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Genius Symbols Short Memory Exercise Video

Genius Symbols Short Memory Exercise Video

Here is a short video with an easy Genius Symbols beginner's exercise in how to use the symbols to ask for specific memories to be flashed up in response to a question or set up.

Simple as it is, this exercise covers many of the important principles of communicating with the energy mind, engaging in a conversation, steering and controlling visions (in this case, memories), and getting a broader perspective on the multi-level nature of the symbols. Plus this is also a strongly motivational exercise, and for more advanced users and TGS players ...

... much can be done with the resulting symbol sphere that is more than the sum of all the happy memories combined.

EMO/Energy Magic practitioners can also work with the energy of each memory, and then the whole symbol sphere, which is quite fascinating and can produce major threshold shifts and energized end states.

A whole lot of learning packed into five minutes, but then, once the energy mind enters the game, we do get a lot more learning, information and most importantly, how this information relates to itself, is connected and relevant in the greater scheme of things.

I hope it will inspire you to get your symbol set out and have a go!

SFX May 2010

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