will do.

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Fostris - Channeler Challenge

Fostris - Channeler Challenge

This is what a 14 year old boy who isn't that interested in metaphor, creativity or therapy managed to do stone cold with this Project Sanctuary game (details below).

What he found has now been used by many as a way to calm "Ashtars" - a codename Project Players have for their spirit selves.

The young gentleman was further inspired to produce a piece of digital art to give an impression of the Fostris habitat. Excellent!

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The Wishing Elf

The Wishing Elf

Do you remember when you were small, perhaps you made a wishlist at some time. Perhaps you wrote to Father Christmas, or perhaps you just made one on a scrap of paper just for yourself one day.

Perhaps you stood in front of an ancient wishing well and closed your eyes and threw your coin, and then another, and then another?

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Sanctuary Bring & Buy Sale!

Sanctuary Bring & Buy Sale!

This is a really good fun pattern to allow groups or friends to trade "resources" of the magical kind.

Two people can play this quite happily, the more, the merrier. But of course, one can also just attend an astral bring and buy - there are many across the planes and the layers :-)

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In Sanctuary

In Sanctuary

In Sanctuary is a powerful, short metasong story from the book of fairy tales, The Golden Horse.

This story concerns a little girl who demanded far more from the world around her than was seemly ...

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Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle - would you like to receive one?

Would you like to send a message in a bottle?

Here is a perfectly simple, perfectly enchanting Project Sanctuary pattern that can lead to many other things ...

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The Golden Horse

The Golden Horse

This is a beautiful PS story in classic fairy tale format for those who may need a time of healing, a spark of healing creativity and a little magic ...

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