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Genius & The Genius Symbols

You can't have true genius without the energy mind, and conversely, when you get information from your energy mind, chances are you are in for a genius solution.

In Project Sanctuary, we find a workable definition of genius, the answer to what genius is and what it isn't; answering age old questions about genius and insanity, why you get so many evil genius-es, how to stop being afraid of being a genius and improving your genius factor, and many more besides.

Most of all, we learn how to steer questions and how to understand the answers - that's the magic of Project Sanctuary.

In 2008, Silvia Hartmann, creator of Project Sanctuary, unveiled a unique set of 23 symbols that form a metaphoric alphabet that BOTH the conscious mind, AND the energy mind can understand.

The purpose of the Genius Symbols is to make it easy for people to start asking questions of their own energy mind, and to understand the answers they are given.

By controlling the game and story through set ups, creating "flash visions" (data transmissions from the energy mind) for professional creativity, art and problem solving becomes easy and reliable. The Genius Symbols can also be used in magic, for divination and of course, in therapy and healing.

By giving the physical body something to hold in the hands, and the physical eyes something to look at, The Genius Symbols greatly assist in retaining focus and attention, and even very experienced Project Sanctuary Players find them fascinating and very useful as a welcome addition to the toolkit of Project Sanctuary.

In 2018, The Genius Symbols were re-titled to The Energy Symbols as many other applications for the symbols were found in the context of Modern Energy.

The Ice Prince Symbol Sets

The Ice Prince Symbol Sets

For the artists amongst us, the Genius Symbols offer a wonderful and very interesting opportunity to make something that is personal, magical and practical all at the same time.

Here is the story of two very unusual Genius Symbol sets ...

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Genius Symbols Single Animated Gold On White

Genius Symbols Single Animated Gold On White

Single animated Genius Symbols in gif format for your website.

Transparent background images for white/pale websites or web pages.

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Genius Symbols Single Animated Gold On Black

Genius Symbols Single Animated Gold On Black

Here are individual images of the Genius symbols for websites.

This set is golden symbols for a black or dark site background.

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Logical Levels & The Genius Symbols

Logical Levels & The Genius Symbols

Understanding logical levels, what they are, how they work, and finding your way around the logical levels of a problem, system or ecology with accuracy and ease is a very important part of sorting information in such a way that it becomes USEFUL.

This article contains an introduction to the concept of logical levels as it is used in NLP, using the example of The Genius Symbols, and a logical levels diagram.

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The NEW Genius Symbols Course

The NEW Genius Symbols Course

The Genius Symbols have proven themselves in practice, and the research/trial phase is now officially over.

Here is the NEW Genius Symbols course and an introduction by Silvia Hartmann, Creator of Project Sanctuary and The Genius Symbols.

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Symbol Mandala Game Board

Symbol Mandala Game Board

In the energy magic applications of using the Genius Symbols, more often than not a symbol sphere is required or desired.

For practitioners of energy magic, it is a delightful meditation to create a symbol board or symbol mandala which makes setting up a symbol sphere easier and faster, and obviously increases in power with usage, as such things tend to do.

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Overcoming Blocks To Abundance With The Genius Symbols

Overcoming Blocks To Abundance With The Genius Symbols

Cherry wrote and asked how to use the Genius Symbols to overcome blocks to abundance.

Here are my top tips.

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William James on Genius & Insanity

William James on Genius & Insanity

Below, one of the best comments on intellect, psychopathic tendencies and genius I have heard, from one of *my* heroes, William James.

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Genius Symbol Of The Day

Genius Symbol Of The Day Button - Click To Get A Genius Symbol for thinking outside the boxThink of a problem or a situation for which you might need a new point of view to come up with a "thinking outside the box" solution.

Then click the image or the link below to get the Genius Symbol of the Day to take your mind into a new direction.

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Ask A Genius Question Get A Genius Answer

Ask A Genius Question Get A Genius Answer

I'm sure you've heard the phrase that if you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.

Conversely, if you want genius answers, you need to learn how to ask genius questions.

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The Creativity Genius Symbol

The Creativity Genius Symbol

The fountain symbol stands for pure creative energy, the wellsprings of our existence, the pure and unstoppable force that powers the Universe itself.

If this symbol turns up, bring in the energy of pure creativity, let literally the creativity burst forth like a fountain from the bedrock of old to bring new life to all it touches.

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Genius & Insanity

"Genius and insanity go hand in hand" - "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success" - "To be a true genius, you have to know insanity" - "There's only a fine line between genius and insanity" - how many times have you seen and heard genius and insanity paired in this way, as though these two concepts were related or even different sides of the same coin?

Here's how to be a real genius, and avoid insanity, in a nutshell.

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Improve Your Genius Factor

Psychological reversals block the free flow of information and stop "flashes of insight" from happening regularly and successfully.

Here is how to overcome blocks to genius, find and improve your genius factor, and fear of being a genius with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques.

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Quotes On Genius

Quotes On Genius

A genius quote or a quote on genius? Well that should be one and the same if it's a real genius quote! :-)

Enjoy these quotes about and by geniuses across the ages.

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Evil Genius - Why Good Geniuses Go Bad

Evil Genius - Why Good Geniuses Go Bad

Ah yes, the traditional evil genius - mega rich, all alone in their fabulous evil genius mansion, or giant robotic spider installation somewhere in Antarctica, sitting on their throne like chair, plotting world domination usually followed by world destruction, bwuahaha, stroking their cat ...

But why is it that so many a good genius goes bad? Or that it seems that statistically, evil geniuses outweigh their good genius counterparts so dramatically?

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Genius & The Structure In Sanity

For people who have genius experiences, and think at the genius level, it is not always appropriate to share their internal experiences with others.

Here is some good advice for genius thinkers that can make their lives a whole lot easier, and that is to understand ...

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Visionary Genius FAQ

Visionary Genius FAQ

What is a vision? Where do Genius Visions come from? Why doesn't everyone have visions/is a visionary genius already?

These and many other questions are answered in our quick Visonary Genius FAQ.

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The Original Genius Symbols Interview

In this interview with Silvia Hartmann, Creator and Designer of The Genius Symbols, you can find out where the idea for the Genius Symbols came from, and why they represent the long missing Rosetta Stone to unlock the forgotten language of the energy mind (unconscious mind, subconscious mind).

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First Student To Complete The Genius Symbol Course

First Student To Complete The Genius Symbol Course

Carna Zacharias-Miller from the US has earned the distinction of being the first person to complete The Genius Symbols distance learning course which includes Units on information processing, self and distant healing, memory work, environmental energy, divination and visioning and is designed to SIGNIFICANTLY enhance conscious/energy mind communication through the "Rosetta Stone" of The Genius Symbols, a shared alphabet that allows direct questions to be put to the energy mind, and meaningful answers to be received. Here is a short report on her experiences.

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A Magic Business Ritual With The Genius Symbols

A Magic Business Ritual With The Genius Symbols

It came to pass that ideas were required to get something going that was languishing, and underperforming, and not doing well at all.All around the conference table sighed and shook their heads; many things had already been tried and they had all failed to produce profit and results, and now, everyone was depressed, and disheartened.Until one amongst them cried - "Let's get out the Genius Symbols! There MUST be things we haven't thought of yet - just one good idea will do! Let's not give up just yet, let's do it RIGHT NOW!"

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